Get Out: Play at the Park

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Playing at the park is one of the easiest ways to get fresh air and exercise. Take your kids today!

seagull at park

In my effort to get outdoors more often, I find that the easier it is, the more often we can do it.

Playing at the park is one of those easy things. It doesn’t take much. We pass several every time we go in the car. The hockey rink has its own playground. Heck, we even have a small park behind our house.

That doesn’t mean I take my kids as often as I should or could. But, they are thrilled when I do. The slides and swings are always fun for them. My 8-year old always astounds me with his Captain America-like strength on the monkey bars. I should probably attempt a few chin ups myself.

Remember to assess the play structures for safety hazards before letting your kids play. Damages to swings or jungle gyms might not yet be reported. You don’t want to find them the hard way. 

play at the park

Today’s Challenge: Go play at the park.

Weather permitting, it won’t take much: sunscreen, a hat or two, a water bottle. Go for an hour. You won’t miss the time, but you’ll have made a memory, no matter how small it might be.

Don’t forget to explore the shrubbery, collect sticks and leaves, and otherwise engage with nature at the park.

Helpful resources:

What’s YOUR kids’ favorite park activity?

outside-in-30Outside in 30

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  1. That looks like an amazing playground for an older child (or the young-at-heart)! Not so much for my 2 year old, I think I’d freak! =) We go to the park almost daily otherwise she would be saying ‘park’ ‘park’ ‘park’ all day long. We usually pack some toys (bubbles, bouncy ball, coloring) and lunch and make a morning or afternoon of it. If she’s being tame I can usually get some reading in too, if nothing else while I am pushing her on the swing. Many moms I know lament going to the park, I think it’s good for the kids and for your own sanity if you plan correctly.

  2. How did you end up having Dennis the Menace park all to yourselves!!?? We love that place!!

    1. We vacation in the off-season. So, I think we were in Monterey in Sept or Oct. It was, indeed, empty.

  3. COOOL PARK my 3 yr old would have been ALL OVER THAT….. I tried monkey bars a few years back..i remember fondly being the champ of my grade….omg I thought my arms would rip out of their sockets….apparently my little 40 lbs petite frame was way way easier to lug than my current ummm NOT 40lbs

    I’ve lived in cities with the best parks ….but here I am having a really REALLY hard time finding a nice one…(read safe, cared for, appropriate people…and preferably a tad of shade in Virginia)