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Groupon: Get the Best Deal in Your City Today!  So, for months I’ve been hearing about these Groupon deals. I’ve seen the google ads. I’ve heard people talk about redeeming their Groupons. But, I hadn’t tried it yet.

Recently, however, I was offered a chance to review Groupon and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is. I created an account and then bided my time. I get a daily email of the deals in my area and have read about some very fun experiences to try in the San Diego area.

I anticipate it being a great source of Date Night Deals!

With Christmas approaching, I ended up buying a Groupon for the Kodak Gallery. I want to get the girls photo books since they don’t have baby books — yet. For $10 I purchased $20 credit at Kodak Gallery as well as 4 free calendars.

Purchasing the Groupon was super easy and it appears that they’re good about giving long expiration dates. Just don’t let them expire. An expired deal is no deal at all.

This week three LifeasMOM readers will each win a $20 credit at Groupon.

To Enter

Simply tell us about the best deal you’ve found in recent days.

This giveaway will be open until Sunday, December 19th at 8 pm, PST. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via email. You must respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

:: For more holiday inspiration and daily giveaways, check out The Christmas Fun series.

Disclosure: I received a credit at Groupon. My opinions are my own. For more information, read my disclosure policy.

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  1. I bought a groupon for gap and got about $130 worth of clothes for my toddler for $25.

  2. The best deal?

    Free! I’ve been using my swabucks to buy free toys on amazon to save for next year’s operation christmas child. With this Christmas’s sales, I can get good stuff!

  3. Shutterfly was giving away 50 free Christmas photo cards just for blogging about it! I saved over $100 on that one!

  4. Amazon hands down some of the best deals when we were shopping for our children for Christmas! It was easy and actually fun to boot!

  5. The best deal for me was $50 of clothes at Nordstrom Rack for $25.

  6. Tracy Jerome says:

    I bought a groupon from The Nutty Guys, and used it to buy a really nice gift of candy and nuts for our piano teacher. It looked very nice!

  7. I got the Red Box deal for 3 videos for $1 but I just joined too. For my neighborhood it is mostly outdoor or indoor game venues (laser tag or paint ball). We can’t afford these right now, but the offer was over 70% discount for admission on each person for an all day play. Merry Christmas everyone.!

  8. I just checked out Groupon for the first time and found something that I can get my kids for Christmas that we were thinking of getting. We got in on the deal for 50% off! Yay for Groupon!

  9. Best Groupon deal we got was my hubby got buy one get one free opera tickets for us and took me on a surprise date. it was AWESOME!!!

  10. Our local Kroger store (Smith’s) had a special coupon event last week- all coupons = $1.00. I got a lot of free treat and special items that I normally wouldn’t buy. Great for the holidays. I paid $2.43 and saved $68.70 or 97%! Gotta love those coupons.

  11. Stacy McCafferty says:

    I love Groupon! The best deal I’ve found lately is a good discount on the Rock it System. I got it as a gift for my husband and without the Groupon deal would not have been able to fit it into the budget we set for one another this year.

  12. Last night, I bought 10 Vision Fourm resources for about 60% off retail price. I was excited to get the deals. Now they’ve sent me a $10 coupon and I’m wondering if I should use it or not. I’ve already bought so much!

  13. I used Groupon for a buy one, get one free admission ticket to a local attraction. It’s one my daughter had been asking to visit, so I’m excited about taking her there!

  14. I’ve found some great deals on amazon for kids toys. I not only shopped for our own kids, but stocked up on nice birthday gifts for the months to come.

  15. LOVE Groupon 🙂 I got a free Body Shop body butter, 2 travel sized body butter, and free shipping for only $10. Love the Body Shop! Should have snagged the Groupon a few months ago…

  16. I would love to try Groupon but haven’t had the chance. I saved a ton at walgreens…yay for cheap cold supplies

  17. I love Groupon. I have bought several deals from a fancy ice cream shoppe to local attractions! I look forward to getting my Groupon each day to see what kind of deal they have!!!

  18. I loved the Groupon deal for I was able to get things I’d normally buy anyway for basically half price. And it was shipped to my door for free!

  19. I got a groupon for $100 worth of tailoring for $40.

  20. I bought the $100.00 credit for $25.00 to Picaboo. So excited about it! I did two calendars and have enough to do a photo book or two!

  21. I got a good deal on a laptop on Black Friday. Very exciting for me!

  22. We bought a Groupon for Picaboo a while back and used that for our Christmas cards which were practically free!

  23. I haven’t bought a groupon deal yet — but I’ve become known as the groupon girl at work. Saw the Body shop deal one day, told a friend at work about it and then helped her combine sales + groupon to get $150 worth of stuff for $27.00 (including the cost of the groupon).
    Saw the groupon for another friend’s favourite restaurant. The day she went to use it there, they were having an anniversary sale and she got 20% off plus still got to use her groupon…she is still raving about the deal!

  24. We used Groupon to get a great 2 for 1 deal on tickets to a local corn maze around Halloween time. It was a fun family activity that we could afford because of the Groupon deal.

  25. Lynn Utecht says:

    Just got admission to the Pinball Museum for half price!

  26. We use groupon all the time, and we’ve gotten tons of things – nice restaurants for date nights, cheaper restaurants like burgers or wings for family night, massages, putt-putt golf, and a number of other things. Today we are getting a wine tour and tasting – fun!

  27. I got flowers delivered for half off! Love Groupon.

  28. Last night, we went out to eat & I noticed a promotion to get $5 for every $25 gift card you buy, so we did the deal & then used it to pay for our meal. Since we had already planned on spending the money, it was nice to spot that deal!

  29. I loved the Groupon deal for It helped me stock up on diapers by combining with offers from

  30. It’s a toss up. I’ve been able to get some great deals on Amazon for toys and for camera accessories in the last week or so, and yesterday Coldwater Creek had 40% off everything on their site with free shipping, including their outlet stuff, so I was able to get some nicer “high fashion” jewelry for a good price as a treat for myself 🙂

  31. i got an ipod for my son on black friday online for $25 less than the newspaper price and I didn’t have to get up early or wait in line!

  32. Katie Duffy says:

    I got some organic yogurt on major sale at my grocery store on Wednesday.

  33. best groupon deal? I got $100 worth of products at picaboo (photobook site) for $25, plus I redeemed it when they offered a free book to new members!

  34. Free 2 day shipping at Amazon!

  35. We got a great deal on a membership to the aquarium!

  36. I haven’t utilized Groupon yet. My best holiday deal was my son’s digital camera for $80 less a $30 worth of gift cards I had won.


  37. I got a Groupon deal for an oil change for more than 50% off!

  38. LOL at Get Your Groupon. Clever!

    I’ve only purchased one Groupon, just other day. It was a local one for a $20 credit at a used video game place for only $5. The hubby has asked for an older game for Christmas, so I’m hoping I can find it there!

  39. We got the groupon for the local Children’s museum which ended up being half off. We also got the $40 for $20 from Body Shop which I used to stuff stockings with bubble bath and soap. But I think my favorite was the one for the local donut shop – we got donuts and had a picnic in the living room, it was GREAT and the girls loved it.

  40. The redbox deal was great! And the other one was several months ago but it was the one offered for Gap.

  41. I scored a great groupon for drama classes for my daughter which she will love!

  42. I have liked the Great Harvest Bread groupons.

  43. The best deal I’ve gotten lately was at JCPenney I was able to get two nice pullovers for $25 total to give to someone in need at Church.

  44. a groupon for $19 for 26 weeks of KC Star Sunday edition mailed

  45. I bought that Kodak groupon too! It was a really good deal- I just bought a winter snow golf deal ( 4 people, 9 holes, equipment and cocoa after) for $10 on living social- my parents and their best friends are huge golfers so I was going to buy 1 just for them, but then I thought- what a fun idea- and bought an extra for my hubby and I to take our friends out!

  46. I love Groupon! Just yesterday I paid $34 for $75 credit at a local fancy restaurant. Looking forward to our next date night!

  47. Amber Kemp says:

    I bought one for my kiddo. It was for a “pump it up” place…3 visits for the price of one. 🙂

  48. The best deal Ive seen on Groupon is a $50 gift certificate for $25 to Nordstrom rack – a discount on discounted (yet still awesome) clothes!!!

  49. I bought a Groupon the other day for half price Nutcracker tickets. My daughters’ really want to go and this price allows us to go.

  50. My mom wants an electric throw for Christmas and the cheapest I’d found was $32 and it wasn’t a color she liked. Target had them last week for $20, but only zebra print was left. LOL I bought it anyway!

  51. LOVE groupon! I got a $100 picaboo voucher for $45. On top of that, I had a $10 credit (can’t remember how I got that). So, I only paid $35. With that voucher I was able to get a really nice photobook and 2 calendars.

  52. From Groupon I got a great deal for a salon haircut and shine. Loved the cut!!!

  53. I bought a $50 groupon to nordstrom rack for $25. This one of the few places I can find my size in “unmentionables”
    Normal price was $58 for two. Minus $25 I paid $33! Not bad considering they cost well over $60 each at nordstrom

  54. I just “found” Groupon, too! What a great thing for area businesses. The best deal I have found lately is, as I mentioned on FB, taking advantage of Walmart online shopping. We can choose gifts and have them shipped to the store nearest our families. With 9 gifts going to Wyoming alone, that saves us a huge amount of shipping! My sweet sis-in-law picks them up from Walmart and wraps them.

  55. The best deal I’ve found recently was blogging for TinyPrints & Shutterfly and getting all of my Christmas cards for FREE! Doesn’t mean I’ve sent them out yet though 🙂

  56. I just got my husband a great deal on a PS3 AND I got a $100 Amazon credit for me! 🙂

  57. $12 for a $30 gift certificate to a Tepenyaki Japanese Restaurant. Hello Date Night!

  58. I bought a groupon for the local gardens. It is good at many reciprocating gardens in california so for $25 for my family, we will have lots of places to visit on trips locally.

  59. Ohhh, my favorite deal on Groupon was the $10 for $20 at Once Upon A Child. I was excited because I’d been referring others, so I had a credit, which allowed me to get clothes for my ever-growing kids for free! Yay!

  60. I bought 5 items of clothing at Kohls for my baby girl for about $3 each or less.

  61. I’m currently drinking some free coffee from Peet’s for buying loose tea for a friend. It’s not a great deal, per se, but since I was going to buy the tea anyway, it was quite a nice surprise 🙂

  62. i would love to try groupons! i have heard they are great. i got a good deal at target today for my son’s transformer. it was on the endcap marked 50% off. woohoo!

  63. I got the Groupon Redbox deal for 3 videos for $1.

  64. I found an amazing deal on Ebay for some gameboy games for Christmas. I got lucky that they had really bad spelling skills and wouldn’t have come up in mainstream searches, I think, lol.

  65. $1 slippers at Old Navy for my husband!

  66. Our local newspaper runs i mom’s site and recently I won a Wii game, ds game, 6 dvds and 2 passes to the movie 127 hours…it definitely helped the Christmas budget this year!

  67. Carrie C. In VA says:

    I got a great deal at geoupon for $20 for $40 worth of food at a local place we love!

  68. my first groupon purchase was for Nutty guys and we have been enjoying nuts and dried apples 🙂

  69. Ooh, I LOVE Groupon!

    Our best deal lately was shopping for a family we are sponsoring the Christmas. We saved over $370 at Kohl’s! So awsome!

  70. I haven’t tried Groupon yet though I’ve been tempted a few times! I’ve been happy with some of the Amazon toy sales lately.

  71. Sally McQuaid says:

    one of the best Christmas deals this year was big sale. Everything off their website was 30% off. I was able to get some great things for me daughter and support our local PBS.

  72. I bought the Gap groupon worth $50 for $25 that I used to buy my kids’ picture/Christmas outfits. It made for two outfits for the price of one!

  73. I got three free Fisher-Price toys for my baby when I bought 6 packages of Fisher Price diapers, which I would have had ot buy anyway.

  74. Katherine C. says:

    I got our favorite antivirus software free on black friday.

  75. I bought my husband a 90-minute massage for $35– usually a $75 value.

  76. I’m so happy to have discovered Groupon. I buy a deal about once a month but am always so excited about the bargain.

  77. My best deal recently has been for a giant bottle of Olay Ribbons body wash, Olay body lotion and a pouffy for a total of $3.17. I did this deal twice and am packaging it altogether in a cute gift bag for a nice second Christmas gift for both my Mom and my sister.

  78. I love Groupon! I normally buy a really great dessert I wouldn’t normally be able to afford. I wish they had more family attractions for us around here.
    BUT my best deal I found recently was the Wii console at Walmart last night; yep I was there. (:

  79. My unexpected deal was when my cream cheese coupon doubled making it so I “earned” 75c buying it. 🙂

  80. I haven’t been a member of Groupon long, but the best deal I’ve gotten so far is the 3-rentals-for-$1 from Redbox. I just wish we had more local deals available from Groupon in my area!

  81. i’m a runner and have had my eye on a gps watch for awhile now… and it was on sale on amazon yesterday for $109.99! not bad considering the manufacturer’s price is $199.99 and it’s usually in the $130’s on amazon. 🙂

  82. I love Groupon and have gotten a lot of great deals from it!

    My best deal lately was a year long subscription to the local newspaper (Sunday only) for $1.

  83. Groupon for a local deli! Yummy!

  84. I just bought 2 40 dollar gift cards to Raleigh Running Outfitters for 20 dollars each as a Christmas gift for my husband and my babysitter – both runners!

  85. I love the Picaboo deal. I got a couple of calendars for the grandparents and our Christmas cards plus have money left over.

  86. Today at Meijer I got an ice cream maker on clearance for $7.50 and a board game (on sale for $15) for $2 after coupons.


  88. I purchased a Groupon for a five-hour photography class for $49 at a local photography school. I’m SO excited to get some hands-on instruction with my DSLR. Going to take it in February with a friend!

  89. few months ago I go a groupon for local organic bread (dave killers bread) and a groupon for the nutty guys.

  90. I went to the super saving Sat. at Old Navy for the $5 fleeces. Everyone in the family (there are 6 of us) got new fleeces. Much needed in Ohio!

  91. At Walgreens I bought 8 cans of Progresso soup (99 cents ea. on sale) and a Revlon nail polish (5.99), used a $5 Jingle Bucks reward and 3-$1 coupons, and paid $6.40- AND got $5 Jingle bucks reward back!

  92. I got two really great deals on Groupon. The first was a one month family membership to any of our local YMCA’s, including 3 sessions with a personal trainer for $40. The second was a Nascar package, including classroom driver training and driving 12 laps on the track. Can’t wait!!

  93. i recently got a $25 groupon for $50 at nordstrom rack.

  94. I love groupon! One of my favorites was $35 for $100 worth of services at a local salon. I ended up getting an hour and a half massage for $35 + tip! AWESOME. Yesterday there was a side deal for, a really great organization that gives microloans in developing countrys. Oh, and once I got a box of organic fruits and veggies delivered to my house…. Too many favorites to pick just one apparently!

  95. I bought 3 visits to UBounce for my son for $5!

  96. Michelle Murphy says:

    I love Groupon! Recently I bought the Gap, photo canvas, and the Red Envelope Groupons. I’ve saved a lot of money already with Groupon!

  97. I got a Groupon for a local bakery chain, Great Harvest, which has gluten free breads and treats. Such a great deal! I second the warning about expiration dates – tried to use my Gap Groupon for Christmas shopping last week. Whoops.

  98. The best deal I’ve found recently was actually at Groupon for my favorite Mexican restaurant – $10 for $20 off anything! Yum!

  99. I purchased the 3 Redbox rentals for $1 from Groupon. We’re looking forward to using them!

  100. I got $20 at Bath & Body Works for $40 worth of stuff, but was able to make it $80 because of a sale going on there at the same time that I used it. Woo-hoo!

  101. I found a deal for Pure and Honest Kids for 25 percent off plus they always have free gift wrapping.

  102. I have had a few deals… favorite one was a month of Gymboree classes for my 18 month old for $20, no membership fee!! So much fun!!

  103. I simplified gift buying by doing a lot online, with some great free shipping + other discount combos!

  104. From Nature’s Prime Organic Food you can get $75 worth of organic groceries for $35.

  105. I purchased a IPod Touch for my son through Target and got 5% off plus $10.00 off and free shipping. Yeah!

  106. Ann Johnson says:

    I bought a $20.00 Body Shop cert. off of Groupon. Got three body butters for the $40.00 cert. They are normally $20 but it was a buy two get one free also the day I went. What a great score for some stocking stuffers for my girls 🙂

  107. Mine is small, but then, I haven’t been shopping much. I needed bobby pins for my daughter, who’s growing out her bangs. With Walgreens Registered Rewards, I spent 14 cents out of pocket for them! Can’t ask for much better.

  108. I used some of my Pampers rewards points to get free photo Christmas cards from Shutterfly!!

  109. I liked the 3 redbox rentals for $1

  110. I’m not sure about the best deal I have gotten so far, but the one I am most excited to us is for a massage!

  111. On free shipping day (Dec. 17th) I scored a winter hat and gloves for the baby from Lands End for 3.75.

  112. I recently bought a pair of comfy shoes for $11 from Lands End (they were lots of % off AND I got free shipping!)

  113. Vicki Matacchiera says:

    Aeropostale sales + coupons = good deals

  114. We went to see the Radio City Rockettes in Nashville Tn for half price. It was the first time I had used Groupon and the 1st time we had seen the Rockettes. It was amazing!!!! Can’t wait for more Grouponing!

  115. I’m giving a photo book and calendar for Christmas, both of which I got for the cost of shipping using my Disney Movie Rewards points.

  116. We got a great deal on a new PS3 since my husband’s died!

  117. I bought one a few weeks ago for a local pub and had a girls night out. We had so much fun catching up.

  118. I found Wii and DS games on clearance at Best Buy, but they were also buy one get one free. So I ended up with 2 games for under $20. Yay!

  119. We got a great deal on a LOVE SAC.

  120. Amazon and toys r us had some great sales on toys and games. Can’t wait to see my sons face on Christmas!

  121. I got a deal.

  122. $10 Groupon for $25 pizza credit at organic zPizza. Great for this busy gift shopping/wrapping season!

  123. I <3 Groupon! Best deal lately is a $126.95 gift card for $45 dollars at Canvas on Demand. I wanted a huge canvas for above my console table and this gets me there much cheaper!

  124. I got some discount carpet cleaning, but I’m not sure it was a great deal. But I needed the carpet cleaned so it worked out well.

  125. Marlena U. says:

    I loved the $100 credit to Picaboo…scored 4 calendars SHIPPED for Christmas. Also, loved the Canvas by Demand. They were GREAT to work with!

  126. I’ve gotten quite a few good deals since these “daily sites” have gone up – my favorite was probably my Christmas cards – I found a great deal at Kodak Gallery and spent about $20 for them – so much less than previous years!

  127. I found the PERFECT gift for my son for Christmas this year – a Thomas train set for $3.98 with coupon – marked down from $19.99!

  128. Our family was able to purchase a 1 year membership to the San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium for less than half the current rate! A fantastic deal and oodles of fun for our little ones!

    Thanks for letting us play along 🙂

  129. I hope I’m not too late. I recently purchased a Groupon for half off scrapbook supplies. Thanks for the chance to win!

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