Get the Morning Beverages Ready the Night Before

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Set up the morning beverages to save time

Just as making dinner in the morning will help your evening, getting your morning beverages ready at night will help your morning tomorrow. Funny how it works that way. Doing things in advance helps you out. It’s a mystery.

So, what morning beverages am I talking about?

  • get the coffee maker ready (for me I refill my Keurig individual filter)
  • fill all water dispensers: hot water kettle, coffee maker, and water bottles
  • get juicing ingredients ready to go through the juicer
  • fill sippy cups and bottles
  • thaw frozen concentrate

You know you’re going to need to hydrate first thing in the morning or get a good dose of caffeine. If you set it up at night before you go to bed, the morning will go more smoothly. Trust me. It will.

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  1. The programmable coffee maker is one of the best inventions ever. We set it up every night. My husband often gets up at 4:30 to grade papers (so that he can go to bed at the same time as me) and having fresh coffee makes it so much easier!

  2. When we were d drinking apple juice each morning I would take 2 cans out of the freezer before bed. You don’t want to wake up to frozen juice and grumpy children. Lol. Such a help!!

    Never thought to prep the coffee…I’ll need to start doing that. Thanks for the help 🙂

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