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I love shopping at Amazon. It has been a great source of books, school curriculum, and birthday and Christmas presents over the years. I can spin my wheels and shop all over town and come home empty-handed.

OR with a few clicks of the mouse, I can find exactly what I need at Amazon.

(And a few SwagBucks-generated gift cards never hurt either.)

Today when I was hunting for various sundries on Amazon, a little box opened up called “Amazon Mom.” It’s a service designed for mothers and caretakers of young children. It’s free to join and benefits include:

  • free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime (3 months free)
  • 30% off diapers and wipes when you use Subscribe & Save
  • email discounts

When I read further, I found out that you can extend your Amazon Prime membership when you order $25 worth of product from the Baby Store. Sales are frequent, so I think savvy shopping could prove this to be a good deal. As the holidays approach, having the Amazon Prime membership is a wonderful asset.

I signed up and was amazed at the great deals and selection offered in the Amazon Mom Store. Children’s Books, Baby Supplies, and even helpful stuff for getting quick meals on the table. Who knew?

I’ve got two kid birthdays and a whole lot of Christmas to shop for in the next three months, so I’m looking forward to maximizing this membership.

If you check out Amazon Mom, let us know how it works for you!

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  1. I ordered diapers on Thursday morning and received them “2 day” on Friday afternoon! I was pleased as I didn’t even have to spend extra gas, I was able to apply SwagBucks AND stacked the Parenting Magazine codes to get 70% off. 4 weeks worth of diapers for 1 weeks cost *amazing*.

  2. There is a great deal now on diapers with this 30% off if you have a coupon from Parents or Parenting magazine which is a total of 50% off the diapers (Pampers is 12 cents per diaper).