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I don’t post too many “deals” these days. But, if you are at all interested in teaching your child another language, particularly Latin, then I highly recommend this product. This is too good a deal to miss.

Yes, I’m part of their affiliate program, but seriously, I would tell you about Visual Latin anyway. My eldest son started with the program last fall and loved his online Latin class.

How many kids do you know, teenagers no less, who enjoy Latin class?

Sounds boring, doesn’t it? But, no, not with Visual Latin. Where else can you learn to say “I am a ninja” in a dead language?

Dwane’s story of teaching himself the language is amazing and inspiring. His humor is just what my teenage boy loves. And my tweens are now convinced that Latin is the language they‘ll take as well.

Whether you homeschool or just want some enrichment for your kids, this is a great program to follow. While Latin may be “dead”, it’s amazingly helpful for increasing vocabulary, reading comprehension, and just understanding inside jokes from Harry Potter. The DVD set is great for kids 9 and up.

I’m going to be sharing my Homeschool Picks for Foreign Language in a few weeks, and include a more thorough review of Visual Latin at that time, but I want you to be able to take advantage of the sale before it ends on Wednesday.

Get 30% off Visual Latin with the code: AUGUSTUS

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  1. Thank you for passing on this discount info. I researched Visual Latin earlier this summer when Joy@FiveJ’s recommended it, but our budget is so tight that I was unsure we could afford it. This discount saved us $27 and made it possible for us to order the Latin I DVDs today! God bless you, FishMama!

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