Frugal Friday: The FishBoy Edition

Regular readers here will be familiar with the term FishBoy. It’s an affectionate moniker that we have used for our sons for quite some time. Awhile back the boys coined another term, the FishBoy Alliance, or FBA for short. This is their little club. And since I had four boys before I ever had a daughter, it certainly has been very boyish around here. Male bonding and camaraderie is well-known to me.

One of the things that my husband and the FBA have developed over the years is their method of eating breakfast at McDonalds. It’s been a regular habit for several years that I take Saturday morning “off.” I get up with the sun and escape my home and routines until lunchtime while FishPapa holds down the fort. (We’re out of practice these days as I can’t leave the baby for extended periods of time without needing to nurse her. (But, the time is coming.)

Back in Kansas City, we lived within biking distance of a MickeyD’s. So, my husband would strap on helmets, load the crew up on bikes and they’d ride the 3/4 mile to McDonalds. I never accompanied them on these journeys. And since I wouldn’t think of ordering anything but a Sausage McMuffin with Egg, I assumed they didn’t either.

But, no. He’s a clever man, my husband.

This past weekend on our 4 hour drive North, we made a stop at McDonald’s and I saw in action how they do it.

FishPapa orders 3 Deluxe Breakfasts ($3.99 each) and 6 waters. This meal combo includes three pancakes, an English muffin, a sausage patty, 2 pieces of bacon, a hashbrown and scrambled eggs. They then proceed to divvy up the food. I was amazed at the quantity of food and his ability to feed 5 kids and himself for two bucks a piece.

(But, in case you’re wondering, I still had my Sausage McMuffin with Egg.)

Think outside the box, look at the situation as mind over money, and you can make ends meet with some length to spare!

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  1. sunnymama says:

    I love how your husband shared out the food! Sunnyboy and me often share one large, cheap meal in cafes rather than buying two meals and spending more.

  2. Hoosier Homemade says:

    Great post! I usually order a kids meal if we go out, most restaurants will serve me, and it is usually plenty of food for a fraction of the cost.
    Thanks for hosting!

  3. Phoebe @ Cents to Get Debt Free says:

    What a smart man! Loving the FBA–too cute.

    I try to be thrifty when eating out, but that seems to escape me. Really the only thing I got, order water. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Great ideas! My son and I’ll split the deluxe breakfast when splurge on Mc Ds! when we eat out at our favorite Asian restaurant my son gets a $1.95 side of chicken fried rice and that is perfect for him when we add a small piece of meat from both parents meals.

  5. BarbaraLee says:

    My dd (14) and I will sometimes share a meal too.

  6. Mom2fur says:

    When my four were little, we often went to IHOP or Friendly’s. We always shared dishes, because none of us could (or needed to) eat a full serving of anything. (Except my hard-working husband who also works out or runs 5 days a week.) Did you ever notice these places give you servings big enough for truck drivers?
    One day it happened, though. The kids grew out of the kiddie menu or the sharing idea. So we stopped going out very often. But I know my kids have great memories of those family dinners out, as I’m sure your boys have of their special trips to McD’s with daddy! Breakfast at McD’s: $2 per kid. Making memories with dad: priceless!

  7. Michele says:

    My link is not so much a “frugal” tip but more a knowledge tip of how to save for college using an Education Savings Account.

  8. Frugal Friend says:

    I love Publix! I paid Zero for $90 worth of food and only $10 for 12 mega rolls of toilet paper and $4 in taxes. Wow!

  9. I love how you write.

  10. ev_atwork says:

    This is my first Frugal Friday post so I hope you enjoy it.

  11. Just today, we went to Sonic for Blasts.
    I always order the large size and divvy it up between 2 bigger kids or 3 littles. They get their ice cream, and I get a deal!

  12. FishMama says:

    Gwen, thank you!

  13. learningatourhouse says:

    I love your new blog! I also LOVE this post. After reading this one, I am going to make it my mission to set up a Saturday for myself while my own “fishpapa,…” LOL!… holds down our fort. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your boys will always have wonderful memories of this tradition, I am sure.

    I wanted to let you know, too, that I had an opportunity to visit San Diego last year in March. My mom and I visited Seal Beach (I don’t know if that was the proper name for it…) in La Jolla (I think…) We saw a beach full of seals and their babies! It was such an unexpected sight for us. We had no idea they would be there. San Diego is beautiful! I wish I were closer than the 3 thousand miles away the I am.

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