Get Out: Fly a Kite

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Kite flying is a wonderful way to enjoy the breezes and sunshine. 

Fly a kite

When I was a child, kites were made of paper and string. Grungy newspaper that tore and didn’t really fly very well. Visions of Mary Poppins’ children and their happy kite flying were dashed to the ground — along with my sad, homemade kite.

Thank goodness for the modern age and the dollar store kite that actually flies!

One of my first and most special memories with my husband is from our first Easter as a couple. After church and brunch with his dad, we took a bike ride all around Goleta and Isla Vista. We grabbed root beers at a gas station and a kite at the drugstore. Running across the field of his former elementary school, we flew a kite together.

We spent the whole day together outside in the sunshine and fresh air. I was smitten as well as sunburnt by the time the day was over.

So, we’re partial to kites at our house.

I try to buy a bunch of the dollar variety from Walmart every spring to keep on hand. Even though wind is year-round, it seems kites for sale is seasonal. Since there’s no way I’m going to try to make one, I like to have a bunch on hand.

The low budget kites I’ve purchased have proven to be extremely easy to fly. In fact, my girls (4 and 6) were able to get it up in the air at the park while my back was turned. Easy peasy.

We’ve found the trick to be flying your kite in a big open space, far from trees, houses, and power lines. You don’t want to get the kite string tangled in trees or power lines. Houses nearby can block the wind. So, head to a local field or beach.

Today’s challenge: Go fly a kite with your kids.

Honestly, this is not difficult. If my four year old can get a cheap Walmart kite in the air, so can you. Find a grassy field, make sure no storms are heading your way, and go fly a kite. Up to the highest height. And send it soaring….

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  1. We bought a HUGE kite for 12.99 at Costco and took it to the kite festival on the national mall this past weekend! Even though the size was intimidating it wasn’t hard to get up in the air! Look in the pool noodle area 🙂

  2. Great idea! Look for kites on sale in the fall. We bought two great ones at almost 70% off last year. My boys LOVE kites.

  3. I’ve only once atually flown a kite, though I’ve tried many times. Maybe we’ll get a walmart kite and give it a shot again…far away from power lines!

  4. Some of the best kites are the inexpensive ones. You don’t sweat it if the string breaks!
    There are all sorts of kites, historical, cultural, artistic and multi-lined. They make for superb homeschooling or Scouting lessons (math, science, history, art, cultural studies).

    If your interests takes you, there is much to be seen and learned by Googling kites. The Drachen Kite Foundation has so much to offer and is run by some of the best folks:

    I’m also partial to the American Kiteflyers Association:

    and Into The Wind Kite store in Boulder, CO:

    If you can use glue, you can make kites. If you can sew, you can make kites (there are kits for those!). If you can dream, you can make kites. Kite flying knows no age limits, no abilities. Can you tell I’m a little passionate about it?!