Getting Started with Coupons

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Last week in Walmart I caused some fellow shoppers a small degree of frustration. I was using coupons at the checkout. Despite the fact that the front checkstands were deserted when I got in line, a small queue formed behind me as it took a few minutes for the checker to scan my coupons. But, I got a full cart of groceries for $22.16. So I’m okay with that.

Just call me Coupon Queen.

Want to be one, too?

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  1. I try to pick cashiers that look “coupon friendly”. The other day, I seperated my purchases and coupons so they could be scanned together, in case of any issues. The lady kept the coupons and bagged everything. Then at the end, guess what, the scanner beeped over every single coupon. It took 30 minutes. I started to apologize to the people in line behind me. And I almost apologized to the cashier. But then I told myself I had nothing to be sorry for. And as moms we always say we are sorry for everything. So I just let it be. I wont get in her line again. But I will always bring my coupons. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. I would like to start couponing, but I don’t subscribe to our local paper. I don’t even know for sure the amount I would save on groceries would validate the cost of BUYING a Sunday paper. Are there any online sites where you can print out all of the same coupons that are in the newspapers?

    1. @Kendell, most money saving sites post what coupons will be in the upcoming papers. This weekend would be a great weekend to buy a paper as there are 3 inserts. The coupons alone in the P&G are well worth the cost of the paper.

    2. @Kendell, I grab the coupons from the paper at the front desk of my office on Monday nights/Tuesday morning. Ask around, maybe there’s someone willing to do the same for you.