Fun Learning for the 4th of July

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Plan for fun and learning on the 4th of July with these menu, book, and movie ideas.

Photo source: Heidi

The Fourth of July is next week?! How did that happen? Time is flying.

It seems that the 4th often takes our family by surprise. Last year, the sun was setting and one of the kids said, “Today was the 4th of July?”

Apparently, I didn’t plan well last year since the child didn’t even know what day it was. This year I’m going to do differently.

Since we can’t all live on the eastern seaboard and have ready access to Colonial reenactments and monuments, there are still some things we can do to make Independence Day more real.

Serve colonial-era foods.

While modern tradition dictates hot dogs and hamburgers for the 4th, consider these vintage twists on your regular Independence Day fare:

  • pancakes or corn cakes with maple syrup
  • porridge or oatmeal – add dried cranberries and nuts
  • cider, rootbeer and ginger ale in frosty mugs
  • baked beans
  • popcorn
  • ice cream
  • apple pie
  • coffee, not tea (ahem)

Photo source: Heidi

Go back in time with a good tale.

Whether you watch a movie or dig into a good book, the stories of those who fought for freedom, albeit imperfectly, are certainly worth watching or reading. Depending on the availability at your library, you may still have time to request these and get them by the weekend.

Put a few plans in place today so that next week’s “holiday” has extra meaning.

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  1. Love “Ben & Me” (both the book, and the short cartoon). Good choice! Also, have you ever watched “This is America, Charlie Brown”? It’s another excellent addition to any collection.

    Yes, the year is flying. Shesh!

  2. Lynne says

    One more fun suggestion: for the past 7 years, the kids in our neighborhood (including my own) have put on a “Fourth of July play”. They dress in the traditional holiday colors, read patriotic poems, and do song & dance numbers to tunes like “God Bless America” and “Yankee Doodle”. What makes it even more fun is that the tradition of coordinating the play has been passed down to the next oldest kid, as the older ones outgrow the activity. My third oldest daughter is coordinating the 8th annual play for this year! The play keeps all the kids busy, and the adults get a kick out watching the performance.

  3. Thanks for the reminder – incorporating “teaching moments” into holidays always sneaks up on me too. Time to plan a couple simple ideas for my three little ones!

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