Gifts of Food (Ultimate Recipe Swap)

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Ultimate Recipe Swap

The holiday season is fast approaching. Thanksgiving in three weeks away. Invitations to family get-togethers, church potlucks, office parties, and the like will start trickling in if they haven’t already. And it’s always fun to have a little something to bring to the hostess or to share with friends and coworkers.

And after the Holy Spirit, food is the Great Comforter.

So, what can you make?

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing many ideas for quick and easy food gifts. And I’m sure today’s link up will provide tons to choose from.

Here are some of my favorites:

Create a tea basket.

Include mugs or teacups, a few packages of tea, sugar cubes, honey straws, even a silver spoon. You might even throw in a bag of cookies or some quick breads. This particular basket cost less than $5. With a little creative thinking, you can find all kinds of goodies to make a little tea-party-on-the-go.

Take dinner.

You know me, I love a freezer meal. And sometimes friends get inundated with food gifts that need to be consumed right away. This does not contribute to a healthy holiday, does it? Instead, gift them with food that can be enjoyed next week! Pop in on Friday for freezer cooking inspiration.

Bundle some goodies.

Bake some cookies, stir up some granola, or mix up a baking mix. Package in a clear gift bag, tie it with a ribbon, and call it good.

If you’ve got a pretty presentation, the food gift will look extra special. Save ribbons and other gift toppers to use for wrapping food gifts. You might even want to keep a box in your pantry for quick and easy gifts.

What kind of food gifts do you like to give?

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  1. I love giving a gift that I have baked! Looking forward to seeing what everyone is offering!

  2. I love giving cupcakes as gifts! Thanks!

  3. I’m hoping to make a lot of gifts this year with all of the time I’m spending at home (on Maternity Leave).
    This week’s URS should provide a lot of inspiration! I’m putting a reminder on my Google Calendar so I check back in a day or two.

  4. I just love your gift ideas! I often give cookies as gifts either on a pretty plate or in a pretty cookie tin (for the recipient to keep – you can often get sets of three cookies tins on sale really reasonably so I stock up when I see them – and pretty antique plates often sell for very little in flea markets or in some antique shops). Everyone knows about my chocolate chip cookies now, and people even ask for them 🙂 Thanks for hosting, and I’m looking forward to popping back tomorrow for those freezer cooking ideas – thanks!

  5. I bake a lot for gifts, especially teachers, neighbors and extended family. I submitted Chocolate Whoopie Pies that can easily be freezed if needed.

    Thanks for the link-up.

  6. I totally love giving homemade jellies and jams decorated cutely with some bread or scones. Pumpkin butter is an awesome one to give this time of year… YES I have given out about 6 jars already this month!

  7. And finally… Biscotti! Dipping in chocolate. People die for this stuff! That is why I finally posted a recipe on my blog.

  8. Those are great gift ideas!

  9. i love giving baked gifts. i posted my pumpkin ginger bread recipe 🙂

  10. I haven’t posted a recipe or idea as of now, but I just want to say I love the way you have such cute, common sense ideas and are willing to call it good! What a breath of fresh air in this age of complication. *happy sigh*

    Bless you! Hope to later post a recipe on my blog to link. Right now I do have a ravioli dinner my oldest daughter made which would be great to entertain with. Your blog is a blessing for my daughters and we really enjoy it!

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @Amelia, thank you! I needed that. Dealing with a stressful situation when your email came. Thanks for the encouragement.

      • @Jessica Fisher, You are so welcome, I’m so glad I was able to be an encouragement. Yay God! : ) I just really felt impressed to let you know how much my girls and I so enjoy your blog! What a wonderful community here, so thankful for all of your work. God bless you! We appreciate you.

  11. Love, love, love this! I make gifts for extended family and friends every year and have so much fun looking for new ideas! This year, I am going to try cutting rice krispie treats into sticks and dipping them in chocolate-yum!

  12. I’m still stuck in fall mode at my blog, lol, so nothing new on the holiday front. I posted my “twelve treats of Christmas” series from last year instead. Thanks so much for the link-up!

  13. Since becoming a SAHM, we have less money to go around for gifts. Last year, instead of gettign my Grandmother something that she may or may not wind up using, I gave her a menu of my best dishes and instructions for the rest of the year. I asked that she pick a dish and let me know which she wanted by the 5th of every month and I delivered it to her by the end of the month. She doesn’t drive and really doesn’t cook, so it gave her the opportunity to have homecooked meals with plenty of leftovers for freezing. An added plus is that she gets the enjoy the gift all year long.

  14. Thank you for hosting the swap ~ I look forward to gleaning from all your lovely readers and trying some new ideas in the future.

    Blessings ~

  15. I love gifting things that I made with my own hands. It’s so much more special and from the heart!

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