Get Out: Climb a Tree

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Tree climbing is an activity almost as old as the sun. It provides a great view and plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

boy treehouse

Whether it’s an ornate treehouse in the backyard or a small tree at the park, sitting aloft in its branches is a perfect way to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and cool breezes. Sitting in a tree gives a perspective that is hard to recreate elsewhere. Looking out your upstairs window just isn’t the same.

While it does make my heart beat a little faster to watch one of my boys climb the branches of a tree, I know that it’s a special rite of childhood. One that I don’t want them to miss out.

Provided that no one falls and breaks a limb or cracks his head open.

Climb a tree

Today’s Challenge: Find a safe way for your kids to climb a tree.

The tree doesn’t need to be big to be fun to climb. But, it does need to be safe. I’ll trust you to use common sense in finding that best way. I usually lean on my husband’s judgement for those kind of things.

But I know that some of my kids’ favorite memories and experiences involve tree climbing.

Helpful resources:

Got a favorite tree climbing memory of your own?

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  1. My kids love to climb trees and I hate it when they do. But my husband points out that they need to be able to take risks, and he’s right. Besides, I used to spend many happy hours swaying in the top of an enormour poplar my parents had; it’s a good life, up in a tree!

    So we set four ground rules for tree climbing:
    If a branch is thinner than your wrist, it won’t hold you. (This rule really helped my little ones gauge where to put their feet.)
    If you start feeling nervous about your climbing, don’t go any higher.
    Make sure there are no hard or sharp things on the ground under the tree you are climbing, just in case.
    If you go climbing in the woods, take someone with you, just in case.

    I still find it nerve-wracking, though!

  2. One day our dog chased a squirrel up a tree. My daughter climbed up in the tree too. Our dog who chases squirrels all the time jumped up on the lower branch- it is around 4 foot from the ground- and somehow got her footing and started to try and go higher after the squirrel who was in the tip top of the tree. I saw it and was laughing so hard. I did go over and get her down. I was glad my daughter saw it too because I didn’t think anyone would believe me!! A precious memory!
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois