Frugal Christmas: Save Money by Staying Home

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This month on Frugal Fridays, I’ve told you about Fun $10 Gifts, Budget Stocking Stuffers, and Savvy Shopping Ideas. In my last Frugal Friday of 2009, I present an earth-shattering way to save money:

Stay Home

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Some may not understand what I mean. So, let me explain.

  • If you stay home and out of the stores once your shopping is done, you won’t be swept away by the frenzy of your fellow shoppers. Frenzy is contagious and can lead you to think that you didn’t do enough, you didn’t buy enough, and you didn’t spend enough to make your friends and family as happy as clams at Christmas. As Ma Ingalls says, “Enough is as good as a feast.”
  • If you stay home and make your own gifts, you’ll save a bucket load of cash. Handmade gifts or even food gifts can be just as special as some store-bought trinket, made in Taiwan.
  • If you stay home and cook your holiday meals, you won’t be swept away by the “festive” restaurant  atmosphere that tempts you to order more extravagantly than normal because, after all, “It is Christmas.” A home-based cocktail party, tailgate get-together, or big holiday spread can appear just as luxurious at half the price — and it will probably be healthier than the restaurant or catered affair.
  • If you stay home and cozy up with your honey for a good movie, you’ll save a fortune, eat just as good popcorn (just add lots of butter), and can press pause when you need a potty break or a smooch.
  • If you stay home and play games or decorate cookies with your kids instead of heading to the skating rink, movie theater, or amusement parks, you’ll save money and make wonderful memories of home.

What do YOU do to save money at Christmastime? Or anytime, for that matter? Share it with us!

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Reminder: This is the last Frugal Friday of 2009. Stay home next week and enjoy time with your peeps! FF will be back for New Years. Bring your Money Saving Resolutions for the New Year!

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  1. I have noticed this alot in everyday life. If I just stay home, I save money. The busier we are, the more money we spend.
    Thanks for hosting another great FF!

  2. It's funny. I asked each of my three kids what was the one most important thing they wanted to be sure to do this Christmas season. (Besides opening presents.) Each of them chose an AT HOME type of experience experience: Make cookies, decorate the tree, make an Advent paper chain, make cookies, and make more cookies.

    By doing things at home, not only do we keep from spending money that we don't have (or do have but should use other ways) we also teach our kids some *great* lessons about contentment!

  3. Hi, I'm a new blogger (my sis, Household6Diva encouraged me to link up to you with my post.) Great ideas on here, I too stay away from stores to save money. Unfortunately, there's always the internet to tempt my wallet. I try to be frugal by comparison shopping and always checking craigslist these days when I need new baby gear.

  4. I so agree with you. I've realized in the past few months that if I just stay home, I can't spend anything. So many times I've gone out to Target just to walk around for a few minutes and get out of the house and end up spending $100 that I hadn't planned to spend because I just can't pass up all those deals. Now, I just stay home:)

  5. This is our 2nd yr. doing a homemade Christmas and loving it. My 2 older kids w/s-i-l bought theirs. But it is great to make them. We get pretty creative and sentimental.
    The stress level is lower w/the what do I make panic. But we pick names at Christmas so we have a whole yr to think about it.

  6. That's my number one money-saving tip: just stay out of the stores! I've cut our grocery spending by a third just going every other week instead of weekly.

  7. Make a list NOW of what you'll need next year and buy it at the after-Christmas sales. Nothing like 75% or more off on Christmas cards, wrapping paper, and bows/ribbon. You might even find some paper that can be used for other "holidays" (red for Valentine's Day, green for St Patty's, you get it). This year, I'm going to be looking for Holiday items I can use everyday, like dish soap and plastic wrap and containers (yes, some of those items are considered Christmas items — look for special packaging). I'm using the tins I got last year at 90% off for the Christmas cookies I'm giving as gifts and no one (oh, except all of you) know I only paid 20 cents for the tin!