Get Organized Now, Not Later

Tips to Organize Your Pantry

While I’m not quite ready to go back to the daily drill of homeschool, I am ready for the order and routine that the new school year brings with it. “Back to School” time is a fresh start and a great time to get organized.

Whether your kids go back to school this week or next month, getting organized now, not later can help you enjoy your life as MOM just a little more.

Check out these posts from the archives to help you organize your home, time, and meals:

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Organizing Your Time:

Organizing Your Meals:

Do you have a goal for home organization this month?

Do tell. We’ll keep you accountable. Got a challenge? Share that as well. We’ll try to help.

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  1. We will be moving into a new house next month. Any tips on how to unpack in an organized way so that I do not have to go back later to reorganize everything? Thanks!

    • Jessica Fisher says:

      Good question. I’ve found that if I get the old house clean and put together before I pack, that the unpacking is a lot easier. Easier said than done, too, but worth the effort.

      • Absolutely. And if you know your room configurations will be different, pack things into boxes for the correct new room. Our last move had us moving from a house that included a guest bedroom into a home without one. So, I went through the guest room and moved everything into the rooms that those items would belong in after the move. It made the unpacking much easier and helped to show me the items that we really didn’t have a home for, so that we could get rid of them before the move. Good luck!

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