Get Out: Plant a Garden with Your Kids

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Whether you are creating a new garden or working on an established plot, including your kids is always a good thing.

boy watering garden

Once upon a time, we had a big fenced in garden. My kids regularly followed me out there to water or harvest. In my memory, it was amazing.

But, I know it was also a lot of work. Worth it, but work nonetheless. My kids and I both got fresh air and sunshine. We got our hands dirty and we learned where our food came from.

Today we don’t own our home. The yards are maintained by a management company, so we don’t have a whole lot of say. The kids still plant something in little pots. One day we’ll get good at container gardening. Someday.

In the meantime, we get fresh air and sunshine. We get our hands dirty. And we learn how plants grow. And die.

work in the garden

Today’s Challenge: Work in the garden with your kids.

Helpful resources:

Do YOU garden?

outside-in-30Outside in 30

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  1. I love gardening! I thought I’d share something from my life, hoping it will encourage some other mom who wants to garden, but . . .

    You see, not every season of life leaves the door open for gardening like my parents did. We had countless garden areas which stayed busy from February through October. We canned; we froze; we went berry picking and made jam. And somehow my mom still home schooled us. *scratches head in a amazement* But now take the season of life I’m in. I am a public school teacher. I have one child turning two in June and another child coming in September. My husband said that unless I hire help from a competent middle-school boy we know, I was not having a big garden this year. So, to still get my hands dirty, I have two broccoli plants and two cauliflower plants in a tiny area, which is actually supposed to be a flower garden. I still am going to plant herbs in my kitchen garden. And I am putting down mulch every where I can think of so I don’t have to weed so much! That’s the nature of my gardening this year. If you, like I, have kids whose ages make gardening hard, or if you’re getting progressively bigger, but you want to garden, take heart and find something little to do!