Get a Taste of Your Town This Summer

In my dozen years of motherhood, I’ve moved to new towns three different times. Each time we arrived not knowing the lay of the land at all. But, over time we found restaurants that we liked, parks that the kids enjoyed, and amusements to while away our free time.

One thing that helped us become acclimated in Kansas City was having an Entertainment book. These books are filled with coupons for restaurants, museums, and other attractions. If you live near a major city or plan to visit one this summer, having this coupon book is a definite asset.

Now that time is running out on the 2009 book, you can grab one for $10 or free!

Entertainment is running several different specials this month:

** Get a free 2009 book when you reserve a 2010 book. You pay $5 shipping and receive the current book asap and then they will charge your credit card for next year’s book ($25 – $50, depending on which city you chooose) and they’ll ship it as soon as it’s available.


** Simply buy the ’09 book for $9.99.

Either way, it’s been my experience that these books more than pay for themselves, provided you’re going to eat out or explore anyway. I ordered the 2009 book by itself so I can see how many coupons we’ll really use.

In addition to what’s in the book, there are quite a few online deals available as well. I was able to print an “ongoing” 20% off coupon for FishPapa’s current favorite Mexican food restaurant. He goes there anyways, and now we can save a little of his lunch money.

What’s been your Entertainment Book experience?

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  1. We LOVE the entertainment book! 😀 It usually pays for itself within 1 or 2 uses. 😀

  2. We love it, and use it more when it's kept in the car so we don't forget it!

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