Get Out: Walk Around the Lake

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A walk around the lake is a refreshing and relaxing way to get exercise and enjoy the great outdoors.

mr and mrs mallard

About twice a month my older boys have a class which leaves me with “only” my four younger kids. For some reason, even though there are still four, it’s easier in some respects. I know, four?!

I think that is because the range of ages and interests has narrowed some. Ages 4 to 10 are pretty happy to keep entertained and occupied on a field trip. Everyone’s interested in the same thing. Not so much when you have a four-year old and a fifteen-year old.

So, the four younger kids and I have taken to walking around a nearby lake on science class days. I started this back in January and that’s when I realized how little I get outside. It’s been good for me to make the effort toward exercise, fresh air, and sunshine.

And it’s been good for the kids, too.

This particular lake has a fair amount of water fowl. On our first visit, we saw flocks of ducks as well as a duck head. His body was missing. It creeped the kids out a bit — and made me make sure I read the pamphlet on mountain lions. But, I figure this is all about being out in nature. This is a part of the natural world.

get out walk around the lake

Last week we enjoyed walking around the lake together. The girls dance walked. Mr. and Mrs. Mallard came to see us, which was particularly poignant in light of Boston. We got exercise, fresh air, and chatted about everything under the sun.

Today’s Challenge: Take a walk around the lake.

This isn’t really difficult, is it? Provided you have a body of water nearby. As always, use caution near water and supervise your children at all times. We stick to the path, particularly now that the poison oak is leafing out.

Got a favorite lake nearby?

outside-in-30Outside in 30

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