Birthday Cake Round- Up (& a Free Birthday Party Planning Page)

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Ready for some fun birthday celebrations in the months to come?

Later this month, on the 27th, I’ll be hosting a Birthday Cake Round-Up where you can share your latest birthday cake creations. We’ve done this here at LifeasMOM twice a year for quite some time. Check out the past round-ups for some fun inspiration.

  • June 2008 – features two fun Playmobil Birthday Cakes
  • January 2009 – features a Fancy Nancy Purse Cake
  • July 2009 – features a Drive-In Movie Theater Cake
  • January 2010 – features my Dave Ramsey Birthday Cake
  • June 2010 – features my Buzz Lightyear Birthday Cake

Many of the above cakes were a result of my readers challenging me to create a creative birthday cake based on a theme of their choosing. Stay tuned – I’ll be posting a survey so that you can challenge me again this year.

Get Your Birthday Game On

Me and my trusty little computer have been churning out more planning pages to make “life as MOM” a little easier. I plan to release a new one every month — at least.

This month it’s all about birthdays! So, in keeping with the celebratory theme, I’ve created a planning page to make your birthday parties go a little more smoothly.

Friendship has its Privileges

All my Facebook fans and subscribers will have FREE access to download this planning page during the month of January.

Want to sign up to receive a free daily digest and subscriber perks? Go here to sign up and make sure you verify your subscription shortly afterward. Every day in January, there will be a download link in the footer of the email or feed.

Prefer to follow LifeasMOM on Facebook? Hit the “Like” button over here. Once there, click the Freebie tab to get download instructions.

Ready to celebrate?

What are your birthday party challenges?

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  1. Oh, I always love this time of year! The round-up seems to often fall right on Thor’s birthday (like this year) and that makes it special. 🙂 This year, he has requested baseball cupcakes and those will be easy-peasy. My biggest challenge will be coming up with indoor crafts/activities to entertain a bunch of 5 & 6 year olds… mostly boys.

    1. I always make it the Thursday near FishPapa’s birthday (the 29th). 🙂

  2. My son just turned 4 in December. We were just planning on having a small family cake only party and having a big party for him next year when he turned 5…..until he invited his whole preschool class over to our house for his birthday party, yes the one we weren’t having! So, I gave in a threw him a big spiderman party with all his friends from school. I made a great spiderman cake and made a suspended 12 foot web from the ceiling with streamers and the kids decorated their own superhero masks out of craft foam that I cut into different mask shapes. It was a blast, but the planning was a little crazy in a short amount of time!