Frugal Friday: Save Money on Pizza Night

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The best pizza in the world can be found at the corner of Bouquet Canyon and Soledad Canyon Road in Santa Clarita. It’s been the gold standard of pizza for me since I was old enough to eat. But, since it’s a 2hr drive and a $50 meal for our family, we don’t do it often. Instead we’ve found ways to make Friday Pizza night fit our budget:

  1. We love homemade pizza. Over the years, I’ve experimented with different ways to make it easy and economical. Many of my friends see great success in keeping pizza dough in the freezer. We didn’t love the texture of it when I tried that, but having the toppings (grated cheese, pepperoni, and Jalapeno Burn toppings) all ready to go has been really helpful. I mix up the dough no later than 3 pm and Friday and we’re ready to go. Having a bread machine makes this really easy.
  2. Costco rocks on the pizza front. The food court at Costco makes a consistently tasty and economical pie. I even have them on my speed dial. We can easily get two pizzas (dinner + leftovers) for the same price as one pizza at a pizza parlor.
  3. Pizza Hut’s Reading program is a great incentive for reading and eating. Our homeschool participates in this program and it’s a great reward to our kids for being such avid readers.

For us pizza is one of those pleasant ways to end the week. It’s a fun entry into the weekend. And when we can save money and enjoy our pizza, too. Well, that’s makes for a perfect combination.

Now it’s your turn. What do YOU do to save money?

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  1. I made a Stuffed Crust Pizza last week that turned out good. I thought the crust was messed up, because I had to use my bread machine yeast, but it turned out to be one of the best crusts I’ve made. Tomorrow night is Stromboli, I think I’ll use the same crust.
    Thanks so much for hosting another great FF!

  2. We love pizza night at our house! Usually we save our pizza nights for Friday night, but lately it has been more often. It is a favorite meal around here!

  3. Love having homemade pizza night on Fridays, too! 😀 We rent a movie from Redbox or the library, and we have a super frugal night!

  4. Oooooh that picture of your little man is just TOO cute!
    Thanks for the great tips : )

  5. Rebecca says

    I grew up in Santa Clarita and boy do I miss ChiChi’s Pizza a lot! I have such fond memories of going there and ordering the salad, pepperoni & sausage pizza YUM-O!!!!! But perhaps my favorite part was their potato wedges which was often a treat that I shared with my late Auntie.
    While I miss her dearly the memories of going there with her as a child are etched in my heart and mind forever.
    ChiChi’s rocks!

  6. Great minds think alike! My post was on homemade pizza too. I’m going to have to check out that Pizza Hut incentive program.

    And your boy is such a cutie! Those dimples and grin sell your pizza!!

  7. I love pizza too and since i changed from thick crust to thin crush i feel so much less guilty about it too.

    i used to order from my local delivery but it just so expensive and when you consider that basically it is dough , cheese and a few other toppings it certainly can be made at home a whole lot cheaper.

    Its so quick to do as well. i agree experiment with different toppings to find your favourites, you might end up like me and find that i actually prefer my home made pizzas to the bought ones now. 😉

  8. I like Papa Murphy’s too. It is half the price of pizzeria pizza but just as good! And you know it is hot because you bake it at home:-)

  9. Friday nights were made for Pizza! My newest favorite way to make that happen is at Little Caesars. It’s just me and my husband eating the pizza, so their $5 hot-n-ready single topping mediums work for us. We can’t hardly eat fast food for $5, so I consider that a pretty economical way to make Friday nights yummy and EASY.

  10. I love homemade pizza! After reading your post, now I’m in the mood to have some tonight. We like to buy dough fresh from the pizza parlor. It costs about $4 here. I just don’t like to make it–it never comes out good–and the store brand dough isn’t very good.
    One good tip, if you haven’t already picked this up yourself–always use low-moisture mozzarella. This will keep your pizza from getting all ‘watery’ on top!
    BTW, the little guy is darling! That picture should be an advertisement for a pizza parlor!

  11. We are another family that has homemade pizza every Friday night. Yummy! My kids love to help make it, too!

  12. We have a Friday night pizza night too. It’s so much fun and a great way to end the week.

    I like how you included options other than pizza parlour and homemade. We do homemade a lot of the time; but once in awhile get something from a pizza joint or do the Walmart take and bakes and doctor them up to our liking.

    Here’s a link to my homemade pizza recipe and a cost breakdown incase anyone’s interested.

    Happy pizza night!


  13. Kerry D. says

    We love our homemade pizza night, enjoy the “artisan” quality of our pizzas, and often have friends over who are delighted to help made, help eat, and get this–they bring the wine! Meanwhile, our pizzas cost about $1 each to make, which fits our budget. We all have a fun evening cooking, talking, etc. We havn’t even gotten as far as a movie or game yet, we’re having so much fun around the kitchen table.

  14. what a timely post! i made homemade pizza last nite, something i do monthly. but last nite it was pizza from hell!!!! i used a recipe for our crust that i had made once before with good results but this time it was like cardboard! yikes!!!! we have tried the breadmachine in years past but its a little too dough-y for our tastes. i was looking for something a little more thin crust. back to the drawing board to find the ultimate pizza crust. any suggestions???

    • Jessica Fisher says

      I think you can make a thin crust with any dough. Just stretch it thinner? Ours is often fairly thin.

  15. One of my favorite things about my recent experiments in homemade bread is that I can make my own pizza crust quickly and easily. When we have pizza night on the menu I either use the dough we have in the fridge or make up a quick batch the night before so it’s ready when we need it.

    I’m also a big fan of a “clean out the fridge” pizza night where we experiment with topping combos based entirely on what’s we have in the refrigerator, freezer, or pantry. We’ve come up with some pretty interesting and tasty pizzas along the way.

    What a great topic – that’s for sharing. I think I’ll put pizza night on the menu for next week!

  16. Hey! What an awesome surprise to see a super-local reference on one of my new fave blogs! Grew up in SClarita (Centurions, baby) and happy to still be here, such a great community for families. I grew up in a Vincenzo’s family myself, though I’ve enjoyed ChiChis when I’ve had it.
    Now, it’s mainly homemade. Your dough recipe worked out fantastic a few weeks ago; I’d been avoiding using the breadmaker for dough because I thought it was so easy to make it by hand, but the texture was WAY better with the machine kneading.

    • Jessica Fisher says

      I was a Centurion, too. 😉 Glad to hear the dough recipe worked well for you!

  17. Didn’t I see a Chi Chi’s salad on your cooking site?

    We used to go there when I was little. I remember my brother and I used to give my mom the garbanzo beans off our salad.

    We make pizza at home now. My husband would like it to be the standard Friday night dinner! That hasn’t happened yet, but when I was 9 1/2 months pregnant and he was cooking while I was sitting, we had pizza more often, and I have to admit, it was really yummy!

  18. Thanks for all of the frugal tips! We love making homemade pizza, too! I am really inspired by all of these other moms!

  19. Your little guy is as cute as a button. Love that picture 🙂

  20. Love the pizza face! What a cutie. 🙂

  21. I live in Santa Clarita! How funny. I will have to try that place out.

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