Save Money with Reusable Baking Mats

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This week we’ve been baking up a storm around here. The kids and I spent Tuesday in the kitchen preparing all sorts of homebaked snacks. With four strapping young men around here, I need all the help I can get when it comes to KP.

And that includes helpful gadgets and tools — not just man power. (Though, I absolutely love manpower).

One tool that I regularly use in my kitchen is the Silpat mat. At first glance at the price tag, you may question the frugality involved. Generally, they run about $20. But, I’ve owned mine for about 8 years now and use it daily. Previously, I used quite a lot of parchment paper and non-stick spray when baking. Now, I buy almost none of those items.

The Silpat is a non-stick, silicone baking mat that replaces the need for other non-stick applications. It is washable and reusable — and much more reliable than what it replaces. Take note:

The pretzels baked on the Silpat slid right off. Not quite the same fate as the pretzels baked on an oiled baking sheet.

While the Silpat did require an initial investment, it has more than paid for itself in parchment paper, Pam, and sheer frustration on my part.

There are some things that it just pays to invest in, especially if you know you will use it a lot. Water filtration devices replace the cost and hassle of toting water from the store. A bread machine or a heavy duty mixer can help provide your family with good quality bread for a fraction of the price of store bought. It just depends on how your family rolls.

For me, having this type of mat, reduces waste, makes baking more enjoyable, and saves us money. Sounds like a good deal to me.

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  1. I want to invest in a few of those. I bought some for my husband’s grandmother and she loves them. I just need to get myself some – thanks for sharing!

  2. Hmmmm. I had never heard of baking mats. It’s not something that would be in our (very tight) budget right now, but maybe in the future.

    Those pretzels are making me want one. Yum.

  3. These sound like a great idea! I’ve never heard of them before. I hope they’re available here in the UK.

  4. Brianna, keep your eye open at garage sales and thrift stores, I bet plenty of people junk them – kind of like a bread machine. They’re just not sure how to use it.

  5. Jessica, I may have even seen them at a garage sale before, but just not realized what they were since I’d never heard of them. Now I’ll know!

  6. I always feel guilty (for a second) when I find them at yard sales. I want to tell them…do you know what a treasure this is? hee hee But then I buy it…because it’s junk to them. 🙂

  7. These mats look great, but (like others) I always hesitate because of the price. I’ve been using Reynolds Release Foil, and I’m generally happy with the results. But I’ve used so much of it, it probably would have been better to invest in the reusable baking mats!

  8. I’ve never tried those mats. I’ll have to check into them. Thanks for hosting!

  9. This is a really good idea. I find that I’m using more and more parchment paper in my baking. And looking for it at a yard sale is a great idea. I’m going to put it on my list as I gear up for yard sale season!

  10. Your pretzels look great! One suggestion, as a native Philadelphian, you are missing the extra twist in the pretzel. After you fold over the “arms,” they need to be twisted once before being placed down. Look at a pretzel and you’ll see what I mean. 🙂 I’m not being critical – I’m just a soft pretzel nut.

  11. Michele, love your suggestion! Thank you! We watched the Mr Rogers episode on pretzels last year and I think I remember something about an extra twist. Thanks.

  12. All ’bout these baking mats: As much as I bake, parchment paper can get out-of-hand pricey!!

  13. I have a non-Sil Pat brand mat which I have used on occasion to keep candy making from getting out of control, but I’ve honestly never thought to line the pan and put the darn thing in the oven.


    You’re about to save me I’m not sure how much in non-stick spray. Thanks!

  14. Thanks for this post. I’m always tempted to buy one, but I also always talk myself out of it because of the price. I’m glad to know it’s totally worth it. Guess I know what I’ll buy myself for my next birthday. 🙂

  15. Thank you! I’m a parchment junkie. Bet one would pay for itself within the year.