Get on the Road to Joyful Motherhood

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Think through your life as MOM and get on the road to joyful motherhood with this ebook.



My friend Amy was clicking around on my site and said to me, “On the Road to Joyful Motherhood? How come I don’t know about that book?”

Apparently, I’m not as good a marketer as I’d like to think. On the Road is an ebook that I quietly published last spring. It was so good for me to read through the 31 days of meditations and think through my life as mom.

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Things won’t always go the way we want them to. We need to be open to what God wants to teach us through our children and our circumstances. It’s not always been what I wanted or expected!

Years ago I determined that I wanted to enjoy this life as much as possible, even if it was hard. I’d look at snapshots of my children and remember that day or week or season and realize I’d been far too crabby in that moment to fully appreciate the gifts God had given me, my children at the top of the list.

On the Road to Joyful Motherhood is a 31-day devotional to redirect our hearts, minds, and hands to this glorious calling of motherhood.

Get the book here.

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