Get Some Help and Save Time in the Kitchen

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Get some help and you’ll save time in the kitchen.

Get help in the kitchen

If you tend to be the sole cook in your household, as in the only one, then you might be spending more time in the kitchen than you need to. I’m not talking about cooking by yourself as a way to unwind. I’m referring to those nights when cooking seems like a chore. And it drags on. And someone is sitting around reading a book or playing a video game when they could be helping you out.

Avoid the bitterness that might come from being the chief cook and bottle washer. Get some help!

Including your family in the dinner prep is good for everyone.

  • You get a chance to talk.
  • Family members learn or improve kitchen skills.
  • Many hands make light work.
  • You save time in the kitchen.

Yes, it takes work. Yes, you might hear grumbling. But, you’re not going to be around to cook for them forever. Start now getting help. Ma Igalls did. Check out these related posts for ideas on how to start the process:

‘Fess up. Do YOU get help in the kitchen?

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  1. I do get help. I’ve always had my children help me in the kitchen, and occasionally, my husband, too. Makes time go by faster when you have company and an extra set of hands.

  2. One of my boys was a very picky eater at the age of 5 and I ended up cooking him a separate dinner. Well needless to say that got old real fast. I knew he would like the food I cooked if only I could get him to try it. So I had him watch me cook the meals so he could know everything that went into it. This not only solved him being picky but it gave him a love for cooking. He is now 17 and has been doing about 50% of the cooking for our family of 6 for a few years now! What a huge help he has been!!

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