Gift Idea: One Cool Bag

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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Have you got something special lined up for the sweet moms in your life?

My husband groaned when he remembered that the FishMama Trifecta begins this weekend. I reassured him that Disneyland could cover all three.

But, if a trip to Disneyland doesn’t suit your purposes, try this one on for size.

See my cool new bag? Well, it’s really a cooler. See?

This product line is from Thermos Raya. I think it’s the perfect bag for family outings and picnics. We’ve taken ours to the beach, the zoo, the park. No one knows it’s a cooler. Yet, we’re prepared when the munchies hit.

I got one last summer and loved it so much, I bought one for each of the ladies in my family at Christmas time. There are a number of different models available: duffle bag, tote bag, and box shape.

If you don’t want to mess with shipping, you can walk into your local Target. That’s where I bought mine, and they had a whole range of styles and colors. Grab a bag for $10-$20 and fill it with some fun MOM snacks and a few ice packs.

You’ll have a great gift to help MOM stay cool.

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  1. Disneyland would do very nicely! My hubby and I are going there in just over a week for the first time! Can’t wait to check it out!!

  2. We bought a backpack cooler at Target a few years ago. Very comfortable to carry.

  3. That’s COOL! We’re even going to Disney later this year. I’ll have to take a look at Target. Or maybe I’ll order from Amazon, since I have some gift cards. Hmmmm…. :o)

  4. The duffle is what I use to carry my lunch to work. I love that it opens like an old time doctors bag. It holds a lot and especially the larger or odd sized containers for lunch items…and this is in addition to one of the ice pack blocks. Excellent quality for the price you pay. They have a nice selection of patterns/colors too.

  5. I have this too but mine is light purple with butterflies! I use it for my lunch and snacks at work. It fits everything, even frozen lunches and my little thermos and snacks at the same time.

  6. Ok, warning this is a little self promotion, but know that even if I did not sell Thirty-One, I would love this Thermal Tote. It’s a great size, it can be personalized for that extra touch, it looks great and it’s only $14! There is also a smaller size for kids and two larger sizes for a family picnic or a car trip. Check it out! I’d love to send you one to try out! Drop me an email and I’ll put one in the mail!