Fun Gifts to Make Yourself

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As the holiday season approaches, now is a great time to start thinking about making homemade gifts. Check out this collection of fun gifts to make yourself.

Fun Gifts to Make Yourself | Life as Mom

While you may not want to be thinking about Christmas just yet, it really is only a couple months away. Now is a great time to start budgeting, if you haven’t already. If you are able to set aside some extra monies this month and next, your holiday expenses will be so much easier to manage.

One of the other things you can do to plan ahead is to make some homemade gifts. Not only are homemade gifts often less expensive, but they also communicate a little extra care and attention. Plus it can keep you out of the crazy hustle and bustle of the stores.

Fun Gifts to Make Yourself

Now is the time to start planning for handmade gifts. You’ll feel much less stressed if you’ve got them planned in advance and crafted with time to spare.

Check out these fun gifts to make yourself. They are all gifts I’ve made myself over the years. They won’t drive you batty, and they’re super fun to give.

Fun Gifts to Make Yourself | Life as Mom

Chocolate Box of Money

Fun Gifts to Make Yourself | Life as Mom

Fun Photo Art

Fun Gifts to Make Yourself | Life as Mom

Lavender Milk Bath

Fun Gifts to Make Yourself | Life as Mom

Perk Up a Purse

Fun Gifts to Make Yourself | Life as Mom

Salt Dough Candle Holders

What are your favorite gifts to make?

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  1. Katie C. says

    This year, since we were overflowing will various peppers, I made and canned jalapeño jelly!

  2. Melissa G. says

    I’ve received so many great ideas from your blog, I thought I would share this idea. In our family we love homemade gifts. This year, I’m making an assortment of spice mixes and putting them in cute small jars. I’ll also include a bundle of recipes that can be used with those mixes. Jars of any size are available online, but you can also use baby food jars and pretty them up with ribbons or scrapbook paper.

  3. Melissa says

    I love giving homemade gifts! Over the years I’ve done pumpkin bread, spiced nuts, caramels, truffles, hard lotion bars, chapstick, body butter, peppermint marshmallows, hot chocolate mix, cookies, fantasy bars (homemade snickers), peppermint hand soap, and vanilla. I adore making gift baskets with assortments of all kinds of things.

  4. Going to help the kiddo make soap. I’m making pompom garlands for my god daughters. Some jam or applesauce and basil salt (we are over flowing with basil and lemon basil in the garden).

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