Get a Craftsy Class (and a Ton of eBooks) for a Great Price

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Grab the Ultimate DIY Bundle today. Not only do you get a ton of ebooks and ecourses, but you also get some great bonuses, including a Craftsy class.

This Bundle is now unavailable, but you can check out the latest bundle here.

Last week I told you about the Ultimate DIY Bundle that I’m an affiliate for. These ebook bundles typically provide you with a huge volume of resources for a great price. This time around the theme is DIY, so each book and resource will help you learn a creative art or craft of some kind.

My sister later told me how thrilled she was to see the bundle because she’d had her eye on a certain photography e-course for quite some time. Buying the bundle got her the course for less than if she paid for the class straight from the vendor! Plus, now she’s got all kinds of ebooks to help her DIY  to boot! Clearly, the bundle “paid for itself” with the photog class.

One of the bonuses to purchasing the Ultimate DIY bundle is that you get a free Craftsy class. Priced  between $20 and $70, these courses help you really see the value of the bundle purchase ($34.95).

Check out this list of the available Craftsy classes that might really work for you:

Once you purchase the bundle, you’ll get access to download over 75 ebooks and ecourses as well as choose which of the free bonuses you’d like to have. The Craftsy class needs to be redeemed by February 26th.

Today is the very last day to purchase the bundle. If you are interested, grab it now because the sale really is over tonight.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for the Ultimate DIY Bundle. Please read the fine print and the FAQ page for the bundle. If you make a purchase from my link, I am paid a small amount in advertising fees. Your price is not changed, but your purchase helps keep this site available to provide free content to you and all your friends. Thanks for your support.

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  1. I picked The Perfect Cupcake class, and we’re going to be having homemade Lemon Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream. Loved the class! Such a fun bonus to the bundle. 🙂

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