Get Out: Visit the Botanical Gardens

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Visiting the botanical garden in your city is a great way to learn about plants, explore the outdoors, and make a memory with your kids.

Visit the Botanical Gardens

My kids and I have great memories of the Botanical Gardens in Overland Park, KS. It was acres and acres of rolling hills, spacious fields, ponds, rivers, streams, and loads of lush plants. We rambled through the property on a number of occasions, checking out the plants, trees, and wildlife. We probably brought home a chigger or two.

We spotted snakes, birds, toads, and dragonflies. Such fun!

We haven’t been to the gardens here in San Diego. I’m going to have to find a free day or a coupon. It’s $6 per child and $12 for adults. Yikes!

Barring excessive entrance fees, I suggest you check out the botanical gardens in your area. In Overland Park, admission was free! Was. But, it looks like they still have a free day. Whew. If you live in KC, check it out.

visit the botanic gardens

Today’s Challenge: Find the botanic garden or a free equivalent to visit.

A space like what I’m taking about may be referred to as a botanic garden, botanical garden, or public garden. It appears that the names are interchangeable. Admission might be free or not. If not, it probably can’t be called a public garden.

Typically they are filled with local flora with the specimens marked so that you and your kids can learn how to identify the different trees and plants. Check with your local garden to see what programs they have for kids. My meeting with the Google revealed that there are plenty of them about with lots of activities and scavenger hunts designed for kids.

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Have you ever visited the Botanical Gardens?

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  1. In South Carolina, the Clemson botanical gardens are free (at least they used to be!) and I got my bridal portraits done there. It is beautiful! Ours here costs the same as year, but one day in the summer you get free admission if you donate a school supply. Since those are often so cheap or free with coupons, it’s a great way to use the coupons and help others. Hope you find a day you can go for a good price!

  2. I recently won 4 passes to the Botanical Garden in St. Louis. I cant wait to go.

  3. We have a nice one here in Denver, my girls love going. One way I’ve found to offset the cost of daily admission is to get a membership, just like with the museums. Usually the memberships pay for themselves in 2-3 visits and you can enjoy them on a regular basis. The year we joined there Groupon (or the like) was having a special on a membership so it was an even better deal.

  4. We have several parks and gardens in my prairie town. Which is in Canada. Where we woke to 1/2 foot of new snow yesterday. You’re KILLING me with this series!!!! 🙂

  5. I agree that purchasing a yearly membership really pays for itself. We live near San Antonio, Texas and so can enjoy our Botanical Garden all through the year. Memberships make great gifts. My husband and I purchase our membership with funds from our “grandparent account” and then use the membership to take our married children and grandchildren whenever possible. The Gardens also make a great place to go walking and make exercising seem special.