Get Cleaning with Norwex (A Giveaway)

Antibacterial cleaning cloths can make cleaning more fun and chemical free. Win some this weekend from Norwex.

I am not a clean freak. I really wish I were. But, I’m not. I like to call what I have, creativity. But, others might call it distracted or even flaky. While I love things to be clean and while I don’t mind doing it once I get going, finding the motivation to get myself in gear is harder.

So, over time I’ve found ways to make cleaning a little more, dare I say it, enjoyable. Good music, a glass of my favorite beverage, and a bribe to myself to do something fun when I’m done are always helpful. Companionship helps, too, whether it’s my kids to work alongside me or a friend to talk to while I scrub.

Find Cool Tools

Another thing that helps is having the right tools for the job. Since FishPapa was a general contractor for so many years and needed the complete  line of every construction tool imaginable, he’s never been stingy with my buying whatever tools I needed. In fact, when I was teaching, he said clothes were my tools, and he made me go spend money on clothes!

(Yes, I did marry Mr. Right For Me.)

Having the right tools for cleaning tasks is not only expected around here, but they make the job easier and more fun to do. I have found cleaners that work for me. Aside from a little bleach for disinfecting, I almost exclusively use vinegar and baking soda for my everyday cleaning tasks. But, last year in our discussion about bleach, Laura mentioned that bleach was still bad. She mentioned something about using a silver cloth, information which I filed away. But, the post slipped into the archives and I forgot what brand cloth she mentioned.

Recently I had a chance to try out Norwex cleaning products. I had actually never heard of the brand before, or at least I didn’t think so. But, rereading the comments on the bleach post clued me in that Norwex was the brand Laura was talking about! Crazy.

In researching Norwex, I was pleased to see that they are a company dedicated to cleaning without chemicals. I love that! And they sell those silver-laden clothes that Laura mentioned.

Mom-preneur Marilyn Kjellman sent me a number of Norwex cleaning cloths that are fabulous for all the messes this family of 8 can make. I was especially smitten with the Blue Dusting Mitt.

And the Olive Green Tea Towel Set is super soft, a great feature for when you are washing and drying often.
According to Norwex,

“Norwex microfiber goes beyond “surface clean” with the innovative use of silver particles integrated into synthetic microfiber cloth ensure:

  • Single-celled micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeast, and viruses cannot survive or adapt in silver exposure
  • Surface-to-surface cross-contamination is eliminated
  • Rapidly drying cloths prevent bacteria growth in the cloth itself”

I think that is very cool. I am really impressed with the entire line and am thankful to add some new tools to my bag of tricks. Especially if cleaning is more fun — and chemical free.

You can check out all that Norwex has to offer at their main site or browse the specials page for occasional discounts.

This weekend Marilyn is offering a great giveaway. Three Life as MOM readers will each win one of the following:

Basic Package
Kitchen Tea Towel Set
Dusting Mitt

To  Enter:

Leave a comment telling us, what tools YOU use to get your house spanking clean?

This promotion is open until Sunday, December 11th, at 8 pm PST and is limited to US residents, 18 years or older. The winner will be chosen randomly and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize. This post will be updated with the beginning of the winner’s email addresses. The prize for this promotion is provided by and shipped by Marilyn Kjellman. Life as MOM will not be held responsible for unclaimed or undelivered prizes.

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winners: jlmwnk@, Couponrn@, bluehydrangea@

Disclosure: I received review product and been compensated for my time administering this giveaway. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I’ve found that microfabric diaper inserts work wonderfully!

  2. I’ve been using vinegar and baking soda as well, and recently added a microfiber cloth to my routine.

  3. I love the Norwex cleaning cloths. I have not used any cleaning chemicals in almost 3 years and have been able to take out numerous stains with just water and the cloths.

  4. I’ve also been trying to use fewer chemicals and more homemade cleaners – especially vinegar. I also have a drawer full of clothes for mopping up so that I can use fewer paper towels. These products sound interesting.

  5. I have been using my homemade cleaners for about a year now and a steam mop that I saved up $50 worth of Amazon cards toward it (earned with Swagbucks!). I would love to try these out since I have heard so many good things about them.

  6. I found the Norwex website a little while ago, and am hoping to be able to purchase from them soon. I too am starting to use more vinegar and baking soda and less purchased cleaners–although I do like Simple Green a lot! 🙂

  7. I love microfiber cloths! I get them damp and let my toddlers go crazy dusting while I tackle other tasks.

  8. we are switching over to more non-chemical products like vinegar and baking soda…just trying to get through all the products we had already bought before realizing how much better vinegar and baking soda are. 🙂

  9. Carla Sorensen says:

    I have been using a Swiffer but do not really like it as much as I did at first.

  10. I do have a few Norwex cleaning cloths- 3 different colors for 3 different areas of the house. I also use the glass cloth to clean the mirrors- just spray with water and wipe off- so easy and it does a great job!
    I would love to have more products from Norwex- been eying that dusting mitt! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. hot water, baking soda and vinegar but I also still use Lysol or clorox wipes, especially now that everyone has had a stomach bug.

  12. I found microfiber towels in the automotive section of Walmart, and have been using them as pads for my Swiffer – it works like a charm. 🙂

  13. I use some Melaleuca cleaners, Biokleen, and some norwex cloths too! I would LOVE some more norwex though, they are my favorite!

  14. vinegar and soda. and method liquid products with my libman freedom mop. i love my freedom mop!

  15. I like to use microfiber cloths. These products look good.

  16. Right now, my house isn’t very sparkling clean and that is a problem! I do like the zep hard wood floor cleaner that I just bought.

  17. I love the Swiffer duster with the extendable arm!

  18. I use some norwex, but also vinegar and baking soda.

  19. I use vinegar a lot as well!

  20. I use a Swiffer and some of the Shaklee products for other types of cleaning. Would love to replace my raggedy rags though!!

  21. I’m not sure I have a favorite cleaning tool. Mostly just use old fashioned “elbow grease!” 🙂
    I’ve heard great things about Norwex. It would be fun to give them a try!

  22. Lots of water!

  23. I use lysol and clorox wipes. I’d love to become more green in my cleaning. The Norwex products sound really cool.

  24. I’ve been trying to use more natural cleaners-so I’d love to try out these Norwex products. I’ve heard great things!

  25. I have just a basic Norwex set, but I love it! Even my youngest kids can clean with them.

  26. Method cleaners, water & vinegar and some elbow grease!

  27. I use an assortment of things, from bleach for toilets to steam mop for the hardwood floors…some things have been around for a long time, so maybe it’s time to revamp the cleaning system!

  28. We use 2 cleaning ladies that come every 2 weeks. 🙂

  29. Allie Zirkle says:

    Vinegar and water!

  30. I’ve been using Melaleuca products for a while, but my girlfriend loves her Norwex products and I would love to try them. My other favorite tools to use are my 4 children….they are great helpers and we actually have fun working together!

  31. Lately, I’ve been using microfiber cloths to help with cleaning. I have heard so many great things about norwex. I sure hope I very the chance to try it out!

  32. I use, and love, my Dyson, but I’m really not the most spectacular at keeping house, unfortunately.

  33. I’m always looking for an easier, more convenient way to clean house and have heard great things about Norwex! I do like my Kenmore canister vacuum though (much easier do do the stairs too than my upright was!)

  34. I use 7th generation products and elbow grease!

  35. I’m using vinegar and baking soda more and more.

  36. i end up using a washcloth most of the time. would love to try these!

  37. Tai Mitchell says:

    My favorite cleaner right now is good old ammonia. It totally burns your eyes if you use to much.

  38. I suppose these aren’t “tools”, per se, but I use vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda on everything. Oh, and a little scrub brush! 🙂

  39. I use a lot of vinegar and a few commercial products. Method Glass cleaner, Borax, Bon Ami scrub, Simple Green every once in awhile but I keep that around mostly for laundry. My biggest cleaning tool would be my Dyson Pet. Feels slightly ridiculous since we don’t have any carpet but those dust mops simply don’t get everything off our floor and we went through a variety of sweepers before we got the Dyson.

    I would love the Norwex stuff for a change and because I’ve heard such good things about the company.

  40. My tools include, vinegar or lemon juice, salt, baking soda, alcohol, essential oils and old cleaning cloths (sometimes paper towels)

  41. Deborah W. says:

    We have been trying to switch to all natural cleaners such as vinegar and baking soda. We also purchased a steam mop. Would love to try these!

  42. I use norwex cloths but I would love more! 🙂

  43. I have to admit I love the smell of bleach in the kitchen! I hear such good this about norwex, I would love to try them!

  44. Since I like to keep my floors clean, my vacuum cleaner is one of my favorite tools. I also use dust rags for all kinds of chores, and (toxic though it is) I use Scrubbing Bubbles to get my bathroom sparkling clean!

  45. We use natural cleaners that I make and chlorox wipes for the toilet area….and we love our steam mop for our laminate floors! We also use Club Soda in a spray bottle to wash the windows…..Would love to try the Norwex products..never heard of them!

  46. I have been using microfiber cloths, but have not been happy with them. It seems that they leave quite a lot of lint/particles on porcelain and tile. I have heard good things about this brand but have not tried them – would love to if I win!

  47. would love to try these! i am not so good at keeping house, so my tools of choice tend to be whatever is easiest: clorox wipes … paper towels … pledge multi-surface. would love to have a little push away from chemicals and toward natural cleaning.

  48. I LOVE Norwex; I’ve been using the products for about a year.
    I am in need of another enviro. cloth, though and would love to win this give away.

  49. I love eco-friendly cleaners like vinegar and baking soda, too. I use reusable cloths like rags and dust mops instead of disposable cleaning cloths. Thanks for this giveaway!

  50. I mostly use vinegar but also love mrs meyer and method- they both smell so good!

  51. natural cleaners and basic cloths. have heard of the silver-cloths but have not used them – yet. =)

  52. I use vinegar for a lot of things. I would really like to try these cloths.

  53. I currently use organic cleansers in my house, but I plan to get back to the basics when these run out.

  54. I just made a reusable fleece swiffer duster and was so excited! I loved my swiffer duster but couldn’t bring myself to buy the refills.

  55. Meredith C. says:

    I try to only buy organic cleaners but have just started using baking soda more and more. We also have a steam mop my parents gave us that I love. Makes cleaning the floors super easy.

  56. my favorite cleaning tool would have to be my shark vacuum, and my husband–the world’s greatest dish washer and vacuumer to boot. 🙂

  57. I use lysol on everything, so i really need this norwex cloth!

  58. I decided to forgo the paper towels and bought the large micro-fiber towel set in the car cleaning section at Costco (it is a huge bag, at a great price) I use those to clean everything, they work espesially work well in the kitchen. I have a stainless steel fridge and dishwasher. Insead of costly, toxic cleaners I use my microfiber cloth wet and wringed out very well to wash the fronts they come out streakless every time! I love it, I also use an all-purpose spray of white vinegar about a 1/4 cup (from Costco 2 pack) mixed with a squirt of dishsoap and filled with water, this works on everything.

  59. My latest addition to my arsenal is a spray bottle of vinegar in my shower. I’m really bad about regularly scrubbing the calcium hard water stains off our bathtub, but if I just do it EVERY DAY right after I shower, it helps a ton!

  60. I would love to try these. I have been trying to use fewer store bought cleansers around the house. One thing we do is kepp a bunch of “slop rags” in the kitchen for everyday clean-up so that we are not using a ton of paper towels

  61. These look awesome!

  62. Over the last few years I have tried to use less toxic cleaners. Now that I have 2 new granddaughters, I have switched to vinegar and baking soda. I would LOVE to try Norwex.

  63. I’m still working on my stockpile of Swiffer wet cloths and Lysol dual action wipes, but when I run out of those, I might switch to vinegar and baking soda. Does anyone know if you can use the regular microfiber shop towels as a mop on the swiffer? What makes the Norwex better than other microfiber cloths? I’ve never heard of them before. I just don’t think I have the budget for these things right now. 🙁

  64. Elizabeth Hall says:

    I use vinegar and tea tree oil.

  65. I have been wanting to try Norwex for a long time. With a house on the market and 3 kids 3 and under, we have a lot of cleaning to do! Right now, I use my Swiffer and Dyson a lot. I can’t wait to make the switch to more natural products and cleaners.

  66. we use lots of vinegar and baking soda

  67. Microfiber cloths and my Dyson keep my home clean.

  68. Vinegar, baking soda, and old cloth diaper flats are some of my favorite tools.

  69. ugh I’ve been using lame-o washcloths. I need these snazzy ones!!

  70. A good scrub brush, baking soda and vinegar, and an all natural cleaner.

    • One of my favorite tools is a long handled scrubber for cleaning the tub. My husband bought me one when we first began dating. It’s not romantic, but it saved my back 😉

  71. I use some Norwex cloths and LOVE them. I also use vinegar and a couple Melaleuca products.

  72. thanks for the reminder about better to use cleaning products. I use commercial cleaners, but am hoping to go more natural this coming year.

  73. I use a swiffer and homemade cleaning products. And the CD player/radio because I’m a lot like you! I need lots of motivation and some sort of reward. 🙂

  74. I recently discovered Norwex! I love their window clothes – so sparkly!

    I’m trying to phase out my Lysol wipes, otherwise, it’s vinegar and baking soda for me!

  75. I use vinegar & water often; also Sprayway glass cleaner and Scrubbin’ Bubbles for the bath. I’d love to try these.

  76. I use my shark steamer for my kitchen and bathrooms.

  77. I’ve started using vinegar and baking soda too (with a little orange essential oil). It smells good & makes me feel great about using healthier cleaning products. I’d love to win some of these!

  78. I don’t mess around, Lysol liquid spray cleans very well on most surfaces. I dust with a cloth fabric only.

  79. I LOVE Dr Bronner’s Sal Suds, LOVE IT!
    I buy a 32oz bottle about every 6-8months & dilute it in a spray bottle to clean just about everything in the house (not windows or mirrors). I also use vinegar, baking soda, tea tree oil, GSE oil, lavender, lemon, orange citrus oils (for the smell) I’ve just about used up all the microfiber inserts from the cloth diapers. I’m looking for some better ones (I have some orange ones that I bought last yr that I’m trying to find again…of course I can’t remember where I bought them LOL)

  80. I use vinegar on everything- love the stuff!

  81. I use a lot of vinegar in cleaning, but I also love Magic Erasers. Those little things work!

  82. I just started using Norwex and love them – in fact my mom is getting a set for Christmas.

  83. Jill Jensen says:

    With all of my little ones, I really need some help getting my house clean. My dream is to someday have All of my house clean at the SAME time. Wouldn’t that be something?

  84. Kate Quinn says:

    Most frequently I use a general microfiber towels and vinegar and baking soda.

  85. I use mostly water and elbow grease. 🙂 But sometimes vinegar…and when the toilet bowl is really bad some toilet bowl cleaner.

  86. Meg Thomas says:

    I’m a vinegar-cleaning fiend. That and an old bar rag are my main tools for now, but would love to try some of these cloths.

  87. We pretty much use baking soda & vinegar, bleach or borax around here! And I love to try new “safer” products when possible!

  88. I use vinegar on my wood floors but mostly I use dish soap or cheap shampoos that I’ve gotten a great deal on! I agree with Flylady’s mantra that soap is soap!

  89. I’ve been using norwex for 2 years. Oh my. I will never go back! The best cleaning rag ever. Even if it wasn’t anti-bac….the microfiber is so amazing it cleans better than any other I’ve tried. It cleans amazingly. I daily clean with a spray bottle of water with essential oils, for the scent and because I let things get crusty on the counters after dinner prep :), and wipe everything down with a wet norwex rag. I’ll never go back 🙂

  90. My hubby is an awesome cleaner!!

  91. I clean when I can with 3 little kids, so I like to keep all my supplies stocked in each bathroom so that I can do a quick clean if the opportunity presents. The less supplies needed, and the less chemicals the better. These cloths sound great!

  92. i love the idea of letting my kids help with cleaning AND not be worried about the chemicals!

  93. I am so not green when it comes to cleaning- I clean with Fabuloso- it cleans everything and then the house smells great. I would love to try something that is “greener”.

  94. I just got a Norwex mop and was pleasantly surprised at how it cleans our wood floors. I would love to try the other cloths!

  95. Impending company gets my house clean! There’s nothing like knowing friends will be visiting to get me busy with the old stand-bys: broom, duster, vacuum, damp cloth and when it’s stuck on gunk on the stove, baking soda and vinegar.

  96. I use old t-shirts and socks, but these look and probably work much better.

  97. Vinegar and water. Have been wanting to try Norwex.

  98. lots of vinegar and baking soda and I have been using a cloth that is called the supercloth for windows and mirrors. I can’t buy this any more so I am looking for something new. These look like what I am looking for.

  99. Hmm, my two children, but that doesn’t make my home spotless. Ha! Probably diluted vinegar is my favorite clean, I recently just discovered how versatile it can be.

  100. I use my mom and her skills ;).

  101. Anne Marie says:

    I use vinegar and baking soda for almost every cleaning job – old t shirts make good rags for cleaning up spills etc.

  102. Vinegar vinegar vinegar. But I do have a cache of non-green cleaners that I break out once in a while to really give the bathrooms a good scrub.

  103. Right now I use regular cleaners,but am looking to move toward greener cleaners.

  104. I use microfiber cloths and they work great!

  105. Microfiber cloths do a great job for me. I’d love to see what the addition of silver to the fabric does. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  106. Michele Laramay says:

    I like micro fiber cloths for my black stove top.

  107. Regular old cloth dish clothes. Not exciting but practical.

  108. I could use something to help motivate me to clean. Lately my best cleaning tools have been my boys as they are old enough to be doing chores with me now!

  109. I also have converted to using vinegar and baking soda along with a few essesntial oils thrown in to clean. Thanks for the offer!

  110. I’m 58 years old and have been cleaning houses for over 15 years. I would LOVE anything that makes the job easier..

  111. I love using vinegar and water , but sometimes I bust out the majic eraser

  112. I use various brands of anti-bacterial spray cleaners .

  113. Susan Comer says:

    I use rags and vinegar & water solution.

  114. I use vinegar and water on my floors. For the bathroom I use lysol concentrate mixed with water. And when I do dust, a cheapy dust cloth from Walmart. =)

  115. I love Norwex and would LOVE to have more! :o)

  116. We use old dish cloths to clean. We’re trying to use less chemicals to clean.

  117. I just bought a steam cleaner for my birthday 🙂 IT is a lot of fun 🙂

  118. I have really like my “bert and ernie” norwex clothes. My windows are spot free and I can see-oh, and they worked fab on my car windshield!! I used to clean everything w/a Bissell steamer…I loved that and did not need any chemicals-then they stopped making the needed filter for it, so it sits unusable on my shelf. 🙁
    Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  119. Robin Van Norman says:

    We only use all natural products in our home: baking Soda, vinegar, microfiber cloths, essential oils and some Seventh Generation Products. We use a laundry ball and dryer balls for our laundry (little to no laundry soap and no fabric softener). The silver infused cleaning products are of real interest to me – we use colloidal silver as a natural antibiotic. Thanks for the offer. Peace and God’s blessings to you this Christmas and always.

  120. Peggy from Iowa says:

    Vinegar w/water and essential oils, microfiber cloths, and scrubbers. I would love to have a set of Norwex! Thanks for the give away!

  121. The children help with the cleaning so we’ve been using diluted Dr. Bronner’s on the surfaces along with our vinegar mix for the mirrors and glass. It is amazing what a drop of food coloring will do in a full gallon of cleaner.

  122. BronwenAnderson says:

    My favorite cleaning tool is my vacuum we have a saint Bernard and no much carpet and I really dislike sweeping. My husband also thinks I like to vacuum cause I can drown out the kids while I do it also;)

  123. Well, I use vinegar and water for my floors, non-toxic cleaners for all else, but I don’t have decent towels to use for cleaning. I have a bunch of plain white washcloths that leave all sorts of lint on my mirrors and windows. So frustrating!

  124. Vinegar and baking soda are my favorite cleaning tools. With a family of seven, we have more than our fair share of messes!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  125. I use cleaning products that my hubby brings home from work. I’d sure love to try something chemical free though!!

  126. I am very interested and trying to be chemical free- but I also still use bleach to get rid of mold (tub liner)- I’ve never heard about “silver” cloths- they look really great. What trick I have now is Baking Soda-Love It: cheap, chemical free, and works better than a lot of other products, especially in the kitchen.

  127. I am a cleaning freak on a hold with my cleaning routines becos of my back injury. But as soon I am fine entirely I will be back to cleaning with vigor and would love to win one of these towels.

  128. I use baking soda,vinegar, 20 mule team borax with old towels and T shirts that I’ve cut up and keep in a bucket under the sink.I’ve been trying to go completely paper towel and chemical free.

  129. I currently use just regular microfiber-but now I want to upgrade to Norwex!!!

  130. I use swifter dusters and mop. Would like to try this product!

  131. I use vinegar & baking soda for all my cleaning. I also keep a spray bottle of diluted hydrogen peroxide for extra ‘germ killing.’ My usual cleaning cloths are my husbands old undershirts…I’d love to try Norwex cloths!

  132. I use special dusting cloths that are wonderful for picking up dust and pet hair rather than just pushing it around – and without any chemical sprays. I love the concept of the Norwex silver-infused mitt for areas I would normally use an antibacterial spray in, though. I haven’t been able to convince myself that just vinegar and water gets things “clean enough”.

  133. Right now we use swiffers, orange spray, and paper towels.

  134. I am trying to use more natural products but right now I use alot of Swiffer stuff!

  135. I have been using lots of Vinegar to clean and use it with laundry. Steam clean the floors. Microfibers for dusting. Love to try a new product.

  136. I use vinegar and baking soda for most of my cleaning. I have heard a lot about Norwex and would love to try their products!

  137. I’m not sure my house is ever ‘sparkling clean’. 🙂 I use vinegar and water on my floors, reusable dust cloths, etc., but I do use Scrubbing Bubbles in the bathroom. I just haven’t gotten to the point of a green bathroom cleaner.

  138. I use the Norwex cloths for everything!! I also love the toothbrushes and the mop (works really well on all floor surfaces, the dry and the wet. I had a home demonstration with Marilyn and got so many products free. I also purchased the baby wash cloths for my granddaughter as she has very sensitve skin and they work real well. The kitchen scrub cloth works well on all cloth and carpet surfaces to remove stubborn stains and I have even removed grease. I love, love, love the Norwex products. The cloths also clean all the baby’s toys to eliminate germs.

  139. We use a Swiffer duster and out Miele vacuum to get up our dry messes and wet or sticky messes on the floor we use Bona and a paper towel to clean up.

  140. 409 is what I use the most.

  141. cindy bruzzese says:

    We use vinegar for just about everything. I give my 7 yr old a spray bottle of diluted vinegar and he goes around and cleans the window sills and base boards. The 5 yr old will do the same to get fingerprints off the doors. I would love to try these cloths as we use old cloth diapers. Thanks for the chance!

  142. I use just about what ever is on sale, but know that I could do things a lot cheaper and greener and safer for my family!

  143. I’m a basic vinegar and baking soda gal. I do have a floor steam cleaner that I really like! Our house is covered in laminate floors, so it makes mopping them easy and chemical free!

  144. I use dishsoap and a rag. And I have a Mystic Maid cloth I use for dusting.

  145. I’ve used Simple Green, Green Clean Chic (essential oils) and Nothing But Soap. I go for green cleaners. Also, like Skoy cloths. Would like to try these.

  146. Hilary Richards says:

    I use vinegar and water and lots of scrubbing. Love to give these a try.

  147. I use the Microfiber kitchen washcloths and LOVE them!! they are so easy and so do a quick good job!

  148. I love Norwex products! I only have the window cleaning clothes now, and I actually enjoy cleaning windows…without chemicals, no streaks, half the time! Great for my house of 3 kids under 10, a big labrador retriever, guinea pig that is very messy, and two very easy fish!

  149. I always just clean with vinegar. I think it is the best cleaner around and no chemicals in my house. I also love the microfiber clothes.

  150. Thanks for the giveaway. I find that elbow grease is one of my best tools. That, plus a little vinegar, and I burn calories and get a clean house.

  151. I love my old toothbrushes to scrub off junk, especially around faucets!

  152. I use a steam mop to get my floors clean.

  153. Rebecca Scott says:

    I use our steam cleaner for the floors and Clorox wipes for our counters, etc; I am trying to find an alternative that works for us on those still…

  154. I use my flannel scraps from quilting as my dust coths.

  155. I use Lysol and Pine Sol. Would like to switch to vinegar and baking soda. Method is suppose to be good according to Cook’s magazine!

  156. I use a lot of peroxide and microfiber cloths!!! Love doing things the Natural way!!!

  157. As I am sitting here recovering from a virus that is rapidly making it’s way though my family of 7, I am game for any cleaning products! I will admit, though – I’m an old fashioned chemical girl. Comet for sinks, toilets, and tubs, lysol for the floors, clorox clean-up just about everywhere else!

  158. I have some Norwex clothes that I ADORE!!!! I even got pizza sauce out of my WHITE carpet with one… I need to buy more though. I want one set for each bathroom. 🙂

  159. I just use Target brand clothes… and never use bleach or any chemicals.

  160. I also wish I was a better cleaner. It’s the most I can do a lot of the time to just keep up with the clutter and basic vacuuming and dusting. I use windex a lot, I find it cleans all my stainless appliances, my sinks, and my door handles (and toilet bowl handle) really well. Never streaks and always leaves things shiny.

  161. I bought a Dyson Pet Vacuum last Christmas as a present for me and I love it!! With a golden retriever mix in the house, the fur is always flying. I’ve never heard of Norwex and would love to win and try them out.

  162. I use vinegar mostly and Comet on the tougher stuff. Would love to not need any cleaners. They give me migraines.

  163. I’d like to reduce the cleaning products I use. I’ll have to check out Norwex.

  164. We are making the transition to healthier cleaning as well. Baking soda and vinegar are definitely a favorite. We have tried a few of the microfiber cloths (they weren’t Norwex brand) they were great until I washed them then over time (not much time) they seem to loose their effectiveness. I would love to have an opportunity to try the Norwex cleaning supplies. I clean daily just to keep the house in shape for unexpected company. There is always something that needs cleaning.

  165. My best tool is my Dyson. I have to have cleaning wipes, but these cloths look like good replacements!

  166. I just got a new steam mop and am so excited to know that my floors will be clean and germ free (at least for a few minutes!) 🙂 I try to use just vinegar to clean, but sometimes fall back on the old chemicals {Boooooooo}.

  167. I love the basic Norwex set – it’s all I use to clean most things along with baking soda and vinegar. I’ve been eying their dusting mitt and sweeper/mop for a while…

  168. I have been wanting to try Norwex for awhile, it seems fabulous.

  169. I use mainly vinegar and baking soda for cleaning. I use my rags to help me.

  170. I LOVE the Norwex microfiber cloths and dusting mitt! I usually reorder them in January and was just thinking about trying out the mop. They have great products that are worth the money!

  171. I love using microfiber cloths

  172. I am yet to find the perfect tool & or solution to keep my home spotless (or atleast to keep up with the messes). I’m still searching & these sound wonderful. I’d be forever grateful to be able to win this prize. Thank you for the chance to enter.

  173. Melissa N. says:

    I recently started using Babyganics products and, like many have said… I love my Dyson!

  174. I still go the Windex route sometimes but we do use a lot of vinegar here!

  175. I’m pretty low maintenanc & realized recently how “old school” techniques are truly green! Right now my favorite tool is reusable cloths. I’ve dradtically reduced my paper towel usage. These Norwex products look perfect for me, & i’d love to try them!!

  176. I use Mrs. Meyers quite a lot. I have always wanted a Norwex cloth. Friends have been extolling their virtues for awhile now. I haven’t been able to afford them yet. So this would be a great “Christmas” surprise.

  177. Nancy Mosley says:

    I’m not sure what my dusting cloth is called now – I’ve had it for about 6 years. I bought it from a specialty cleaning store. I have a dust mit and some for the floors but these Norwex brand sound great to try. Thanks for the chance.

    Nancy M.

  178. I recently switched to all natural cleaning products. I love the Mrs Myers products or just baking soda and vinegar.

  179. I would love to try these. I love my shark steam mop for our hardwood floors.

  180. There is a country store in Vermont that sells old fashioned flour towels. They come in handy and are great for cleaning.

  181. I am a big fan of the Swiffer Sweeper Vacuum! So easy to clean floors quickly after our little one.

  182. What would I used to get my house spanking clean . . .a cleaning helper! ok, but since that is not in the budget, vinegar does the trick on many, many things.

  183. Barbara Emmett says:

    We “LOVE” the Norwex Body Pack along with the laundry soap. You can’t go wrong with any of Norwex products.

  184. I am working at switching our family over to greener cleaner products, like vinegar and bakings soda and also microfiber cloths. These would work out great with our switchover.

  185. I love my Libman Freedom spray mop and use my own cleaners in it.

  186. I would love to cut down on my use of paper towels and chemical cleaners. My new house has mostly hardwood floors so I am considering investing in a steam mop because sweeping and mopping is getting to be a pain!

  187. I love microfiber dusting cloths. I also really love my glass cleaner. It does wonderful things. And hot water. Works for lots of things. 🙂

  188. Jennifer J says:

    I use microfiber cloths and water for most things. Because I have a licensed day care, I have to use diluted bleach in the bathroom, kitchen, and occasionally on the toys. Sounds like I wouldn’t have to endure that smell if I won the Norwex cloths. Thanks for the opportunity!

  189. I love the Swiffer Sweeper vacuum for my kitchen and bathrooms.

  190. I like Lysol or Clorox wipes! We’ve had stomach bug going through our house too! 🙁 They are great for all out door knobs, etc. 🙂

  191. I have one norwex cloth and I absolutely love it!!! It cleans so well and only requires water and very little work! I’m hoping to get more in the near future

  192. I use microfiber cloths from Flylady with with water. Sometimes Shaklee or Method.
    I’d love to try Norwex…thanks for the the chance to win!

  193. Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    I use my shark steam mop on floors and my swiffer duster is something I always keep on hand, because my daughter loves it for dusting (and since I’m not a fan of dusting, that’s a good thing!!)

  194. Besides elbow grease lol…Mr Clean Magic Erasers are wonderful!

  195. My favorite tool for cleaning is our motto: “If you make a mess, clean it up!” That way, I don’t get mad about the mess, and the kids feel some sense of responsibility. We have a drawer full of cheap rags from the hardware store that the kids go through every week… I definitely need to get fewer chemicals in my cleaning routine.

  196. I try to use hot soapy water, and vinegar and baking soda as needed. I don’t like using bleach. My friend has been using the Norwex products for several months and swears by them. I hope I’m one of the lucky winners!


  197. I use a variety of products, some natural and some not … but not so sure my house is ever spanking clean 🙂

  198. I love to use old toothbrushes for cleaning.

  199. At this point, our household consists of a 92 year old great-grandmother, my husband and myself (grandpa and grandma), our son and his wife, and their 3 darling girls 3 and under. At this point, my cleaning mostly comes under the category “a lick and a promise” but I like products that don’t need two steps, like spraying and rinsing, etc. I have used some microfiber cloths for dusting and like how they clean up.

  200. Marinda Ling says:

    I was all excited about my Shark steam mop but then it broke not long after we got it. I had to go back to the Swiffer for now (I have NO carpet in my house). I am looking for a great way to get my floors clean without all the chemicals.

  201. the swiffer duster is my friend 🙂

  202. Spanking clean? Bahahahahahahaha. Okay I guess I wasn’t supposed to laugh. Is it bad that I’ve come to accept habitable instead of spanking clean? It seems like everytime I have managed to get one area really really clean and organized my cyclone of a family blows through and rearranges it for me.

    I am totally eying that dusting mitt. I swear that my house is a home for wayward dustbunnies.

    dazed1821 at aol dot com

  203. Tracey Bridges says:

    I love Swiffer dusters and cloth baby diapers for dusting. Thanks for the giveaway!

  204. I use the old fashioned sponge with water and/or vinegar and then throw it in the washing machine when done.

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