Frugal Tip: Follow Good Money Saving Blogs

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FishPapa and I were always what we would call “frugal.” Even when we had debt, we didn’t go on fancy vacations or drive new cars. I did price comparison shopping and clipped coupons every once in awhile. But, we didn’t really see BIG SAVINGS until I discovered the wealth of money-saving blogs that are out there. Holy coupon clipping, Batman! That discovery really helped us “pinch those pennies until they screamed.”

One of the beauties of blogs (and bloggers who use twitter and facebook) is that you can get up-to-the-minutes news about deals that are out there. Coupons, sales, lowest price on anything anywhere — you can get it with a few clicks. Some of my favorites include MoneySavingMom and Freebies4Mom. I’ve been following those girls from almost the very beginning of our get-out of debt story. And they’ve saved me a boatload of cash.

Today, I’d love it if you would share in the comments section 1 or 2 of your favorite money-saving blogs to follow. I am sure that I don’t know about all the great ones that are out there. And we could all use a few more good cheap reads, now, can’t we? I’m convinced that this is a great way to save money.

How do you save money? Share your frugal tip with us.

In the interest of exchanging good ideas, please do not post affiliate links, giveaways or deal posts. Instead tell us what you do to stretch your dollars a little farther. Share concepts and ideas that have helped you grow in saving money and being a better steward of your resources.

Write about your money saving tip on your blog and bring the permalink to that post here. If you find your link has been deleted from Mr. Linky, it is probably because you linked to your blog’s home page instead of the post itself. If you need help, go here.

As a courtesy to me, your lovely hostess, please make sure that you link to in your post.

If you don’t have a blog, tell us your bright idea in the comments. Can’t wait to learn some new tricks!


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  1. I love Money Saving Mom too. I also love Beauty and Bedlam, Mommy Snacks and Five Dollar Dinners. There are so many great blogs out there – there is no excuse not to be saving money!

  2. This would just be for us southern girls, but Southern Savers does a great job of tracking deals. If you're a Publix shopper like myself, I Heart Publix also keeps me up to date with coupon matchups and extra ways to save.

  3. I like to read and
    This is a great idea-sharing where we get all our great ideas!

  4. Wow, quite honored to see my name as one of your favorite money-saving blogs!

    The first blog I ever read on a regular basis is still one of my favorites Baby Cheapskate is a great place to learn about saving money on maternity, baby, and kid stuff.

    Happy Frugal Friday – please join me for Happy Freebie Friday too!

    Freebies 4 Mom

  5. I'm looking forward to stopping back to see where others get their inspiration…
    I don't frequent sites on deals, but do enjoy reading sites that feature frugal lifestyle tips. Frugal Upstate and Being Frugal are two. I like Five Dollar Dinners for menu inspiration, among others. Thanks for rounding up resources!

  6. My two favorites are the Ultimate Money Blog and the Greenest Dollar. They both mix in going green with saving money. Occasionally I read The Simple Dollar and Millionaire Mommy Next Door.

  7. I follow the "Cent"sible Sawyer, Money Saving Mom, and Common Sense with Money. Money Saving Mom was my first, and I have branched from there.

  8. I found your site through Money Saving Mom. I also like Frugal Dad, and sometimes The Simple Dollar and Get Rich Slowly.

  9. Well, I enjoy YOUR site, Life as Mom…Money Saving Mom, The Thrifty Mama, Deal Seeking Mom, and Freebies for Mom.

    Swappin Spoons

  10. I like the Simple Dollar, and for good deals on new stuff, I like Want Not.

  11. I enjoy The Dollar Stretcher – good articles and the forum is a nice place as well. I also like The Simple Dollar, Living on a Dime, Money Saving Mom and have just recently found your blog which I am enjoying.

    My own blog addresses frugal living topics along with other mom/homekeeping topics.

  12. A couple of my favorites are: Common Sense with Money and Chaching on A Shoestring

  13. I hope that it was ok to list #59…this mother of four has inspired me how she saves money every week, I don't know if she even has a blog but this is a video that Good Morning America did on her…just wanted to share it with everyone! Thanks!

  14. Pinching Your Pennies State forums is a WEALTH of information, and there is something for everyone in the US.

    Also, for us local mountain west gals, I love fabulessly frugal and Krazy Koupon Lady.

  15. MoneySavingMom is, of course, amazing.

    Another one of my favorites is Frugal in Virginia, which has national as well as east coast deals.

    I also check other specific ones for specific kinds of deals. Baby Cheapskate is great for baby deals; Stretching a Buck for Target; Southern Savers for south/east coast stores.

    There are so many great blogs out there; I'm always finding more!

  16. I love follwing Jane The Thrifty Country Woman
    she makes me think about how to cut back on everything food, heating cost, etc. then of course there is you!

  17. I have to say my faves are: Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, Deal Seeking Mom, Moneywise Moms, Northern Cheapskate, NWA Deals, The Freebie Blogger, and Southern Savers.

    Of course, there is always Free 2 Be Frugal, too (shameless plug!)


  18. I have so many I follow and there is so much great information out there! Thanks to all of the bloggers who do an awesome job and have been an inspiration to me!

    Here's my fav list:

    Money Saving Mom
    Freebies 4 Mom
    Mission For Mommy
    Free Sample Freak
    Southern Savers
    Coupon Geek
    "Deal"icious Mom
    The Shopping Mama
    The Frugal Girls
    The Good Deal Gal
    For The Mommas
    Living Smart Girl
    'Manda Blogs About
    Saving Cents With Sense
    Deal Seeking Mom
    Nicole's Nickels
    STL Mommy
    Saving and Giving

    ~ Elizabeth
    The Thrifty Divas

  19. What a great list, everybody! Yes, I'll compile them, but it may take me awhile since I don't have all the web addresses. If someone wants to do it for me and send me the list, I'll definitely post it! Thanks!

  20. lovely blog! I would like to share with all of you moms this great website that i found called Ezwingame…they offer plenty of free prizes and give aways…i recommend it 🙂

  21. My money saving tip – I’m very proud to say that I’m no longer paying $80/month for my cell phone. I’m paying $45 and has unlmited talking/texting with Straight Talk. Already putting the $35 extra I’m saving a month to doing fun things with the kids like movie/pizza nights and working our way toward Disney fund 🙂

  22. My favorite blog is Money Saving Mom – I just saved myself over $1000 annually by re-evaluating my subscriptions to things like Hulu Plus and Netflix and by decreasing my cable bill.