Fun Ways to Get Organized as a Family

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“Organization” doesn’t have to be drudgery! In fact, being organized is a wonderful way to enjoy family time more. Life as MOM writer, Prerna shares some ideas to involve the whole family in your organizing efforts.

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Getting and staying organized is one of my major goals this year. Honestly, I’ve always thought of myself as fairly organized. Heck, I’ve written hundreds of posts on how to get organized and even a free eBook on organizing, but despite all of that, there have been several areas of my life that still need help with a bit of streamlining and organization. And most of them involve other members of my family – my husband and daughter.

So, this year, I’m focusing on getting organized as a family. Wanna join me? Here are some fun ways {so you don’t drive the others nuts!} to do that:

1. Use a Family Bulletin Board

A family bulletin board is a simple, effective and super-fun way to keep track of what everyone is doing and when. Use it to jot down the day’s menu or reminders to other family members. You can choose from all sorts of bulletin boards – magnetic, dry-erase and of course, the pin board. (See this great tutorial from A Thoughtful Place for the board pictured above.)

Get one that suits your family the best and hang it in a place that is visited by everyone, often. Umm, the kitchen, right?

2. Get a Photo Calendar for Kiddie Rooms

My preschooler loves looking at photos and is just understanding the concept of days and dates. So, a photo calendar filled with photos of her and us was a great way of teaching her what happens when. However, you can use the same thing for older children and help them pencil in project deadlines, book return dates and play date.

You can either make your own using your printer and Jessica’s printable calendars from Organizing Life as Mom or you can order one from companies like Snapfish, Lifephoto and Shutterfly. Lifephoto, in fact, is giving away FREE customized photo calendars to everyone who signs up on their Facebook page.

Photos add a dash of personalization and personality, and makes using a calendar easier and interesting for everyone.

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3. Use Color-Coded Baskets or Boxes for Toys or Accessories

This is one organizing strategy that I will be introducing to my toddler this year. Using color-coding makes it super-simple for even a preschooler to put away toys at the end-of-the-day. I plan on getting 4 different-colored inexpensive plastic baskets for her dolls, stuffed toys, cars and pretend play toys. These baskets would fit into a larger shelf and keep her room relatively clutter-free and cut down on cleanup time as well.

(Katherine Maries shows you a clever way to combine pictures with bins so kids know where to put their stuff.)

4. Add a Basket to Collect Knick-Knacks at the Entrance

Our apartment home does not have a foyer per se. The door opens straight into the living room and dining area. So, naturally when we would come home, wallets, sunglasses, cellphones, receipts and other miscellaneous items would be deposited on the table turning the dining table into a clutter magnet.

Adding a cute little basket to the table means that everything gets deposited into it and stays there. Papers and bills are sifted through and either trashed or filed away then and there.

You can use the same organizing trick in your home and, if you have a foyer and more members, consider adding a table with a small basket on top and a larger one at the bottom for shoes, umbrellas and bags.

Basically, giving family members a space to park their stuff as soon as they enter the house will keep even the smallest apartment tidy and organized.

Do you have a fun organizing trick to keep your family organized?

— Prerna Malik is a mom, a wife, a writer and woman who believes in parenting with love, being postively productive, and creating a home that invites you to put your feet up and relax. Find her sharing her simple tips and easy-to-do ideas at The Mom Writes or follow her on Twitter.

Disclaimer: Lifephoto is a social media client of Prerna’s. However, she makes no money from sharing the free photo calendar link.

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  1. I love your color bin idea and I find bigger sized bins are better. We have lots of small bins but they don’t seem to get used at much. I fell in love with some bins at IKEA but don’t want to spend the money. I also like clothes hampers to hold all the dolls and dress up stuff.

    For some reason we seem to accumulate stuffed animals from family and who knows where and they are worst kind of clutter. So typically I half all stuff animals anytime I feel overwhelmed even if the kids still play with them. Believe me, they still have PLENTY! I keep these in the hampers too.

    I sound like I’m organized, but I’m really not. I just happen to do a bunch of purging/organizing today. The kids take over everything and I don’t think it’s possible for me to keep an organized house with small kids. I typically feel scatterbrained and I spend half my life searching for stuff, meanwhile wondering what the point is of keeping things you can’t find. Ha!