Get the Kindle Edition of My Cookbook for Only $4.99

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I saw this late last night and wondered if my eyes were deceiving me. But, no. The kindle edition of my cookbook, Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook is now reduced to $4.99, down from its list price of $16.95.

I have no idea how long this discount will continue, but this is clearly a snatchable price. Remember that Amazon pricing is subject to change rather quickly.


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  1. Thanks for this heads-up about your cookbook kindle edition. I had pre-purchased several of your cookbooks and will use some as gifts. Was thinking someday I’ll purchase a kindle edition for myself. Today was the day!!!!!!! Again, thank you.

  2. I finally purchase your print book! I love it and can’t wait to try out some of your recipes!

  3. So great! Just sent two as little thinking of you gifts to a couple of very busy mom friends!
    Perfect for secret santa (you can print out a certificate) or as a small thank you!

  4. I purchased your print book and I am very glad I did. I was holding out to see if I would win one but couldn’t wait any longer so I purchased one. I made the Spicy Taco Lasagne the other night and it was a hit with my family. I have been followoing your blog for about 6 months and have tried quite a few of your recipes that you post. I am very happy with all of the results and so is my family. I save all my tried and want to try recipes to pintrest I love that I see what I’m making before I make it when you post it. Thank you so much for a geat book and great blog I no longer have to think about ” What’s for Dinner” all day long because its already in the freezer.
    Happy Holidays.

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