Getting Back on Track (& A Giveaway from Parents Magazine)

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There’s a marathon being run here. It’s called Life. And I need to reevaluate some of my strategies.

It seems that as the first six weeks of school have passed me by, I find myself in need of reevaluation. What are my goals for our homeschool? What are my goals for writing? What are my goals for the household? What are my goals for ME?

Back in July, I mentioned that I was consulting those New Year’s goals I had created so many months ago. One of them read like this:

Get healthy – I’m long overdue for a physical, and I definitely need to get back to exercising and eating well. I get winded easily and want to make sure that it’s just laziness and not an underlying problem.

Late in the summer I started reading the French Lady’s books and thinking about how I could be taking better care of myself. I started an exercise program; I was eating better; I had an appointment scheduled for a complete physical.

Things were looking really good. I even lost five pounds!

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Thrown off my game

And then I had my physical and found out that all kinds of things were “wrong” with me, namely Vitamin D deficiency and anemia. I got on supplements right away. I had a mammogram.

Let’s move on with life now. ‘K?

But then …. the doctor said he wanted further testing to rule out colon cancer. I balked at the testing. And then he persisted. And then I had nightmares that I would leave behind a husband and six kids if I died. So I said okay.

I went off the iron supplements which made me feel terrible. Waaaah, waaaah, waaaah. I did the follow up testing which was not half as bad as I thought it would be.

After all my whining and follow up testing, I’m fine. I’m still deficient in iron and Vitamin D, but those are small potatoes. I’ve have found Perspective.

But, at the same time, I’ve also found those five pounds I lost.

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Time to get back on track!

Those worries and cares just knocked me off my game. And I just kind of drifted about, like a four year old chasing butterflies in the outfield.

Now that I’ve gotten a clean bill of health, and vacation (and gluttonous eating) are behind me, it’s time to set a course for healthier living through the upcoming holiday season.

Yes, I like to dream big, don’t I?

Here are my new and improved health goals:

 1. Exercise at least three times a week.

I know that exercise energizes me and helps give me that boost I need throughout the day. We own an exercise bike and a membership to the local Y. So, I have no excuse.

2. Watch my portions.

One of the big take-aways from the French Lady books was to eat until I’m satisfied, not until I’m so stuffed I can’t move. Ah yes, portion control. I’ve gotten a little lazy about that and just eaten until…. someone stopped me.

Hand in hand with portion control is making sure that what I’m eating is what I enjoy. If it’s mindless snacking, well, that doesn’t help me. No more BBQ potato chips!

3. Reevaluate my supplements.

Currently, I’m supposed to be taking iron and Vitamin D. I figure a good multi-vitamin would be good as well. But, not all supplements are created equal — in price or in quality. So I need to do a little research and find out what will give me the biggest bang for my buck.

4. Drink more water.

I know that I don’t drink as much as I should. And I have a sneaking suspicion that dehydration is one of the causes of my fatigue.

5. Get more rest.

During the summer I was really good about going to bed by 10 every night. I seem to be staying up later and later now. And it’s starting to catch up with me. My optimum bedtime routine is to turn off all electronics by 9:30 and read in bed until 10.

Are you ready to get back on track?

Parents Magazine is working with Aetna to help families get back on track with good health. Their site offers helpful tips, a web forum to interact with other users, and a number of surveys to help you gauge where you’re at.

This weekend, Magazine is also offering one Life as MOM reader a “Back-to-School Wellness” package which includes a pedometer, a $100 Visa gift card, a $50 Staples gift card and an assortment of Yogi Tea.

What a fun package to inspire you and equip you to get your health goals in line with real life!

To Enter:

Leave a comment, telling us your favorite tip for living smart and healthy.

This giveaway will be open until Sunday, October 23, 2011 at 8 pm PST. Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize. This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winner: Dazy0425@

Disclosure: I received a Back to School Wellness package.

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  1. My favorite tip for living smart & healthy: moderation in all things. 🙂

  2. Whenever possible, I walk or bike to a destination, eg library, errands, mtgs at kids’ schools, around the park while my son has soccer practice.

  3. Mine would have to be to make sure to exercise regularly. It always make me feel so much better when I do this!

  4. I’m totally a cheater, but if I don’t stop to breathe a few times a day the additional stress increases my cortisol levels, I’m unhappy, I eat poorly and probably retain more belly weight due to the stress. So, like any good yogi, I say BREATHE! Deeply, slowly, and purposefully.

  5. Drinking enough water is a huge one for me. If I don’t, I feel sluggish, bloated, and am more prone to migraines.

  6. The thing that makes me eat the healthiest is to cook from scratch and not buy junk food.

  7. Stephanie S says:

    I’ve stopped buying soda and processed snack foods (even though I LOVE potato chips). If these things aren’t around I don’t eat them. I also purchased a large plastic cup with a lid and straw to keep water with me. It seems that I will drink more water if I have a straw.

  8. I am a member of an organic co-op. If I don’t eat the fruits and veges, it is a waste of money. That inspires me to eat more fruits and vegetables.

  9. My favorite tip is cooking at home, and from scratch as much as possible.

  10. Fluids fluids fluids! I became severely dehydrated last year and was hospitalized for a week. I didn’t realize how important my fluids were!

  11. We’re trying to cut out processed food, refined sugar and refined wheat.

  12. I have two that I often find myself remembering…
    1. Don’t try to change too much at the same time. It’s better to make lasting progress slowly than give up from being overwhelmed.
    2. When it comes to a workout give it all you’ve got!

  13. eating food in its most natural state is best – the less processed the better!

  14. My favorite tip is to get your husband on board. He is my cheerleader to get me to bed early so I am able to get up early to excercise. I also am vitamin D deficient and have found I feel so much better when I am taking it.

  15. My favorite thing to do is eat all the healthy options we have–I love strawberries, blueberries, garden tomatoes, etc.–it’s healthy and fun. One of the best things I have done is shun soda, therefore drinking lots of water. Homecooking is another big one–it cuts out a ton of fat, sodium, and chemicals.

  16. Make time for adequate sleep and exercise.

  17. Walk two miles at least 4-5 times/week.

  18. I’ve found that the best thing that I can do is to go to bed on time. If I’m tired, then everything else gets thrown out the window.

  19. My favorite tip is to get a dog. They are great walking partners and give the added incentive to get that walk in because they’ll drive you crazy if you don’t burn off some of their energy!

  20. Planning ahead, especially with meals! I have been stocking my freezer and fridge with homemade ready meals and meal components as well as bagged salads and other quick to prepare items. What a difference!

  21. My favorite tip is: Don’t bring anything you shouldn’t be eating into your house. It’s easier to avoid temptation once (at the grocery store) vs constantly at home.

  22. walk, walk, walk!

  23. Do some kind of exercise everyday! I feel better the days that I do so.

  24. definitely get out and do things!

  25. I love to make homemade vegetable soups in winter. They are a great way to get your veggies in when you don’t feel like eating them raw because it’s chilly out. Just make sure you choose recipes that have very little fat (maybe a little oil, no dairy,) and low sodium. I will make a batch and eat it for lunch and dinner till it’s gone and I make another. My husband loves it too!

  26. I try to get enough sleep so I can keep up with my toddler and preschooler. 🙂

  27. Rebecca Scott says:

    My biggest tip(s) are to drink plenty of water and limit screen time (tv, compute, etc;)

  28. My favorite health tip is getting enough sleep. Eight uninterrupted hours isn’t possible for many of us, but a good nap (90 minutes is perfect) can make a huge difference in your sleep-deprived lifestyle.

  29. I’ve been parking at the opposite end of the parking lot from the store that I want to go into – that way I get a little extra walking in each day. 🙂
    Additionally, we’re putting money aside from each paycheck to pay for our share in the local CSA for next summer already!

  30. If I could curb that late night ice cream habit I’d be much healthier!

  31. Find a local race in the next couple of months and sign up! Once you are registered, you are committed to training. And once you see how much fun races are, you’ll be committed to doing it again! Races are wecoming and fun for runners of all paces and levels.

  32. My favorite tip is drink water instead of soda and juice, and when you feel hungry–you might just be thirsty!

  33. Make exercise into a family activity and have healthy snacks in the house.

  34. My big tip is to drink lots of water. Frequently, when I want to snack a glass of water will satisfy the urge. It’s easy to mistake thirst for hunger!

  35. Eating fresh food is so good for you… No boxed meals

  36. My favorite tip is to never have junk food in the house. The only sweets I buy, for example, are a few bars of high-quality, dark chocolate. When the sweet cravings hit, that’s what I turn to, rather than cookies or what-have-you. If it’s not there, you won’t eat it!

  37. I’ve been working on finding healthy alternatives for my junk food cravings. I love me some junk food. Haha!

  38. I’ve started the 30 day shred and its a really good way to get intense exercise in a short amount of time.

  39. Exercising with someone helps me stay motivated and makes it hearder to skip it. Generally one or the other of us can get the slacker going!

  40. I try to cook at home as much as I can. It can be so tempting to grab take-out for dinner but I feel better when I know exactly what my family is eating!

  41. Eat whole and healthy foods, exercise (even for just a few minutes a day) and get plenty of sleep.

  42. I do best on my eating when I PLAN for the day — especially dinner. Otherwise I just am hungry as I try to get by through the day and then just eat too much at dinner!

  43. In addition to eating healthy foods, I have started to work on portion control by using fitness pal, an online program to help me keep track of my calorie intake.

  44. Drinking lots of water and going to bed by 10 really serves me well.

  45. I find it easy to drink enough water each day (I aim for four 16-oz. glasses per day). I could use more sleep, though! 😉

  46. My favorite tip is trying to eat as much natural food as possible and keep away from processed foods.

  47. Regular exercise!

  48. This post is so appropriate for me. I need to get back on track. When I’m on track some a couple things that help me stay there:

    Water aerobics 3 x a week. It’s the only exercise I can say I enjoy.

    Drink 12 oz of water with every meal.

    Don’t finish my kids food!


  49. What has helped me is to buy lots and lots of beautiful fresh produce everyweek. I don’t want it to go to waste so I cook and serve it, instead of less healthy options.

  50. I have been doing weight watchers for awhile, and when I actually follow the program it works great and I love it, however I haven’t been staying on track with it.

  51. I try to only eat junk food that I make from scratch. I usually eat less of it and eat it less often.


  52. We eat at home as much as possible. When I go shopping I eat a good meal before I go so I don’t go crazy with the junk food and I park far away so I have to walk more!!

  53. Elizabeth says:

    Eat right!!

  54. Chic Mummy says:

    I fill a jug with water and lemon or cucumber slices each night and make sure I drink the whole jug the next day.

  55. My biggest tip is to get ALL preventative checkups each year….there is a reason that insurance companies cover these in full! If there is something wrong, it’s better to catch it early (saves insurance company cash and could save your life!).

  56. I take a pile of fruits and veggies to work every day and eat them all day long instead of junk. I know I’ll eat whatever’s in front of me, and I know at home I “forget” to eat them. This way I get my 5!

  57. I’ve gotten so addicted to long, brisk walks that I don’t sleep well on nights when I skip them. I love my pedometer for challenging myself to go just a bit further.

  58. Eat a salad nearly every day.

  59. I am also trying to get back on track! I am eating LOTS of greens as part of my plan. I once heard someone say that if you were to fill up a bathtub and eat your way through it, you would lose weight. It’s hard to get too many calories when all you’re eating is veggies! 🙂

  60. I use to track my food! That’s my favorite tip and I am always trying to get people addicted like I am!

  61. Jessica R says:

    Favorite tip: laugh with your children. That belly laughter is good for body and soul!

  62. Try replacing 95% of your drinks with water- you will feel much better and can still enjoy a coffee or soda just not every time.

  63. Sleep! Do any of us really get enough?

  64. Tammy Ward says:

    Eat my 5 servings of fruit & veggies and get plenty of sleep.

  65. Find an exercise or exercise class that you love! I LOVE spinning and even went so far to get certified to teach. Now I am guaranteed to teach twice a week which keeps me going to the gym!

  66. My biggest tip is to make it a family affair! I eat so much healthier and excercise so much more when my hubby is on board.

  67. I try not to eat foods with ingredients I can not pronounce in them

  68. Mrs. Cliff says:

    Walking! I can do it with the family and it gives me time to think….I always feel better after. If it is raining I just take a couple of the older kids and go when the little ones are napping.

  69. My biggest one is going to bed on time. When I’m in bed with the lights off by 9:30 I get more sleep, which means I drink less coffee in the morning (I drink mine sweet) and I’m a nicer mommy, too.

  70. I have a water bottle that I try to empty at least once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening.

  71. I try to keep moving…if I can’t get out and walk in our neighborhood, then I try to move around more with my kids inside the house. Being active gives me more energy!

  72. I try to eat whole foods as much as possible.

  73. Taking the stairs whenever possible. This is an easy way to get in a little workout and make your booty look great in whatever you are wearing:-)

  74. keep moving and drink lots of water

  75. Drink lots of water and attempt to get a decent nights worth of sleep

  76. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet free of processed foods is essential…plus playing with your kids (especially outside) and drinking water 🙂

  77. Find time to excercise…. its tough but really help!

  78. Getting enough sleep is way up on my list right now, being 22 weeks pregnant with a 19 mo. old running around 🙂

  79. Drink a glass of water before a meal so I don’t eat as much at the meal. Eat in moderation and walk as much as I can.

  80. A multivitamin and sleep and exercise.

  81. melissa smith says:

    Exercising with my husband on the Wii Fit has been a great tool! We have fun and really can see progress!

  82. Nora FitzPatrick says:

    Being aware each day that I need to make healthy choices-and not bring unhealthy choices into the house-if we want treats we have to go out to get them and spend more on them then if we would have purchased them at the grocery store (ie ice cream) but that often helps to stop us in our tracks and make better decisions!

  83. Be accountable to someone for an exercise goal. For example, I recently signed up for a mileage challenge at the Y. I track my mileage on a big chart that’s near the sign-in desk. Yep, my name right there so people can see how I’m doing. Having an exercise partner also helps keep me motivated to work out.

  84. Michele Laramay says:

    Water is my biggest tip. I feel so much better when I make sure to guzzle all day.

  85. Doreen Craig says:

    Be active everyday and when I think I am hungry, go for a walk or bike ride…most of the time I am just bored!

  86. I’ve just been having this conversation with myself. Planning to get healthy soon isn’t the same as doing it. My first step will be setting a few concrete goals and planning some baby steps to get there.

  87. Drink more water, and get enough sleep. So far I am not accomplishing either one, but I am working on it lol!

  88. Charity Shapiro says:

    My biggest tip is to get outside and play with your kids. Great for you both.

  89. Drink lots of water!

  90. Eat healthy, be active and get plenty of rest. Be realistic in your expectations. Those are my tips…good health really needs a whole-life approach.

  91. I don’t know about y’all but my kids have tons of energy and fall far short of the overweight mark. Take a page out of their book and play with them! It’s great fun and you don’t need to pay for a membership or a sitter to get fit. So climb up those ladders and enjoy the slide down!

  92. My best tip would be to choose your husband as your workout partner.

  93. water, water, water! 🙂

  94. Make daily workouts a priority by scheduling them.

    “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.”

  95. Hope Mitchner says:

    My biggest tip and goal is Exercise. If I can squeeze it in at least three times a week, I feel so much better.

  96. I try to drink lots of water, take a good, food-based multivitamin (I’ve been nursing, pregnant, or both for 3 1/2 years, so this is essential!), and eat a whole foods diet. Excercise? Does chasing a 2 year old and a 10 month old count?

  97. Janeen Daftary says:

    Make going to the Y part of my daily schedule. At first it was tough to make myself go everyday, but I feel so much better that now I hate to miss !! It is one of the best parts of my day.

  98. Sarah Robinson says:

    Make time for exercising and make it fun!

  99. What helps me to get some of these great things done ie., drink water, exercise, go to bed early.. is to write them down and check them off!! I like lists.

  100. Rosalie Perez says:

    One of my biggest suggestions for living healthy is to stop making excuses! There can always be a reason to drive a car, but really why not ride a bike or walk? I have learned to ride my bike to and from work, my sons ride their bikes to school, hockey practice and hockey games. There is always a good reason to stop by at mcdonalds or to just order a pizza, but really even if you forgot to defrost a meat, how hard is it to pull out some eggs, wisk them up and chop some veggies for a fast, healthy frittata and have a nice wholesome dinner? I can go on on but I wont 🙂

    have a lovely day


  101. I feel so much better when I get to bed a little earlier and get up early before my littles and have some time alone and with God.

  102. The thing that has worked best for me is to get up early enough (4:55 am in my case) to get in 1/2 hour of walking and 1/2 hour of prayer and Bible reading. The walking keeps me physically healthy and the quiet and devotions time keeps me spiritually, mentally and emotionally healthy. And yes, it’s HARD to get up that early, but it’s worth it.

  103. I really like the USDA’s my plate guidelines for eating. I’ve been trying to make sure all my meals have the 1/2 fruit and veggie portions.

  104. stay busy with projects around the house! Don’t get caught watching too much boob tube.

  105. Baby steps! And as you take away things (like junk food or tv time) make sure to add one healthy alternative.

  106. saundra a says:

    I am a vegetarian. I have been for more than 20 years. It has made me realize how to eat healthy and take care of myself. As a parent to three teens that is important to me.

  107. I try to remember to breathe and breathe deeply. (In any and all good and bad situations) when I do that, I remember to drink my water, walk faster, do more to get myself on a healthier track and stay focused.

  108. Plenty of exercise and plenty of sleep!

  109. Always take your vitamins!

  110. My tip? Honestly, it’s time in the Word. Reading how Jesus walked and what He said helps me to get my priorities straight. It helps me cut out the worries that clutter my mind and drive me toward perfectionism, and instead helps me to focus clearly on what really matters instead. My stress is way down when I intentionally work on my relationship with Christ. Less stress = better health 🙂

  111. Exercise 5 times a week, drink plenty of water, and get plenty of rest.

  112. Get an exercise buddy! I can always talk myself out of exercising if I’m alone, but having a partner to walk or workout with makes all the difference in putting exercise in a higher priority and actually getting it done.

  113. Jennifer E says:

    I’ve been walking more, and we’re about to sign up at the Y.

  114. I am really trying to just drink more water. I think if I do that maybe I will snack less. I hope so anyway.

  115. Cook at home as often as you can…but don’t feel the need to clean off others plates!

  116. Drink water, something I used to be so good at and something I need to work on now.

  117. My treadmill is my best friend! No excuses that it’s too cold outside, too hot, snowing… the list can go on and on. And I can’t use any of them! Keep moving.

  118. Cathy Bernard says:

    Favorite Tip: Make time for YOU!

  119. Don’t buy the junk food!

  120. Mine is when I bring my coffee to work in the morning, I also bring a water bottle, and I leave my coffee cup in the car when I go in, and only bring in my water. That way I drink enough water, cause that is all I have.

  121. Drink mostly water all throughout the day. Make other drinks a “sometimes” treat.

  122. Setting a goal with an accompanying reward helps me tremendously, as does being accountable to someone for following through with the things I know I should be doing (particularly eating better!).

  123. Moderation is key! Veggies are good, too. 😉

  124. Taking a weekly circuit class, watching portions and having a treat once in a while :}

  125. There are many wonderful things out there.
    1. Eat 4-6 walnut halves 20 minutes before you eat a meal. It will help trigger your brain to tell you, that you are full.
    2. T-Tapp. It is the most wonderful work out ever. It only takes 15 minutes a day. In the first 3 weeks I lost 30 inches and 2 dress sizes! It is amazing!!!!
    What a fun give away! Thanks!

  126. I’ve learned of a few things recently that have helped me keep up a healthier (than it used to be) lifestyle. Eating breakfast for one, a low fat but fulfilling one, has really helped to keep me from pigging out all day on snacks and treats. Meal planning helps (you know this!) as it prevents us from finding reasons to go out at the last minute. Also, not allowing myself to eat past 7:00pm keeps my body from soaking in all those calories and grams of fat before I have a chance to burn them off.

  127. Eat your 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

  128. I ask myself “would I let my kids do that?”. I would never let the kids get away with eating junk as a meal, so I don’t let myself do it either. I always make sure that they are getting exercise, so I need to do the same for myself.

  129. Don’t finish your kids meals after you have eaten your own.

  130. My best tip is to get lots of sleep. If I’m too tired, I eat horribly!

  131. My best tip is to schedule exercise and make it a regular part of your life rathern than something you will ‘try’ to do.

  132. Sleep! And I’m working on eating more whole wheat – less sugar.

  133. Use a smaller dinner plate and only one serving- no seconds.

  134. The cheap one–water, water & more water.

    The one worth spending money on–a gym. With childcare. And a trainer at least once a month.

  135. Hug my four babies a LOT every day. Pray all day long, about the little stuff. I have a good amount of stress in my life (don’t all moms??), and those two things keep my stress at bay better than anything else.

  136. My best tip is to step on the scale every morning. Not because I want to beat myself up but because I want to hold myself accountable. I choose not to beat myself up for falling off the wagon, but rather remind myself it’s a new day and this is where I am.

  137. Elizabeth Hall says:

    My best tip is don’t beat yourself up! If you fall off thewagon one day, get back on RIGHT AWAY. I find I do the worst damage when I give up because of one bad day.

  138. I agree with a commenter above who said that moderation is the key. I allow myself to have sweets in moderation, I try to get enough sleep and eat reasonably healthy. I certainly have a ways to go, but I have come very far . . .

  139. Running completely transforms your body.

  140. Making sure I am eating all the food groups and watching my portions. Also, lots of water!

  141. PAULA WELLS says:

    My current portion control “tip” (as it may be) is to eat after the little ones so while you are eating, they snack out of your plate and you really don’t get any. We also like to load up the strollers and take walks in the evening.

  142. Less red meat, more fruits and veggies and most everything is made from scratch…therefore less preservatives in our diet!

  143. If I go to bed early, I can get up on time, exercise easier and in general make better food choices.

  144. Anastasia says:

    I think being balanced is the best thing for me. It’s super hard to do, but I find when I walk regularly, drink enough water, and eat right, I feel sooo much better! Now if it only wasn’t so hard to keep that up all the time…

  145. Well… with some help from the money saving mom site..I set up a new schedule/docket for my days… I first get up and exercise and READ MY BIBLE. have my quiet time with the Lord and drink my coffee all before my three little ones are up… I put God first, exercise, have tried to get more sleep…and then for eating joined a local CSA and have tried to home cook everything… overall…I take it one day at a time!!!

  146. Regular exercise definitely makes me feel better. Even though I usually have to get up as early as 4:30 am to get it in, I have more energy by exercising than if I try to get more sleep.

  147. A multi-vitamin every day and lots of water each day.

  148. I am a fan of all things in moderation. If I totally deprive myself of my favorite treats I will most likely end up eating way to much!

  149. My favorite tip is portion control. Also, something sweet is ok as long as it is not a lot and often 🙂

  150. I have realized that cooking from scratch all of the time-whether at home or on the road- makes for a happier me.

  151. Reducing my carbs…..omitting bread, pasta, cold cereal etc…..Eating more veggies, fruits, and full-fat organic dairy products (stay full longer). Fun give-a-way!

  152. Starting my day with a green smoothie and not eating after 8pm.

  153. Shannon H says:

    My tip is to watch how much snack food, mainly crackers, I eat. And to not eat the candy at my co-workers desk.

  154. My favorite healthy tip is to drink a green smoothie every day. I find that when I don’t drink one I feel sluggish and I eat worse. Just starting out my day with that one glass sets the course for the whole day.

  155. I think balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

  156. My advice? Live like your life depends on it (because it does).

  157. Water. I do best when i drink like I should.

  158. My favorite healthy tip is to buy LOTS of fruit. If its there then I am likely to eat it. Plus it is delicious and my kids will ask for some, too. Then everyone wins.

  159. Fur Peiffer says:

    I would have to say that exercising 3 times a week is so helpful in gaining more energy. And because I’m not a routine person, I’m more of a list person, I just try to fit it in on the days I’m not so busy! It has totally been worth it. I also have found that if you sign yourself up for a race , like the Spartan Race…. you will want to exercize so you don’t finish last! It has definitely helped me!

  160. Drink lots of water and everything in moderation! 🙂

  161. Um, my tip for health? Sleep at least 7 hours a night, and drink lots of water. I find that doing both of these keep me on an even keel, most of the time. (Key word, “most” of the time!)

  162. I’d have to say that “moderation and meditation” are two of my favourite principles to staying healthy – don’t deprive and don’t overdo it.
    Lately I’ve been on a gluten free kick and can’t believe how much better I feel mentally and physically.

  163. My favorite tip is to make a “to-do” list that is actually reasonable for that day…and if life gets busy and you don’t get it all done, don’t sweat it and make a new “to-do” list for the next day (or use the same one!)

  164. Trina Miller says:

    I think that working hard to not use processed foods very often has kept me and my family healthier.

  165. Putting down the soda and picking up a glass of water is a big one for me.

  166. Katherine says:

    I have been drinking more water. I have completely cut soda out of my diet. Not only is healthier, it is cheaper too!

  167. Baby steps! If I go cold turkey off of sugar or say I am going to walk every day, I am setting myself up for failure. Also, keeping a food journal is an eye opener. You can’t forget that you indulged with a piece of dark chocolate at 10:00 in the morning when you’re thinking of indulging again at 10:00 at night.

  168. Lots of water, moderation in all things and keeping perspective and proper focus!

  169. Eating whole foods. Avoiding processed foods, refined sugar, and white flour.

  170. I joined the Bootcamp class at my gym. I have to pay $99 a month, so if I don’t go I waste money, plus I get to work out with new friends, and I’m super competitive when it comes to working out, so I try a LOT harder!

  171. Simple steps!!
    Walk whenever I can….even if it means parking out a ways from the store and taking an extra minute. It helps.
    Eat a salad everyday.
    Whenever you have a starch, make sure you have 1-2 vegetables too.
    Have fun with your kids. It burns a lot of calories.

  172. Early to bed, early to rise. I have the “rise” part down pat — the alarm goes off at 5:30 every day except Saturday. If I don’t get to bed by 10-ish, though, either I end up tired and not making the best choices through the day OR I end up taking a nap on the couch after I shower/dress/read Bible and miss that time for prayer and productivity before the little one is up … and I still end up at less than my best for the day.

  173. Drink lots of water and eat lots of fresh food.

  174. I’ve lost two sizes this summer even though I’m over 50 and have been overweight since age 21. Can I mention that it’s very doable at home?

  175. Jen Lewis says:

    Water, water, water! Also not depriving myself of treats but using moderation to limit myself.

  176. Be accountable to a friend. Our excuses sound lame when said aloud!

  177. I’m trying to get more sleep. I have less time in the evening for myself if I go to bed early, but I am much more productive during the day. I also find parenting to be much more enjoyable if I’m not whining alongside an un-named toddler.

  178. I try to eat enough fruit and veggies every day so that I don’t ever feel so famished that I stuff myself with the bad stuff

  179. Cooking from scratch more and exercising (still having problems with this one!!)

  180. All things in moderation. We strive to eat the best we can but we realize it is ok to splurge every once in awhile. If we deprive ourselves, we eventually fall off the wagon completely, go overboard, and have to start from square one.

  181. Jessica Hill says:

    The best tip for eating right and getting healthy is use a smaller plate – it helps portion control and is sort of a mental trick to make me feel like I’m eating a full sized meal.

  182. The two biggest things that we find we have to do to get healthier, are to stop drinking soda, and get more sleep. I know there are tons more things that we need to be doing, but these are our two biggest areas that we need to constantly work on.

  183. My biggest tip is to make changes one at a time and establish healthy habits. Trying to do everything all at once is overwhelming, but making one change every couple of weeks and focusing on it will help you establish good habits. By the time you make another positive change, you’ll stick with the last change out of habit. 🙂

  184. One of the things that I started doing when I found out that I was pregnant with our first child was put myself on a “water-drinking schedule.” I knew that I needed to make a better effort to get my 8 glasses of 8 ounces every day, especially since I was struggling with hyperemesis and staying hydrated! I invested in a 22 ounce water bottle. This allowed me fill it every morning and shoot for finishing it by lunch, when I would refill it and then set a goal of finishing it by dinner. At dinner, I would refill again and set a goal of finishing it by bedtime. If I drank 3 bottles worth a day, I knew that I was getting enough! Cuz let me tell ya, nothing makes me feel yuckier than being dehydrated.

  185. I try to make most of our food from scratch. This summer I refused to buy the kids juice and they drank plenty of water — yay for my grocery bill and for their health!

  186. Kristen Petee says:

    I have started eating everything on a salad plate. It doesn’t fit it can not go on it 🙂

  187. Not getting stressed has made a huge difference in my health. It’s amazing how intertwined mental and physical health are.

  188. Common sense: eat a reasonable amount of natural, nourishing foods and get moving!

  189. sue chibana says:

    Getting up early, play tennis for 1.5 hours and be a vegetarian. Avoid stress, try to be content and happ

  190. My favorite tip actually comes from those French lady books– to drink water when you get up and before you go to bed. I find that helps keep me on track for drinking water all day, plus it reminds me of how Deuteronomy tells us to teach the words of the Lord to our children when we rise and when we lie down, just like with “Morning & Evening” devotionals. There’s something to be said about the way you start and end your day defines the rest. I know it holds true for me — if I wake up in a funk it’s really hard to get out of it, but if I can start my day with some water and the Word it goes much better. 🙂

  191. Incorporate as many greens into your diet as possible! One way I do that is green smoothies! Get your veggies when they taste like fruit.

  192. This sounds all too familiar! I’ve been wanting to get “back on track,” too, for ages now, but life (and health issues!) keep getting in the way! Now I think I almost use them as an excuse :/. Sadly, I started off the school year with the goal in mind to lose 5lbs, but gained 5 instead. It’s hard to stay motivated when in such a slump!

  193. Ahhhh, you wanted a tip, though! 😛 Well, I know water is huge…and I need to drink more of it! Also, for those of us with no gym access, there are some fun and full body workouts available in your home if you own a Kinect. I’m especially partial to the dance-style workouts! 🙂

  194. I think the best tip is small, regular meals. I find that I ‘crash’ if I don’t eat enough regularly – even something small like a piece of fruit, granola, yogurt, etc. I find that I too often get caught up in taking care of everyone else that it is suddenly 2pm and I never had breakfast! 😛

  195. Well planned meals, plenty of water, exercise and sleep. Ahhhh healthy heaven! 🙂

  196. lotusblossom5 says:

    I need to get back on track, too. I started running in spring and got to the point where I was running 3 miles without stopping and had lost 10 pounds. I got derailed during my summer vacation.

    For me, what actually makes me feel healthiest is keeping a list of what needs to be done and sticking to it. I am disorganized by nature and following my list gives me an ordered home which makes me feel much calmer.

  197. Spirulina in my smoothies. And oh yeah, exercise!

  198. My healthy and smart living tip – Balance – I tend to go to extremes, so remembering that one word often helps. And also, the phrase “something is better than nothing” (in regards to exercise)

  199. Eat healthy 90% of the time. I try to eat healthy when I am in my routine daily life. Lower portions, veggies and fruits, low fat, etc.. Then for example, on the weekend when my husband wants to go out for pizza or there’s cake to be had at a party, I can splurge knowing I’ve been “good” all week 🙂

  200. I remind myself that if I don’t eat healthy and excersise I won’t be in good health for my family. I have lost about 60 pounds and each day since I started this new way of life I tell myself that I must do this to be around for many years to come! It also helps that I can run and play with my children without being winded!

  201. Anne Marie says:

    Drink lets of water and get plenty of rest!!

  202. Green tea! Delicious and full of antioxidants! 🙂

  203. I have tried to cut out all sugar – amazing how much better I feel! I used to have a huge sweet tooth.

  204. I exercise first thing in the morning – It is checked off my to do list and makes me feel energized the rest of the day – if I don’t it never seems to be a priority for me

  205. I believe in fruits, veggies, and a nap when I really need one. Acknowleding when I am worn down has helped me avoid illness sevearl times.

  206. I believe in fruits, veggies, and a nap when I really need one. The occasional nap has kept me from getting some illnesses that were on their way!

  207. Oh my… I struggle to keep everything in balance here, but the thing that seems to help me most is to BE where I AM… to be in the moment, enjoying it with my family, friends, or wherever I find myself, instead of thinking about the myriad of things waiting to be done. 🙂

  208. Cutting out processed foods and eating all the produce staring out at me from the fridge is how I’ve helped the family stay healthy.

  209. Find a workout buddy. It’s easier to stay motivated when you know someone is counting on you!

  210. Mine would be to eat healthy and at home as often as possible.

  211. my favorite would be to cut out sugar from your diet,exercise 3-4 times for half hour at least and if u have kids play with them, it helps those “out of mode” days and keeps you alive n in perspective…

  212. Rebecca W. says:

    I keep trying to drink more water.

  213. Going to bed at a decent time so I can have time to myself in the morning before everyone else is awake (unlike today when the kids were up at 5!) and I feel rested is my biggest help in staying healthy. It gives me perspective to make good choices and make time for exercise.

  214. Plan good-healthy-meals ahead of time. It leaves time for working out and less stress at meal times about what you are eating.

  215. If I don’t take care of myself, I can’t take care of everybody else. This means physically and spiritually! A healthy diet, exercise, rest, and time for “me” is essential.

  216. I have a terrible habit of eating at night, especially after 8:00. Instead, I curl up with a good book (especially a Christian book) and a hot cup of tea.

    This fills my soul, not my already over-nourished body.

  217. Tracking what I eat. The act of writing down what I eat makes me more conscious and I don’t eat as much. We’ve found we don’t eat unhealthy food, just too much of everything.

  218. One word- balance. I try to make balanced meals and simple schedules.

  219. Plan, Plan, Plan! I can have great intentions, but if I don’t plan ahead, nothing materializes.

  220. Jennifer E. says:

    Making more good choices (like fresh foods) than bad choices (sodas, processed foods) is the best way to start a healthier life. The more real food I eat, the less I crave junk food. And I love my green monster smoothies!

  221. My best tip is to get enough sleep!

  222. Every week, I look at our upcoming calender and schedule in my exercise time as as an unbreakable appointment.

  223. I try to provide ‘whole’ foods to my family as much as possible and get outside at least once a day!

  224. Stephanie says:

    My biggest tip on learning how to stay healthy is to learn how to say NO. I find myself getting very stressed, to the point of not sleeping or eating well, if I feel like I’m being pulled in a million different directions.

  225. Running before my family gets up is my way to stay healthy. I don’t take any time away from them and can concentrate without thinking about what they are getting into at home. It’s just my habit now.

  226. Make me a priority.

  227. Use moderation and eat unprocessed foods.

  228. Donna Smith says:

    We had a nutritionist come to our work for an 8 week class on how to lose weight and be healthy. She told us to eat 5-6 mini meals a day. Have more protein with each meal. Have our carbs for breakfast and lunch, not dinner. She said to exerice more each week. So I started this first of Oct and have lost 10 pounds.

  229. I drink water instead of my afternoon coffee.

  230. Cut up veggies to snack on and keep them in the refrigerator (easy snack). Get plenty of rest. Always have a bottle of water near. Get outside. Laugh as often as possible.

  231. I always keep a vegetable tray in the refrigerator. The raw veggies are an easy side or snack. )My kids love eating off the vegetable tray). After a few days if it hasn’t been devoured, I’ll cook with the precut vegetables.

  232. My best tip is to get out and walk! Pretty much everyone can do it and the benefits are great.

  233. My favorite tip is portion control and eating food we grow instead of fast food/processed food.

  234. Since my job requires that I travel frequently, I’ve found that have lots of freezer meals on hand helps keep our family eating healthier and skipping the fast food drive thru. Saves money and my waistline!

  235. Elizabeth says:

    I try to walk a few times a week and at least once a week, go to bed when the kids do (8:00 PM).

  236. Tyler Reavis says:

    What works for me, is taking a good daily multivitamin (the liquid ones actually work the best…they begin working quicker), drinking lots of water, and visiting my herbalist several times a year.

  237. Drinking lots of water is essential. Portion control is so important. I have heard that drinking two glasses of water before you even leave the house for work in the morning or starting your day at home is a good way to start the day.

  238. Along the lines of drinking more water, I read once that sleep dehydrates you and the best thing you can do to jumpstart your day is to drink a big glass of water first thing after you wake up. When I do this, I feel more energized, and I’m more likely to continue drinking water throughout the day.

  239. Good health starts with good nutrition. I am working on eating better.

  240. I have been trying to eat more fruit and drink more water. When I pack my lunch for school (I teach), I put in at least 2 pieces of fruit, and a large Nalgene bottle of water. The night before, I fill the bottle half way and freeze it, then in the morning fill it with water.

    I take a large Tervis Tumbler (GREAT cup!! No condensation and it keeps drinks cold forever!) filled with ice and water with me to school, and as the day goes on, I keep refilling it with water from my Nalgene bottle. I love my water cold, and this way I have cold water all day long.

  241. My number one is sleep. Then drinking enough water, I need to completely cut out sodas. I have really good multi supplements in the cabinet that I need to take regularly. If I start with those, the exercise will be easier to get to, which will lead to a healthier appetite.

    Actually, if I started with exercising, the rest would just fall into place. “whine alert” I just don’t want to. “foot stomp”

    But DH and I have promised each other that we will start in November.

  242. I don’t eat traditional breakast foods, too much carbs and fats, eggs, bagels, toast, muffins, bacon, etc…… but eating breakfast is important so I eat leftovers, which always has veggies Then one day in the weekend, when the family is together, I make the big continental breakfast for everyone.

  243. I think the thing that makes feel best is when I am exercising and eating has been crazy lately and I haven’t been great at that. One thing I always do that helps me feel good is making sure I drink plenty of water I can always do that no matter how crazy things are.

  244. I am starting with the simple things…walking everyday,drinking plenty of water and lots of sleep!

  245. I have been working on getting healthy as well after a gall bladder attack at the beginning of the summer. I have found that portion control, wiser choices of food, drinking more water and cutting back on Starbucks latte’s has helped me feel much better. Now to add consistent exercise!

  246. shop the outside walls of the grocery store – never shop without menu planning first. Plan health meals for my family so I don’t fall back on conveinence foods when I didn’t plan well.

  247. I love your blog & would love to win this prize b/c I really need to get back on track! My best healthy living trick is making sure to drink lots of water.


    Best, cheap tip for fixing a multitude of ills!

  249. The biggest thing for me is reducing my sugar and processed foods. Supplements, sleep, water, exercise are all important, but its the reduction of sugar that seems to make the biggest impact in my energy and overall well being.

  250. Our house stays generally processed-food-snack-item free, and we never buy soda (after kicking the habit, my stomach almost can’t take the stuff). Best move for “girth control” we ever made.

  251. I exercise 6 days a week and it really gets me in the right frame of mind to tackle my day. It also gives me much needed energy!

  252. Jelinda P. says:

    For me, walking my border collie in the morning and at night has helped keep me healthy. Our walks are just us, no kids, which helps my mental game. And my dog and I are both a tad lighter due to our increased exercise, always a good thing!

  253. I try to get enough rest, walk 2-3 miles a day 5 days a week, take green superfood vitamins, drink more water and eat healthy. I also try to reduce stress where I can and to know the best ways to handle my stressors!

  254. Water, water and more water. Playing Just Dance with my kids. I love hearing them say ,”Mom, you beat me!” I am also trying new healthier recipes. Aknowledge that it took time to become unhealthy, it takes time to become healthy.

  255. I drink lots of water, try to exercise every day (which is hard now that I’ve hurt my knee running), and start each day with a healthy breakfast. AND I try not to even buy junk food–if it’s not here, I can’t binge on it!

  256. I exercise first thing in the morning. If I wait until later in the day- I have all kinds of excuses not to exercise!!

  257. My new tip for staying on track…
    I have lost 6 pounds in just a couple weeks. Keeps me focused and helps me make better choices. And it’s free!

  258. All in moderation is my motto.

  259. I’m with ya, FishMama! I’m going to join you, trying to drink enough water, exercise 3 times per week and get enough sleep! 🙂

  260. We get extra exercise by playing with the kids. Instead of sitting on the bench and watching them play at the park, we play with them!

  261. Libby Nelson says:

    My best tip is to do something every day (for me it’s walk my hounds at the crack of dawn before the whole house is up). That said, I seem to have put on my holiday weight already this fall. And it’s not even Halloween yet. For me, the culprits are portion size, carbs, sweets and wine. Thanks for the reminder about getting back on track. 🙂

  262. Head to the gym, even if you don’t want to…those endorphins make you feel so warm and fuzzy afterwards.

  263. Georgette says:

    Sleep is key and I never seem to get enough. When I work at getting more sleep, I’m a much better person.

  264. Drink plenty of water. I feel much better when I drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.

  265. Amy Burchette says:

    I would have to repeat what I just learned on Oprah’s lifeclass, “Let God be your sugardaddy!”

  266. I know this sounds silly, but I have a 4 month old and she is my best healthy habit. I drink more water and breastfeeding usually helps get my weight down. Also, all those stairs to go get her from her naps and lifting all of her almost 16 pounds keeps my arms strong.

  267. I take lots of vitamins, especially during the winter months.

  268. making a conscious effort to drink a good amount of water everyday. it makes such a difference to me!

  269. I like to drink shakes and exercise in the early morning.

  270. Neede this post, thank! My fav tip is drink tons of water & walk. 🙂 simple but wow it makes a big difference! Creedamy (at) yahoo(dot)com

  271. eat REAL food — no boxes, artificial ingr. etc

  272. A couple health related goals I have right now are to drink water with lemon in it first thing in the morning and to take my cod liver oil every day. I would love to win this awesome package!

  273. Colleen M. says:

    I have to agree with drinking more water and getting exercise. I need to work on both of these as I struggle with them on a weekly basis.

  274. Baby steps. Take the stairs. Skip one soda. Add an apple to your lunch. Take your kids for a walk. We didn’t form bad habits overnight and if we jump in and change everything all at once, we will be overwhelmed and fail. Baby steps set us up for a lifetime of success.

  275. If you are looking for a good iron without the side effects of most look up Ultimate Iron. You can only get it at health food stores. It is liquid liver fractions. This was recommended to me from a naturopaths office. I was once told I was severly anemic and they were talking blood transfusions. Last they tested I was low normal.

  276. Take your vitamins. Since I started taking my vitamins regularly I feel better and am sick less!

  277. Planning out our meals for the week helps us avoid the temptation of an easy (but not healthy) drive-thru meal because “there’s nothing in the house to eat!”

  278. Planning meals and keeping healthy snacks such as cut up veggies and fruit in the fridge. I just wish I could find a way to ban my husband from the grocery store, they always seem to sell him Ice cream and potato chips!

  279. Getting enough sleep and making sure there is unscheduled time each week.

  280. Walk, walk,walk. You can do it anywhere, even at home!

  281. Get out of a job you hate! It’s not worth it to be unhappy and stressed.

  282. Tracy Stone says:

    Drink 8 glasses (8 ounces) of water every day. It’s easy, it’s free (!) and it helps so many things in our bodies.

  283. Water, water, water! It helped me lose almost 30 pounds (I think it helped to make me feel fuller and I was therefore able to eat less) and it kept me energized!

  284. I pour my water into a large water bottle so know when I’ve drinken the correct ounces for the day.

  285. I make a weekly trip to the nearby farm to load up on seasonal, organic produce.

  286. I am trying to cut out more processed foods and incorporate more fresh ingredients in our meals. I can already see my bad eating habits starting to rub off on my 2-year-olds and I want to reverse the damage I’ve done.

  287. Drink enough water and get plenty of sleep. Those two are really important for me to feel well.

  288. I love to take walks with the girls, and since we live in town, it works out well to do that for errands, we’ve even shoved lots of groceries in the wagon, or under the stroller!

  289. I try to get the family on board. For example, it’s tough for me to get to sleep by 10 if others are up watching TV and banging bathroom doors and eating! 🙂 So, I try to impress on everyone how getting a little more sleep will go a long way towards feeling more energetic. It lasts about a week at a time, though!! 🙂

  290. I found out I was diabetic so I started walking with my boys every day and eating more veggies.We have also cut way back on our sugar consumption.

  291. My biggest tip is that I try to get enough sleep every night. Being tired just makes everything so much….more. And not in a good way. LOL

  292. My favorite tip….SLEEP! It’s so hard to get to bed at a decent time, but it’s so important for how you feel…physically and emotionally!

  293. I’m with you! I was doing great (running everyday) and then got injured 🙁 but I still find that if I stop drinking a ton of water (so called my water habit by my friends) I feel icky! So definitely increase your water consumption!

  294. My favorite tip for living smart & healthy: we eat real, whole foods

  295. I think of my kids and how I want to be an example to them of how to live a healthy life. I haven’t done so far, but I’m going to start.

  296. My face tip is “Take it one day at a time”. Do/change one small thing and as it becomes habit or when you are ready add something else. Keep repeating until you have reached your goal. That way you can celebrate each small goal until you reach your big one. Kinda like the debt snowball, but for your health =)

  297. We try to eat fruit at every meal and dinners are low-carb – no more pasta/bread/rice to try to help us keep off the holiday pounds.

  298. when you go offtrack(and you will) don’t throw in the towel, regroup and and get back on

  299. Walking home from school…my daughter and I catch up and get some exercise at the same time.

  300. Hit the road running, one step at a time, no pressure for time, just me, myself and the road. And cook simply- simple, wholesome ingredients and simple recipes.

  301. Almost all studies conclude that you should eat more fruits and vegetables so, I try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

  302. I don’t buy junk food and try to exersize and drink at least 32 oz. of water everyday.

  303. The best thing I’ve done lately is to find a support group of others that need to lose weight…helps to know I’m accountable and not alone!

  304. I do better when I have healthy snacks in the house.

  305. Dawn-Marie says:

    I exercise on the eliptical while watching my favorite shows.

  306. I have found it helpful to have a schedule. Even if I don’t do things at exactly the same clock time each day, I do them in the same order. It helps me fit in exercise, eating right, etc. 🙂

  307. Exercise and do not eat junk. No excuses when the kids are older and can be home alone or have siblings who are old enough to watch them. My husband and I try to walk or run every night. If a night doesn’t work then I work it in during the day.

  308. Living smart & healthy, hmmm? I think finding quiet time is a must and I enjoy riding my bike when possible (kids in tow at times).

  309. I get up at 4:30am during the week & I exercise for an hour, & have my quiet time.It has made such a difference in my life – those 2 things are important to my health & sanity & help me get a clear head for the day ahead & it makes a difference in the rest of my day to have my 2 “big” things crossed off the list before I even get my kids up!

  310. Charity L. says:

    One of’ my favorite tips is pre-planning dinners for the week. That way I can see what I am eating and can balance out the rest of meals for each day for a healthy meal plan. It also helps to keep us from just picking up fast food because I already have everything on hand for that week’s dinner menu.

  311. It takes planning to be healthy. You have to have the right foods already bought and you have to plan activity.

  312. Sheryl F. says:

    I try to just keep moving during the day. I try to walk as much as I can.

  313. try to pass on multivitamins. eat a well rounded diet and take what you’re missing. multi’s are too one fit for me.

  314. What an awesome giveway! The tip that works best for me is to alternate coffee with water. So, after that first “wake-me-up” cup, I need to drink water before having the second cup.

  315. heather c says:

    My favorite tip is to try and get a 20 minute powernap in everyday. Usually 20 minutes is all I need to get me through the rest of the day/evening!

  316. I’ve become a flexitarian (which means mostly vegetarian). I don’t eat red meat at all. I started buying and serving tons more fruits and vegetables.

  317. After having our 3rd child 3 months ago, I too need to reevaluate and take better care of me.

    I do try to eat healthy and feed my family whole foods. 🙂

  318. Drink more water, sleep the adequate amount of time for your body, eat right and exercise. Easier to say than do, however.

  319. It is so important to get enough sleep each night and eat moderately. Two things I constantly struggle with. Always trying to do better, though.

  320. I try to make sure that my family and I get out and about as much as we can. I think staying active keeps your life balanced. Sometimes this involves going to the park and playing or a quick walk around the neighborhood after dinner. We try to keep it simple.

  321. It may sound basic but drinking lots of water and eating fruits and veggies.

  322. Absolutely, water and sleep. I find if I am on track with both, I feel much better!

  323. Hmmm…. take a nap when the baby does. Seriously… it’s saving my life right now.

  324. I very rarely buy processed foods. I always try to cook healthy meals from scratch and am taking baby steps to freezer cooking (thanks to you!)

  325. I believe I’m living smarter by cooking more from scratch. Since I’ve been reading your blog, I make so many things at home and I feel like I’m doing better by myself and my family. BTW, everyone LOVES the chocolate chip muffins. 😉

  326. I would have to say cooking from scratch, drinking water, walking, and daily time with God. If I do those things, I am a completely different person! 🙂

  327. As regularly as possible: 2 liters of water a day, Pilates, yoga, or some cardio every day (20 min can make a HUGE difference), increase raw foods, decrease sugary drinks and sweets, increase vegetarian meals, use more natural body care (lotions, shampoos, etc).

  328. My favorite tip that absolutely,hands down works for me is going to bed early and getting up early in the morning!! Start the day before the kids. Lazily sleeping in or dozing even on the weekends, makes me feel so tired and lacking energy all day long.

  329. If I get to work early, I walk around our office.

  330. Allowing myself to have some “me” time. It does wonders for my stress level.

  331. One of the most important things to remember is that you can’t take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself first.

    A suggestion I read in a magazine suggested wearing 8 bangle bracelets on your wrist and as you drink a glass of water moving the bangle to the other wrist to ensure that you meet your hydration requirements.

    dazed 1821 at aol dot com

  332. Losing the perfection. As my husband likes to say, “A bad workout is better than no workout”.

  333. Janelle G says:

    I make sure to take the long way during my day. i.e. take afar away parking spot, take the stairs, walk those few blocks to get coffee rather than hop in the car, ect.

  334. Mine would be is to exercise first thing in the morning before the day takes over.

  335. Water instead of soda! It really does a body good. ;o)

  336. Drinking lots of water and eating more protein really make a difference in my energy level.

  337. I NEED to stop drinking so much coffee and switch to green tea and water! But I will say after putting it off, your post did inspire me to get my bloodwork/physical taken care off! THANKS!

  338. A big glass of water with 2 TBS apple cider vinegar!

  339. Kim Vojacek says:

    I absolutely agree about portion control. I believe that Americans have gotten out of control along with being taught to clean our plates. It is an uphill battle!!!

  340. Stephanie P. says:

    Loved this message! My tip is to get the family involved. We need to take my own advice and go for walks together around the block after dinner!

  341. Drinking water and cutting out soda/pop has made a world of difference for me! I still occasionally “indulge” while eating out, but now it is a treat instead of the norm. Thanks!

  342. Cassidy M. says:

    I know you already listed it, but drink water. I cannot tell you the difference it makes when i do this on a regular basis, and it really does help you to lose weight.

  343. Water — it’s all about drinking enough water. Sometimes I get tired of “plain water” and add a slice of lemon for a little flavor and a great change of pace in my water habit.

  344. In bed every night by 10:30. Get enough rest, and I can tackle anything. Also I have been running with 2 others. The accountability gets it done!

  345. Taking the dogs for a walk by myself! It is amazing how energized I feel when I get back home, like I can tackle anything!

  346. Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and make sure you get your daily quota of fruits, vegetables and fiber.

  347. Deanna G. says:

    My favorite tip: Keep a positive attitude! Things wont seem so tough & you’ll feel way better. 🙂

  348. I set an alarm on my phone every night for 7:30. When it goes off, I know to stop whatever I’m doing and do some yoga. That keeps me centered and relaxed!

  349. Drink 2 classes of water in the morning before breakfast. It gets your body hydrated after sleeping.

  350. I have begun to exercise everyday Just trying to move as much as possible.

  351. My best habit is pre-planning – planning out breakfasts, lunches & dinners for me and my children helps all of us to eat better, more nutritious meals rather than grabbing fast food or (sorry!) the awful school lunch offerings.

  352. I’m not very good at it, but going to bed on time makes all the difference in the world.

  353. Not to be trite, but I try to make it a “lifestyle”, and then it’s harder to slip out of. Thanks!!

  354. I sprinkle ground flax seed on EVERYTHING!

  355. Enough sleep, 6 servings of fruit and veg a day, and a daily walk as a baseline. More veg are good, more exercise is good, and there’s nothing wrong with a nap. But the first three are essential.

  356. I am in desperate need of getting back on track. I’ve been off a long time and it shows! Since I’m super busy without much time for an “actual” workout, I march around my house whenever possible. And when my son is getting his TV time and I’m cleaning up the kitchen, I march in place – while doing dishes, cleaning counters, etc. When I go peek in to check on him, I walk around the whole house. I set the timer for 30 min so while it’s not GREAT movement, it’s SOME movement and some days that’s the best I can hope for.

  357. Sally mcquaid says:

    Playing with the kids =exercis. We to out with the kids and run around and play. Its great for all of us.

  358. My favorite tip: when you think you are hungry drink a big glass of water first! Also get moving it could be walking, running, going to the gym or working out at home but when i do exercise i realize how hard i work and it makes the junk food less desirable

  359. I’m going to start taking a walk around my neighborhood each day, weather permitting…

  360. Nice weather inspires me – not too hot and not too cold!

  361. Shannon Hartman says:

    I am trying to move my body every day, I’ve decided that 7000 steps is good for me so that is my goal at least 6 days a week. Sometimes that means walking around the house before bed!

  362. No tip, but I am interested to hear what you fins when your multi-vitamin research is complete. It’s so very annoying that you can’t just go grab a bottle of whatever vitamin you need and trust it to be good quality and the actual amount the label claims.

  363. I know exercise helps the energy level, so now I need to get back into that each week. It’s definitely easier said than done.

  364. Definitely with those who have said water,water,water and more rest! I do not get to bed at a decent hour at night.

  365. Eating more fruits, veggies, and grains. Drinking plenty of water. Getting 7-8 hrs of uninterrupted sleep.

  366. Water and moderation are the keys to a happy and healthy life!

  367. Everything in moderation, and walk whenever you can.

  368. Drinking water and getting in bed by 10p

  369. I try to walk wherever I can, even if it is 1.5 miles to the library. Plus, we eat at home a lot – simple things like smoothies and hummus/toast for lunch. If it’s too complicated, I’m less likely to make a good meal on a busy day.

  370. Nancy Lundy says:

    I’ve kicked my Coke (Coca-Cola) habit & am drinking only water. I recently purchased a bicycle. I work at home & am trying to get into the habit of taking a short ride at lunch or when my 2 p.m. slump hits to increase my energy level and get some exercise.

  371. Water, water, water. I’ve found that if I have access to cold water I will drink it (over the diet coke I really would rather have!). I bought a set of nice cups with lids and straws and keep on filled in the fridge at all times. They rotate around so that I always have cold water!

  372. Laura Evans says:

    Incorporating the entire family into the healthy living process. We exercise, cook from scratch, and grow vegetables together. It doesn’t make me feel guilty sneaking in some exercise since I’m spending quality time with the kids and/or husband.
    Also, as I have allergies avoiding gluten and are necessities for me to stay well.

  373. I was just thinking as I was outside kicking the soccer ball around with my son…’I should try to do this every day. Maybe I would get in alittle better shape and lose a few pounds and alittle of my growing rear end’. Also last night as I woke up thirsty in the middle of the night, I vowed to drink more water during the day like I used to.

  374. I think planning and preparation make healthy living so much easier.

  375. One of my favorite tips: substitute beans for meat as the protein for at least one meal per week… Less saturated fat for your heart and less cash from your wallet! 🙂

  376. Katie in AZ says:

    I wasn’t figuring out how to lose weight on my own so I finally broke down and started one of the “systems” to lose weight (you know the one–Marie Osmond uses it). The weight is finally coming off. It’s slow, but steady.

  377. Taking regular walks with my husband has not only helped me physically but it’s also been an emotional boost to have the time to talk.

  378. My favorite thing to remember is to watch my water intake.

  379. Not sure if I am posting before the cut-off. My tip is drinking water.

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