Frugal Tip: Dejunk, Organize, and Clean

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With the beginning of summer vacation, I made the decision to clean our house from top to bottom. What I anticipated taking two weeks is going to take a little longer. Life continues to go on while I’ve sequestered myself in a room cleaning. This means that laundry, meals, and Lego explosions still happen. I can’t be the white tornado I’d like to be and whip this place into shape overnight. But, all in good time…. (I’ll be posting a progress report tomorrow if you’re curious.)

One of the benefits of emptying every cupboard and drawer is that I am physically handling every possession we own before I clean it, organize it, and put it away. And in so doing, I’m

  • discovering treasures I forgot we had
  • finding many things that we could get rid of

In the process, I realized this is a great way to save money!

Yes, I know cleaning is the last frugal idea you probably want to hear. But, when your household is in order and you know the status of your possessions, you find that you don’t need or want anything more. Case in point: After sorting through volumes of Lego and Playmobil, I never want to buy another one again!

Dejunk! Get rid of the things you don’t want or need anymore. What you discard can generate money as you sell it at a garage sale, at a consignment store or on eBay. You’ll also save storage space and storage fees, where applicable, as well as the cost of maintaining items that are no longer wanted.

Organize! Often we go out to buy duplicates of stuff we already have because we can’t find it in the first place. I was sure I needed to buy more boxes and organizational items until I ripped apart my school cupboards and found that I had everything I needed. Organizing will help you find what you need when you need it.

Clean it! Keeping things clean and in good working order helps you be more satisfied with what you have. You’ll feel less temptation to go buy more stuff if what you have fills your needs and is pretty to look at. So, hop to it. Put your household in order and you’ll find that you’re richer than you thought you were.

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  1. I fully agree! Dejunking and organizing has not only helped me find loads and loads of paper and long lost dishes/kitchen utensils–but it has made me realize just how much I do have. I have no desire to buy…anything! I've got enough. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comments and glad you don't mind my more philosophical link to Frugal Friday this week! 🙂

  3. I am in the LONG process of cleaning out my house right now. It is so nice to see my kids closet complete and less "stuff". Not only does it look nicer, there is less stuff for the girls to pull out and make a mess with! There's is the first thing I have done in the house but am determined to do it all…which I believe will take me months and months!

    Thanks for your great blog. I "stumbled" ( not really, I know it was preordained by God!) on to it recently and am enjoying reading your past posts.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. You stole my post, lol! I am working on a similar post right now. It is amazing, how organizing is a great way to "find" money. Even though we just started to de-junk, I am amazed at how many things I purchased because I couldn't find what we already owned.
    Great post!

  5. Oh, my house is in such need of organizing. One week of summer camp followed by a quick vacation & the whole house is trashed…like a tornado hit it!

    I love the Frugal Friday's post, I will be back for more!

  6. I just posted about this earlier this week. It is so true, keeping things clean and organized is a major money saver!