Frugal Friday: What Will You Save for this Year?

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This week’s Frugal Friday post is going to be short and sweet. I imagine you’ve been inundated with information all week. It has felt like a week of Mondays! I’m ready for pizza and a movie tonight.

But, first, let’s chat finances. You know you need to be responsible with your money. You know that you should save. You know that you should think toward the future.

However, unless you put a name to it. Unless you can articulate what that frugality will go toward and produce, you will not be as energetic, enthused, or happy to sacrifice as you would if you could know and envision what’s at the end of the tunnel.

So, this week, let’s talk about that.

What’s at the end of the Frugality Tunnel for you?

Where will it come out at the end of the year?

For us, we’re planning for France. Eight people, two adults and six kids (16, 13, 11, 9, 7, and 5) will be hopping a plane in May 2014, and by golly, they’re gonna have the cash to do it.

[Enter disclaimer. Man makes his plans, but the Lord directs his steps. Absolutely. Any number of circumstances could arise between now and then that prevent us from going. We realize that. But, we’re going to try. And trust God to shut the door if it’s not in the plan.]

What this means for us is that we’re going back to some of the intensity we once had for paying down debt. We’ve enjoyed some extra spending money since we paid off American Distress. Now, we can take that fat, trim it off, and stuff it in a coffee can marked FRANCE.

Wow. Those were some mixed metaphors. But, you get my drift, right?

So, that’s my goal. That’s what I’m saving for this year.

What are you saving for?

Don’t feel like you have to give a long explanation. You can say just one word. But, leave a comment on this post, telling us your savings goal for 2013. It can be pie-in-the-sky or something as simple as new sheets for your bed. Everything matters.

And if you articulate your goal, you’re more likely to reach it.

(Because we’re going to hunt you down and make you complete it. Maybe.)

What Will You Save for in 2013?

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  1. We are saving for a beach vacation in August, taken in celebration of becoming debt-free (except for the mortgage). We are on track to do it!

  2. Dh wants to go to DC this spring to visit his youngest daughter and her hubby. We might make a month long road trip out of it. Wow. The implications of all that just hit me!

  3. Mine is simple. Decorations for our home. The living room, kitchen & bedrooms. Hobby lobby will be my friend!

  4. do you have your list for 2013 yet? im sure yopu already posted and i cant find it…please can you send me the link?

    thank you-
    brandi connell

  5. 1st pay off the American Express we let get a bit out of hand. 2nd rebuild emergency fund. 3rd vacation money. I’m going to do the pantry challenge and start paying cash for groceries to get a jump start on these savings goals in January.

  6. I’m saving for London/Paris in 2017. I will be watching your updates!

    A lot of people have looked at me like I’m a bit crazy for wanting to take my kids on a trip like this, but I can’t wait to show them all the places I went when I was a study abroad student!

    1. That’s how we look at it. Plus, we want to do at least one big trip while they still all live at home. My eldest will be turning 17 during our trip, so our time may be limited.

  7. Disney 🙂 for my 2 small boys and paying off that darn credit card for me!

  8. Continuing to pay down credit card debt 🙁 and save cash for a summer vacation.

  9. Our saving goals: Paying off the line of credit and building up an emergency fund. Heading across the country for my in-law’s 50th anniversary party. Preparing our contribution to an anticipated new church building.

    But, honestly, this year will be more about extra effort in the homeschooling and health areas than about saving money. I think.

    You’re so wise to put in the disclaimer about your plans. Because recognizing that God’s in charge will help you keep your priorities right.

  10. My oldest has been asking to go to Florida for the past 6 years. We live in Canada and Disney is a favorite among the winter travellers so he has had many friends make the trip. After travelling to Rome last year with my new husband, we decided that 2013 would be the year we made Disney happen. Except, now Im pregnant and the trip wont happen as soon as we had hoped. Still, it is our goal to save enough to take 7 people from Newfoundland to Florida this fall. Our dentist has also let us know that this same son will need braces within the next year. On top of that, we have an insane amount of debt (it hovers around 100, 000) thanks to three large student loans so we’re definitely trying to tackle that. And finally, we’d like to purchase our home from our landlords in a couple of years. To do so, we will need to tackle our debt as well as save towards a down payment. In all, we have a lot of goals. Ideally, we’d be able to put about 30 000 towards them, but that’s a big scary number and about 42% of our income. Id love to have someone hunt me down and make me complete it!

  11. I’m saving for a trip to see my family and friends in BC this August – so I have 8 months! I have a lot of travel points but I want to have cash too! can’t wait!

  12. belated 5 yr anniversary cruise- 2013

    maintain/build emergency fund, life insurance, health insurance, christmas club (no holiday debt for us!)
    continue to pay down debt (aiming for debt free)
    build savings

  13. A new lawn mower since the old one died and we have almost three acres of steep hill to cut. That’s aside from the usual things we try to save for like retirement (start early, right?), vacations, and a few others.

  14. Saving to pay for a seasonal vacation property rental. It’s near home so we had gone EVERY weekend last year. So relaxing to get away and out of the city.

  15. We’re still saving for the house we hope to start building in the spring. It’s never ending! We’re also saving for a belated 15th anniversary trip for 2 to Paris. We have good friends living there currently so the plan is to leave the kids with grandma and head over for 10 days or so this summer. We’ve almost reached our goal for that trip. When our kids are a little older, I would LOVE to take them to Europe for an extended trip – maybe 2017 or 2018. I’ll be reading your posts!

  16. We are paying off debt and preparing for our oldest to head to college in a year and a half. Cleaning house, so to speak and preparing. It’s all good and it’s all joyful. Vacations closer to home and with family will take precedence in the next couple of years (we’ve done quite a few big vacations in past years…before this child leaves the nest!) and that works for us since we’re blessed with amazing places to fish, be outdoors and camp nearby…which is are some of the things we love to do. Keep us posted on your Paris plans! That is on our list sometime in the next 10 years!

  17. My car hit 200k miles about a month ago and we need to save to replace it. It still runs and I want to keep it as long as possible but need a safety net in case it gives out. We are debt free except our home and will pay cash for the next car. Our goal is to save $13k this year, we have about $1300 of that already. Yeah!!

  18. We are saving towards a new couch, a really nice playground swingset for the backyard, and a staycation in the summer where we can do all kinds of fun things with the kids and not have to worry about spending the money.

  19. Disney! We are talking this summer, but if we put it off another year, it’s ok!
    I just made an almost $700 deposit into our “Disney Fund” just by my piggy bank and selling stuff on our local swap, my Ebates checks and my money from cashed in pop cans (Iowa gives 5 cent returns on soda cans). This was all over the course of 1 1/2 years. I have a lot more to post to CL/swap to help pad it a little more!

  20. An extended family trip to the Black hills this summer–hopefully it works out, and a vehicle with less miles when mine wears out (currently at 215k.)

  21. I am saving for London/Paris in 2015 (well 2014 if i save enough). My daughter has her heart set on going and I want to show her some of the places I have visited.

  22. Vacation since we haven’t had one since my 7 yr old was in diapers, and to pay down/off some of that nasty CC debt!! Paying the debt is the priority, vacation will be the reward!!!

  23. We’re saving to pay for the birth of our kiddo in May. We have insurance but have a pretty sizable deductible. I’m glad to say we’re right on track.

  24. Would like to save for an emergency fund, new living room furniture, and a vacation (nothing big, small is fine).

  25. We are saving for the second phase of our home which overlooks our vineyard. Currently, my husband and I are living what will eventually be the basement with 7 of our 10 children that are still at home. The basement is 1500 sq ft which works but the challenge with so many people is the one bathroom! Hopefully, we will be starting it this fall after grape harvest.

  26. A trip to Alaska in October to visit our son, daughter-in-law and 4 of the most wonderful grandkids EVER!!

  27. I really want to move out of this terrible rental into a nicer one! I recently prayed about and God provided a way to start my own business (I didn’t our the website because I Bruce it is food blogs,;) ) my goal is to move this Summer! If you wanted to review my product, let me know 😉
    Anyway love your blog and I read every post by email. Thank you 🙂

    1. Goodness. My smart phone isn’t very smart. Feel free to fix errors 😉

        1. I didn’t post my website because I know it’s for blogs
          That’s what the gibberish in the middle is supposed to say lol

  28. I’m saving my pennies for a new camera. Hoping to have enough to get a good one when the Black Friday deals start again!

  29. We live in Honduras, where my husband is a pastor. It is important to us to see family and friends in the US, so our extra savings goes toward plane tickets! It doesn’t help that we want to see people on the East Coast, Wisconsin, and Nebraska, and this summer a niece has a wedding in Florida. That is a lot of additional tickets between places after getting into the US!

  30. After paying off the CC debt last year and saving an emergency fund, we are putting aside for a down payment on our first house! On one income and with 5 kids it takes us a little longer to accomplish our goals, but we know with God’s help we will make it.

  31. Love reading all the goals, go for it everyone! 😀 For is, we hope to pay off our mortgage this year, woohoo! :):) Also, save for a computer & printer setup, have a Christmas fund going, and my pie-in-the-sky longterm goal: going for a long visit to see my family overseas! 🙂

  32. I’m saving for a expensive two week camp that my son wants to go to (with all his friends.) Since they are all graduating from 6th grade this May, it will be the last chance for all the boys to get together (and have a two week play date.)

    1. Interesting! Thanks for sharing that. So, that means bear Christmas you have to put away $50+ each week?

      1. I’ve also heard of people doing it backwards and starting with $52 now and going down in amounts each week. You also would not have to do the whole 52 weeks, At least its a way to put money away with a little each week or month that adds up.

        1. That’s actually a cool way to do it, although I imagine the thought process may be that as you pay down debt it’d free up money to add to savings. I think I may try this next year.

  33. I am quitting my job and coming back home at the end of May when the school year is over!!! That will bring us back down to one modest income. We will be pinching those pennies til they scream, baby!!

    We are self employed so anything extra goes towards retirement since there will be penison/retirement fund when husband retires.

  34. We made a lofty goal of paying off an extra $25,000 of the mortgage this year. I am already dreading this year because it is going to be a tough, no-nonsense year, but I can’t wait to actually make that goal. Good luck and best wishes to everybody in 2013!

  35. House addition! We are a four-person family, soon to be five (Feb./Mar.) and live in a 925 sq. ft. house. My husband is a contractor, so he can build the addition. Here’s to lots of beans and rice! 🙂 (Thankful we have a freezer stocked full of meat!)

  36. I want my entire side of the family (21 people total) to spend a week at the beach in the summer of 2014. Our portion will be $4000 or so. In the meantime though, I have a freshman in high school and only so many more years with everyone under 1 roof. So I want to take meaningful vacations – a long weekend here and there to build family memories, see more of the US and also visit colleges when we can. I think we are going to start by heading to see my brother in VA in March and visiting the College or William & Mary while also touring Jamestown and seeing the ocean. To sum it up, I am saving money so we can travel.

  37. This year is a big year of change for me. I will be single again after 14 years so I am saving to take my 2 girls to Disney in 2014, something they always wanted, but he didn’t. Also want to build an emergency fund. I am also finally in control of my budget so I’m using the cash envelope system. I also started the $5 savings plan in November. It is super easy and a I already have $80 saved.

    1. Bless you, Heather. I can already tell you will do just fine. 😉 Hang in there when it gets tough. You’ve got a great plan.

  38. No vacations for us – we are living as frugally as possible just to get through this terrible economic time. Our three businesses {all construction-related} were booming right up until 2008…then the downward slide began as the economy cratered. Things look even bleaker for the next four years, so we’re tightening our belts as much as possible!

    1. I can imagine. Hubby was self-employed in construction for 15 years — until 2008. I totally get where you are. Hang on!

  39. We’ve got a few things planned out. We just setup 529 plans for our 2 girls last night so that is one off the list. We’re planning on going to Disney this summer – so far I have about 1/2 of what I want saved for that. We’re also planning on buying a boat this year. Seems like a lot but we’re also debt free including the house.

  40. Oh, I do hope you get to go to France. I went twice many years ago and just loved Paris.
    American Distress–ha, ha!
    Read a cute money saving tip recently in some magazine or another: every day, look at the bills in your wallet. Take out all the bills with serial numbers that end in 4 (or any other number you want) and put those in a savings jar. Over a year, I bet you’d collect quite a bit for your trip!

  41. I like you and your mixed metaphors 🙂

    This is such a good topic! In 2013, we’re saving up for a down payment….even though we own our home. We’d like to move to a bigger one in the next 2-3 years without selling our current one, which means we need to save a down payment from scratch. It’s a big hairy goal, not an easy one, but we’re plotting how to make it happen….

  42. We’re hoping to replenish our savings from paying cash for a car in 2012. We also are saving to hopefully add a new member to our family this year! Lots of trusting The Lord on that one!

  43. We are looking to get out of debt in 2013! And following that accomplishment, we are going on a European tour, paid in cash for 2014. Starting in Paris, France and heading East to Vienna, Austria.

    Cheers to everyone and your financial goals! May you spend wisely and prosper in the new year!

  44. We are working towards breaking the chains of debt. The DH retires from active-duty Army this summer and we want to enjoy the couple months of leave before he starts his new civilian career (praying for this one). We will still have debt, but it will be extra chains broken and less stress. We have game plan set ahead for us to break all the chains. 🙂 Blessings!

  45. I’m still working through the debt — and trying to get the Princess through college without a ton of debt for her.

  46. We are saving for a down payment on our house…. My husband and I have a big dream, to build our first house, and we are lucky to be renting a cheap house in order to save for our dream house. WE have big dreams, we just need big savings to make that happen!

  47. A new beautiful kitchen! We have the original kitchen from the 1960’s in our house. Mint green tile, awful torn up lineolum floor, white (stained) sink, NO dishwasher, stove with only 3 working burners, cheap wood paneling. After 7 years of living with it, I am ready for the renovation to become a reality. That means saving the $ to do so.

  48. We have a whole list!

    * 1 year of mortgage payments for when Hubby is in internship
    * 1 year of private school tuition for the same timeframe
    * A new to us car to replace my 14 year old Camry (sniff!) that is on it’s last legs
    * Refinishing our hardwood floors
    * Paying off as much of the mortgage as we can this year
    * Trip to the west coast (we live in MN) to visit extended family

    Yes, that’s a lot but we’re hoping we can do it! The first three are the top priority and then the trip. The other two are “want tos!”

    Thanks for all the inspiration, Jessica, and please let us know how you’re progressing! Paris is on my sometime to visit list too.

    Have a great weekend,

  49. We really like to cruise so we’re taking a cruise in Sept. that leaves out of Vancouver and goes down the west coast and ends up in LA. I just paid off my car and hope to have the rest of our debt (except for the house) paid off by the time we leave on our trip.

  50. This year we are going to pay off our credit card debt and finish up paying for my husband’s car. There’s a huge amount right now, but we’re looking at starting to pay off grad school student loans for him right around the corner so we need to free up as much cash as possible. It’s been a grueling (almost) two years with him working long hours plus school and I turn 40 in March, so the final goal is a vacation for all five of us to celebrate his accomplishment and the family’s sacrifices to make it happen (along with my milestone)!

    Love reading all of your goals and cheering for you!

  51. My hubby and I started 2012 like that, with a plan of going to Disney World (not so easy when you live in Brazil) for Christmas and New Years. Up till about 6 weeks before our flight we had no spending money, but God came through in an amazing way. Our plan for 2013 is to have a baby, so that will need some cash saved up, and if it doesnt happen, we’ll spend the money on house improvements 🙂