Freezer Cooking Results – November

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Did you get cooking this weekend? I did. The cranberry bread was fantastic. I’m so glad some made it to the freezer!

I actually did all kinds of experimenting in the kitchen. Probably not the best of ideas when you want to be efficient. I know we’ll enjoy the meals later. But, still. Creativity does not breed quick work in the kitchen. Note to self: Next month make the tried and true. You’ll move faster.

That said, the freezers (the deep freeze and the side-by-side) are packed to the gills right now. Here’s what I made:

Marinated Chicken Breast
Stuffed Chicken Breast

Taco Meat
Cranberry Pork Chops
Stuffing and Chops

Cranberry Bread
Cranberry Orange Granola – burned this horribly because I tried cooking it on the bottom shelf of my oven while the cranberry bread cooked. Ended up dumping it. Blech!

I ran out of steam and didn’t tackle the holiday dishes that I had originally planned nor the other breakfast items. But, I may do those later this week.

What did YOU cook up?

Share your freezer cooking progress below.

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  1. How about a recipe for the cranberry bread! I just bought some cranberries today at half off at our local health food store!

  2. Yes, PLEASE share the cranberry bread recipe! And what about that stuffed chicken??? 🙂

  3. Ack, okay another person here dying for the cranberry bread recipe! I just bought some cranberries thinking to find a good recipe and here you are tormenting and teasing me.

  4. I am waiting for the cranberry bread recipe too.

    I experimented like you in the kitchen, and while I came up with some good new dishes, freezer cooking seemed to take FOREVER this weekend!

  5. I make the orange cranberry bread in one of the Gooseberry Patch books. It says to cut the cranberries in half, but I never do. I use the small loaf pans and sprinkle decorating sugar (coarse sugar) on top of each loaf. It just adds a nice finishing touch. I give it to all our neighbors this time of year instead of at Christmas when they are inundated with trays of goodies. Some of them REALLY look forward to it and each year, it seems we have more and more “neighbors.” I wrap each loaf in plastic wrap and then tie either raffia or a ribbon (normally just a strip of a fabric scrap) on it and my daughter delivers it in a basket. Cranberries are one of those items that are ridiculously cheaper at Sam’s or Costco.

  6. I love these posts. I only just started freezer cooking last month and I’m hooked. My freezer doesn’t hold too much, so we’re doing half-month cooking, and trying to make it last all month, supplementing with a few fresh meals each week.

    I was wondering if anyone had a recipe for steaming frozen veggies, like those you find in the supermarket in little bags. We’re addicted. And it seems as though having something I put together myself in a ziptop and throwing it into a casserole dish in the microwave would be a lot cheaper and healthier.

    I’ve searched a little, to no avail, and thought your blog might be the perfect place to see if anyone else had ideas.

    1. @Jeanne, This might defeat the purpose of steaming (some people steam to retain nutrients instead of them leaching out into the boiling water), but you could blanch your prepped veggies, cold shock them to stop the cooking, then bag up. When you want to serve them, just place in a dish with a splash of water, cover (preferably with glass lid) and microwave. I think it would work.

      1. @Jessica Fisher, Of course! Thanks, now it totally seems like something that should have occurred to me before. I’m okay with losing a little nutrients, since we steam a fair amount and eat raw veggies, but having something in the freezer and not having to worry about running to the store and cutting things up would be great for a few meals after the baby comes. Thanks ladies!

  7. I’ve got a good cranberry bread recipe, I’m wondering about the cranberry pork chops. 🙂