Get Out: Go to the Farmer’s Market

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A visit to the farmer’s market can be a delightful bit of agriculture in the middle of the city with fresh air and sunshine.

farmers market

Not all farmer’s markets are created equal. I’ve been to those in small towns, big cities, and quaint little French villages. Some are clearly better than others, in terms of quality, price, and character.

The mainstay among them all is that they are typically open-air and typically feature a good bit of agriculture, whether it’s freshly picked berries or live chickens. We’ve seem animals to pet as well as those to purchase for food!

The farmer’s market exposes you and your children to fruits and vegetables that you might not see in the store as well as in forms that you might not typically buy, like carrots with their tops on instead of those wittled down baby things wrapped in plastic. That right there is getting one step closer to nature.

While you might not call a trip to the farmer’s market an outdoor adventure, it does get you and the family out of the house, into the fresh air, and in close proximity to wildlife… hopefully of the flora and fauna kind, not the rowdy college students turning market night into an occasion to party.

(We have that element here; do you?)

visit the farmer's market

Today’s Challenge: Find the farmer’s market in your area and go check it out.

As I mentioned, some farmer’s markets are better than others. Ask around to find out the best one for kids and families in your area. Is there a petting zoo? Is it a family-friendly atmosphere? Do the vendors offer free samples?

Often times, you can find someone who is really happy to tell you about their product and how it’s produced. We had a great talk with the man selling cheese curds a few months ago.

Helpful resources:

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  1. So neat that you wrote about this today! I ended up with the car for an extra day this week, so my and my little guy drove about 30 minutes north and checked out a plant nursery and two farmer’s markets! It was so much fun, and I came home with a flat full of plants and a couple pounds of new red potatoes. Yum! I made a point to talk to the owners at each place–I think that’s what made it especially enjoyable. Not only do you get fresh food at markets, you get an extra dose of people-connection. Both are necessary for life 🙂

  2. When we had our CSA through the farmer’s market, I always made a point to pick up a fruit/veggie that we’d never tried with EACH basket we got. And talked to the farmer’s there to learn how to cook, eat it. Now we’ve added some of those veggies to our own garden growing since we know what they are and what to do with them.

  3. My favorite thing once we moved to southern California. I loved that there is literally a farmer’s market in a local town every day of the week and year round. To be able to buy a huge bouquet of flowers for $6 and under and last a week. Great way to get your exercise in as well.