Get Your Meal Plan On

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You gotta eat this week, so get your meal plan on.

Get Your Meal Plan On - Get your meal plan ready for the week so you can avoid hangry people.

There are nine things you can do to make tomorrow better. And at least that many tasks you can tackle now to improve your whole week.

In and around all the things that you need to do this week, feeding your family ranks pretty high.

I don’t know about your kids, but mine seem to be hungry, or hangry, as the case may be, all. the. time. Having a meal plan means that I’m prepared.

Case in point: as I type this post, destined to publish tomorrow morning, I realize that it is now after 5 pm on Saturday night, and my people are going to ask when we’re going to eat. It is just a matter of minutes before the first or the fifth comes in with that query. I also know that I neglected to pull the ground turkey out of the freezer to make the dish I had planned to make. So, that means I need a back up plan. That plan, pulled from my What to Eat When There’s Nothing to Eat bag of tricks will be nachos.

I have a plan, but it’s not as smooth as it could be. But, I planned. And I planned a back-up. See that? I saved my own bacon before I even knew I’d need to.

The moral of this story is: Don’t be a dork like me; follow through on your meal plan.

But, first you have to have a meal plan.

Get Your Meal Plan On - Get your meal plan ready for the week so you can avoid hangry people.

There are 40 FREE Printable Meal Plans here on Life as MOM. Complete with grocery lists and meal prep tips, these handy-dandy plans will help you take a break this week.

Get Your Meal Plan On - Get your meal plan ready for the week so you can avoid hangry people.

Want to learn how to make your own meal plans with recipes your family knows and loves? Read the Meal Planning 101 series. We’re tackling every possible angle of meal planning, including how to teach me to thaw. If you’d like to learn how to meal plan better this year, check out the posts you’ve missed and catch a glimpse at what’s coming up.

So, you got your meal plan on?

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  1. Going to go pull the pork sausage out of the freezers now for crockpot Chili tomorrow night!

  2. Ok, I totally have to laugh about the “first or fifth query”. When you have that many kids, it is maddening how many times you will get asked “Mom, what’s for dinner,”. I remember freaking out on one child due to an ill time question, and then apologized to the poor kid, because he was the fifth one to ask within 20min, lol!
    Lent begins on Wednesday, and one of my sacrifices is not to deviate from the menu plan, because of my own *whims* . It will help to not have to think about food, just work the plan!

  3. I’m so glad I found your blog and the mealplans! I don’t have kids *yet* but I find it hard to plan a week’s worth of meals when its just my husband and me, especially when he works late nights. But with your mealplans, I can plan ahead, have leftovers for those late nights when its just me at the table, and fulfill my promise to him of being a wife who cooks! I’m so excited to try more plans and even create some of my own, using your Meal Planning 101 series!!

  4. Lenten meal planning is going well. By sticking to the meal plan I have been able to “detach” from food. Our meals have been very simple, and the $70 Meal Plan was awesome!!! With 7 children it wasn’t exactly $70 but very close (especially because I had chicken already in the freezer!). Instead of chicken breasts we use chicken thighs. The chicken thighs are less convenient, but are cheaper. We take a basic meal plan and the protein is normally the same for a family of 6, then we stretch it with, yes more carb (as most of the world does), and more veg.

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