Freezer Cooking Plan – Protein Power Hour

Freezer Cooking Plan - Protein Power Hour

If you can’t see the image below, go here to download the pdf.

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  1. Jim Althof says:

    My Mom and Dad loved to change meals internationally. Truth is, you can travel the globe and eat the same meals but with one change: THE SAUCE IS EVERYTHING. So there is little difference between breakfasts save the sauce and veggies used. My Mothers big Sunday pot roast and veggies arrived at the table all week disguised each day as an Indian Curry dish, an Oriental stir fried and rice dish, Italian came masked in pasta and tomato sauce with Italian spices; sometimes she ground up the pot roast+ egg+ some bread mixed in to make meat balls. Suddenly the old pot roast transformed into a sweet and sour German, Austrian, Polish dish + spätzle or potato pancakes. Last weeks’ broiled, roasted, slow cooked chicken/turkey meal appeared disguised as a Viking dish and noodles. We knew the roast was on its last meal when we got or favorite camping dish Denny Moore’s stew. Not much to it except the original veggies and Denny’s gravy. LOL Variety and stealth she managed by rotating which Culture came in a different order.

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