Freezer Cooking Plan for July

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As you may know, freezer cooking has become a way of life for me. I started the practice of “once-a-month cooking” when I was pregnant with FishBoy13. And over the last thirteen years it has served our family well. I didn’t always do 30 meals every time, but having meals in the freezer has always been helpful.

Save Money

Over time I’ve experimented with different recipes to see what works for our family’s tastes and budgets. While it’s a little tough to do traditional OAMC on a limited budget, it can be done. And if you practice frugal grocery shopping habits like couponing, stockpiling, and looking for markdowns, you can definitely stay within your means.

At this week’s money meeting, I was pleased to see that our average grocery spending for the year is now hovering around $550/month for a family of 8. Yeah! We’re eating and we’re eating well. (Note: we do spend about $100 eating out each month as well.)

Save Time

And save time in weeks to come because you have a stockpile of homemade meals in your freezer. How nice it is to have a break from the kitchen!

Now if only someone could devise once a month cleaning….

Get Some Good Stuff Going

In the next few days, I’ll share how to get these goodies ready:

Instant Oatmeal Packets
Oven French Toast
Mix and Match Muffin Mix
Biscuit Mix
Pancake Mix
Cinnamon Rolls
Chocolate Butterhorns
Raspberry Blueberry Scones

Main Dishes:
Taco Meat
Marinated Chicken Breast/Tenders
Pizza Kits

Crystal is sitting out this round of Freezer Cooking Days, so I’m the stand-in hostess. Tomorrow you’ll have a chance to share your freezer cooking plan here at LifeasMOM. In the meantime….

Got a burning question about freezer cooking?

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  1. I’m jumping into Freezer Cooking for the first time this month! I’m looking forward to having a stock of healthy, cooked meals on days when I’m not looking forward to cooking.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and recipes.

  2. I have just started freezer cooking and I love love doing it! I am excited to have found your site and I can’t wait to read your recipes as well!!!

  3. Wow $550 is not a lot to have to spend for your family! Good thing you are so extremely savvy with coupons and deals : )

  4. Preparedmom says

    No questions here, but I wanted to say “thanks” for including the note that you spend some $ eating out in addition to your grocery budget. Sometimes folks post really low grocery budgets on their blogs, but don’t acknowledge that they eat 2 dinners out each week, whether at a restaurant or provided by extended family. That can be a bit misleading/discouraging to those who are inspired to lower their own grocery totals (someone’s budget for 30 dinners at home will never be as low as someone who only eats 22 dinners at home, even if the dinners out are free using gift cards, etc.). You have done a fantastic job of lowering your family’s grocery bill….and you eat well! Thanks for the inspiration you provide to so many moms. I have done freezer meals for at least 15 years now and it certainly is a great investment of my time!

  5. Hi! I keep looking at your posts about the chimichangas. You may have already posted the answers to these questions so I apologize if I’m asking you to repeat yourself. I am thinking of making a bunch of them and freezing them. Here are my questions:

    1. Do you use regular soft tortilla wraps?

    2. About how long do you crisp them on the griddle after defrosting them?

    All three of my kids are on a USA swim team so quick, easy second dinners after practice are really needed around here!


    • Jessica Fisher says

      @Samantha, yes, I use burrito-size tortillas. As for crisping, I just do it until they look right, golden brown.

      I did a vlog on it that I’ll be posting on Monday. 😉

  6. Looking forward to all your recipes as hubby is tired of the same old stuff he tells me.

  7. Erika says

    Just wanted to say that when I took out a package of homemade garlic bread from the freezer to accompany our quick pasta dinner last night, it was such a relief.

    Thanks for such an enjoyable website!

  8. Molly says

    Could you please post a recipe for that delicious looking picture? Thanks!

  9. I do have a burning question about freezer cooking…this week, I defrosted chicken breasts and made a huge batch of BBQ chicken, anticipating more folks at a particular dinner. For various reasons, that didn’t occur and I have a ton left over. I made that 3 days ago – is it safe to freeze the remainder? Or is that unsafe since its 3 days old and I used defrosted chicken to start with?

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @s, even though I answered this somewhere else, I’m going to add my answer to this post in case others have the same question.

      The USDA says not to keep food after 4 days. But, typically, there is no problem to cook a previously frozen meat and then refreeze it. Just pop it in the freezer as soon as it has cooled completely.

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