Garlic Herb Pretzels

Make homemade garlic herb pretzels. They are inexpensive at less than a dollar a dozen and so very tasty!

Garlic Herb Pretzel

Oh my word. I make pretzels a few times a year. With each bite, I think to myself, “Why don’t I make these more often?” These are so delicious, fun to make, and make you feel so accomplished when you pull them from the oven.

And did I mention how cheap they are to make? The flour is the bulk of the expense: 4 cups, which when on sale, equals about 50 cents. Add in some yeast, salt, herbs, and baking soda, and your cost is easily under a buck a dozen. Compare that to your shopping mall soft pretzel!

Want to learn how? Let me show you!

Garlic Herb Pretzels

I’ve played with my standard pretzel recipe before, adding different toppings and dipping sauces. This time, I worked from the inside out, adding flavor in the form of garlic powder and dried herbs. I see all kinds of potential for rolls, hot dog buns, and pigs in blankets. The  chewy crust is amazing.

I also used white whole wheat this time, instead of regular grind whole wheat and unbleached flour instead of bread flour. I liked the texture and flavor of the bread immensely.

These make a fun addition to your dinnertime bread basket. So, bust out the bread machine or warm up your hands for kneading, and go make a batch.

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child rolling pretzel

Once the dough was ready, my girls loved helping me shape the pretzels. Roll the dough into long snakes, and with a few flicks of the wrist, you can twist the dough into a traditional pretzel shape.

Lore says that pretzels were an early Easter tradition and that bakers created them to resemble praying hands. They were also used to hold hard boiled eggs in the “holes”, thus taking their place in history as the first Easter baskets.

Once the pretzels are shaped, you’ll need to give them a soda water bath. This starts the rising process again and gives them their nice chewy texture.

pretzel water

Yes, it seems like a lot of steps, but it’s fun and tasty, totally worth it.

After the bath, you can sprinkle the pretzels with seeds and coarse salt. Then pop them in the oven to bake.

pretzels boiled and seeded

Pretzel with cheese and turkey

Not only are these pretzels fun for snacking or adding as a side dish to dinner, I made them the bread of our lunch this week. Served with cheese, turkey, and spicy brown mustard, it made a fabulous open-faced sandwich/snacky lunch.

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