Frugal Tip: Ask for a Discount

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Due to his profession as a contractor, FishPapa spends more time in Lowe’s and Home Depot than the average man. The plus side of this is that it isn’t a place that I have to worry about us getting “lost” in. We go in, we go out. It’s part of the job, rather than a hobby.

Very nice.

Plus, I get my home improvement projects done for free. Very, very nice.

Recently, in our intensity to be as frugal as can be, my hubby has had plenty of opportunity for bargain shopping in these home improvement warehouses. Often, there will be a slight and insignificant flaw in a product or like recently, a product that had obviously been returned. There was nothing wrong with said product, but it had been installed and then returned. Most likely, the person didn’t like the looks of it. That’s how it goes, you know.

So, he asked if they would knock some of the price off. Well, it was $99 originally. The employee squinted and said, “How about 50 bucks?”

SOLD to the very handsome man married to me!

We’re finding that it doesn’t hurt to ask if a price can be lowered if the item isn’t in pristine, perfectly packaged, brand-spanking new condition. It can save you a chunk of change if you’re not timid.

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  1. That is so true. My husband is much better at this than me though. (I tend to be too shy.) His philosophy is, “the answer is always NO if you don’t ask!”

  2. My husband and I were just talking about this recently as well. I used to think that prices were fixed! Silly me . . .

  3. I have dozens of stories of my hubby getting great deals just by asking for discounts. We have learned well what stores negotiate and what stores don’t. Nebraska Furniture Mart has ALWAYS given us a discount when we asked, sometimes very significant ones. Home Depot has given us some great deals as well. I’m still too timid to do it, but thankfully I married a man who loves to “wheel and deal” and is wonderful at it!

  4. We just experienced this last month! When we were out of town visiting the folks, the expansion tank in our car (BMW) literally exploded — the side just blew right out of it. My husband needed to be back at home for a meeting in a couple of days so he had to get the car fixed pronto. Normally, he does most car repair himself and orders the parts online because it’s cheaper for the exact same part that the dealer sells. Well, he didn’t have time to order online and had to buy them at the dealer. Bummed that he was going to have to pay nearly twice the online price, my hubby just asked the dealer if they would price match. Much to our surprise, they DID negotiate with him. He printed out the online prices for all the parts he needed, took it to the dealer and they matched and sometimes beat the online price. When all was said and done, he saved nearly $180 just because he asked! I never would have thought that you could negotiate like that with a dealer — especially BMW!

  5. I remember going shopping with a guy friend in college and just before he bought a pair of shoes, he asked the man behind the counter (who happened to be the manager) if he could get a discount? There was no reason for the discount, it was obvious that he was planning to buy the shoes anyway, but the manager said, “Hmmm…how about 25% off?” My jaw DROPPED.

    Since doing the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace study, my husband has become just as comfortable asking this stuff. I’m working up toward it, but it IS amazing what you can get just by asking! I mean, what’s the worst they can say…no? Then you’re right back to where you started!

  6. Wow! That’s awesome. I’m definitely going to have to get over my timidity now.