Girls, Dressing Up, & A Shailie Giveaway

FishChick4 had her birthday yesterday. Not only did she ask for a Cinderella doll, but we also had a princess cake. And FishChick2 cried herself to sleep because she didn’t get a Dora bicycle with training wheels.

Yes, girls are different than boys.

And while I would say that my girls are a little more complex (and higher pitched) than my boys, I am enjoying this new adventure as the mother of daughters.

One thing that’s different is our dress-up paraphernalia. Though cowboy hats and bandanas still work, dressing up girls involves a little more bling and a few more accessories than I think the FishBoys ever cared about. When they went clothes shopping with my mom and me, I was stunned at the flashy items that caught their eyes.

Yes, we read a little Fancy Nancy around here.

So, what fun it was for my big girl to try out the Shailie toy this weekend. While this build-your-own dress up gown is designed for six year olds and older, FishChick4 still enjoyed arranging the jewels and trying on her creation.

Here’s what Shailie has to say:

What kind of girl doesn’t love playing dress-up?

Admit it, you do too. Now, what girl wouldn’t love designing and playing in her own dress-up creations?

Kari created Style Paige LLC® when she couldn’t find toys for her daughter Paige that inspired the same creative energy for girls that her sons’ toys did for boys.

Luckily, Kari and her mother, Connie, are accomplished seamstresses. They began feverishly sewing dress-up components for girls to design, create, wear… and then switch it up and do it again! Shailie® was born offering sleeves, skirts, tops, and accessories of various styles, colors, and lengths. Girls can mix and match to create endless looks on their very own life size designer dress form making their creation a cinch to wear and model with friends. Let the fashion frenzy begin!

Shailie is taking the toy world by storm, earning the following awards already:

  • 2009 TD MONTHLY Innovations Award
  • 2009 Creative Child Magazine Product of the Year
  • Disney iParenting Award winner
  • 2010 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Toy

You can follow Shailie on Facebook in order to find out their latest news and products

While my four year old did enjoy playing with the Shailie, I would stand by the company’s recommendation of this being a toy for six year olds and older. Many of the pieces were too big for FishChick4 to wear comfortably, and she didn’t quite “get” the idea of being her own fashion designer.

But, what fun your bigger girls could create!

This week one LifeasMOM reader will win a Shailie starter set.

To Enter:

Simply leave a comment on this post, sharing what kind of dress up your children love to do.

Giveaway will be open until Sunday, November 21st at 8 pm, PST. Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours in order to claim your prize.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Congrats to the winner, decadent87@

Disclosure: Style Paige is an advertising sponsor of the Holiday Happiness series. I have not been compensated to publish positive comments. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. WE love hats and aprons for playing in the kitchen.

  2. My neice would LOVE this, and truth be told, my 12 year old would love it too, if it fit her.

    • @Michelle, It would fit her! Shailie was designed to fit most girls. Kari (age 34) wore it at toy fair in NYC for a design off with girls from design school. Older girls totally get in to creating and designing different gowns. great fun!!

      Just thought I would add a comment . good luck with the give away!
      Connie from Shailie

  3. my daughter loves her bag of old halloween costumes and my closet for dress up!

  4. My daughter loves anything princess. My son loves pirates.

  5. My 2 1/2 year old daughter will dress up in anything from her own clothes to old halloween costumes. My son loves his superhero costumes as well.

  6. My 4 year old is a Fancy Nancy reader too. Right now she is running around in ballet slippers, a tutu, and a sweater. She also likes to tie blankets around her head and shoulders to become little red riding hood or Rapunzel.

  7. Aubrey Ives says:

    My three girls all love to dress up like princesses and ballerinas with lots of bling!

  8. My daughter would love this! Both of my kids enjoy turning towels, pillowcases, dishrags…whatever…into capes.

  9. My daughter LOVES to play dress up! She will put on daddy’s army boots, a tutu, her purse (filled with the little paper credit cards that come off of credit card offers) a cowboy hat, and a pink “moose” coat. We no longer encourage her to dress herself in the mornings! Lol

  10. My sweet daughter has spent most of her dress-up life wearing knight, priate, or cowboy outfits from her brothers’ stash (3 boys). Since 2 little girls moved in across the street, she has discovered the world of princess attire and is thoroughly captivated. This would be a fabulous gift for her!

  11. The favorite dress up around here is an old halloween Furby costume that my grandma gave to my kids. Of course they have no idea what a Furby is so they call it the chicken. lol

  12. My daughter loves to dress up in just about anything she can find! She’s mostly a princess-type girl but thanks to her grandma who sews, she’s got all sorts of costumes, and mix and matches all those pieces.

  13. My daughter loves to dress up in any costume but is currently in a big princess phase. My son is kind of growing out of it, but still dresses up like his favorite sports player when he watches the games.

  14. My 3 year old likes to put on anything with a good twirl-effect. My 7 year old niece would love this give-away!

  15. My girls are dressing up like princesses daily. Crowns optional!

  16. Thank you for offering this chance to win! My daughter is in dress-up clothes any time we’re home and many times attempted (sometimes successfully) wearing her dress-up gowns out. I like to hit the sales up after halloween to add to her dress-up collection.

  17. My daughter loves to wear princess dresses

  18. My girls love to be princesses!!

  19. All of my daughters are clothes-horses and would LOVE this. They all get a new set of costumes at Halloween and Christmas so we have everything – pirates, fairies, princesses, ballerinas…

  20. My girls like to dress up in former easter, xmas, and holiday dresses and be a princess, mom, working adult or whatever else gets imagined.

  21. My daughter will be 2 in December, but she has already begun playing dress up from time to time. Her Nana picks up outfits after Halloween is over and this has become the basis for her dress up wardrobe. She loves her Snow White dress.

  22. Jewelry and shoes reign supreme around here!

  23. Right now they want to be princesses. And although they might be a little young, it would be SO worth it!

  24. My niece loves wearing tutus and all of my jewelry! She would LOVE this! And she is 6 so it would be perfect!

  25. My kids love to dress up as characters from the latest books we are reading aloud!

  26. Both of my girls would love this (4 & 7)- the 4 Yo would especially love all the many endless options- and the 7YO loves to create!

  27. We have more dress up clothes and accessories than I care to admit. When not dressing a Disney princess, my little one can be found in a pink and black zebra print outfit with pink cowgirl boots!

  28. My kids dress up in all kinds of crazy things – might be a princess, animal, superhero – depends on the moment.

  29. AllieZirkle says:

    My girls LOVE to wear my shoes while doing their chores. It’s hilarious!

  30. My 8 year old is all about dressing up- usually with a fairy theme. She has also shown an interest in sewing clothes. Just last week she tried her hand at homemade costumes for her brothers to wear for a play to present to Dad at the end of the day. She would LOVE this!

  31. my kiddos love playing dress up. In fact, it makes up the majority of what they play. My boys love re-enacting Chronicles of Narnia and my girlie loves anything to do with princesses and/or playing a momma. 😉

  32. My 4 year old girl loves princess dresses and leotards. My 6 and 8 year old boys enjoy “boy” halloween costumes…spiderman, army man, iron man, and a myriad of swords and accessories!

  33. That is such a neat idea!
    If my youngest daughter is at home, she’s wearing dress up clothes. Usually a leotard but sometimes it’s very Fancy Nancy-ish. 🙂

  34. Oh wow, my daughter would love this! She is 3 and has been a dress up fanatic for over a year. I love that there are all different components so she can be creative! Now I just need someone to help me store all her dress up stuff so it’s neatly tucked away, but she can still use it!

  35. oh wow! This is amazing! My daughter has been “designing” on paper since she could hold a pencil! LOL! This was MADE for her!!!

  36. I would be getting this for my friend’s little girl, who loves dressing up like Fancy Nancy and anything that involves pretty dresses!

  37. My daughter LOVES to dress up. She has a whole trunk of dress-up clothes. She loves to wear princess dresses, bridesmaid dresses, or anything that has ruffles, sparkles, or anything else fancy, as well as the matching shoes!

  38. My girls love fancy dresses!

  39. My daughter loves just about any kind of dress up!

  40. what a great idea for Christmas! my DD loves ANYTHING girly for dress-up!

  41. Annette Holbrook says:

    My daughters would love this, they dress up constantly and they love their bling as well!

  42. Grin – I have girls, they dress up, in everything, in anything, and preferably alike! Too sweet.

    The biggest hit currently is their robes.

  43. old halloween costumes, glittery dresses I find at garage sales, cowboys, pirates, Vikings, and monsters!

  44. Tara LaPierre says:

    Awesome! Yeah for girls!!

  45. My daughter loves dressing up as a princess or pirate.

  46. My kids like to dress up as pirates or play different characters like from Toy Story or Dora. There really is no limit!

    My daughter (8) loves dressing up as something girly such as a princess or ballerina. This would be such a great gift for her! 🙂

  47. My girls love to dress up in fancy princess gowns, tutus, cowgirl hats, and “dance” outfits. Unfortunately, their little brother gets dressed up in these too. Dress up is their favorite game and I usually get a nightly fashion show!

  48. Amy LeBLanc says:

    My daughter Piper would love to make the dress with the most bling possible. She would be totally drawn to the fuscia skirt on the start kit as well. She has an unending imagination for clothing and what could be. This would go so well with her mini sewing machine that she wants.

  49. my 3 year old loves putting on her big sis’s recital costumes(old ones) and twirling around the house.

    she is such a girl too

  50. Definitely a princess with some Narnia thrown in there too!

  51. I have three girls, and they love to create their own costumes, adding buttons and decorative trim. They scour thrift shops for their fancy stuff. On the boys in contrast to girls comment, after three girls, my two little boys are a respite! I love my girls, and watching them grow up is a real treat, so learning the boy side of things really is fun!

  52. My daughter loves dressing up in anything! My clothes, princess dresses, her own clothes…really, anything will do! She would love this stuff.

  53. My daughter is 7 and she loves to dress herself up with scarfs and leggings and all types of “accessories”. I think she would love this. Especially because she has a fashion challenged, jean and t-shirt wearing Mom. 🙂

  54. I have 2 daughters (6 and 4) so dress-up is a definite in our house. They love to play dress-up. Here are a few costumes they have come up with lately: cheerleader, cat (clearance find after Halloween), chef, princess and gymnasts. I think they would love to be able to make their own dress-up clothes.

  55. My two year old loves to put on my old satin choir dress from high school and inform me that her name is Princess Dancing Queen. And then proceeds to spin around and trip over the dress.

  56. My nieces’ would love this. They are always pretending to be gymnasts, princesses, and dancers!

  57. Looks like my girls are the same! Princesses, fairies…my son likes anything with a sword, or being a prince or a monster. ha!

  58. My girls like to dress up like princesses and my son likes to dress up as a firefighter, police officer or some other emergency worker.

  59. Plus my younger daughter is named Shaylei–pronounced the same as Shailie–lol

  60. Both my son & daughter love to play “dress-up”. My daughter, though, just discovered princesses, so you can imagine what that entails now!

  61. My daughter loves to dress up. Her favs are being a princess and a ballerina. She accessorizes and puts on play make up. So cute!

  62. So excited about this giveaway! My daughter loves anything “bling”… her favorite thing is to deck herself out in as many sparkly necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc as she can and parade around the house.

  63. My 15 mo old doesn’t play dress up yet; however my 6 year old niece loves playing dress up.

  64. My daughter is always pretending to be one princess or the other. One day she is Cinderella…the next she is Belle. She loves playing dress up!

  65. My kids like all kinds of costume. The chef’s costume probably the best.

  66. We have all of my old prom and bridesmaid dresses cut down to size as well as a box of blingy jewels and handbags past down from my great aunt.

  67. My granddaughter loves to wear big girl shoes and clothes which usually means she’s walking around in her mother’s slippers and dresses. Too cute!

  68. Can’t wait for my baby girl to want to play dress-up!

  69. I have 3 daughters who love to dress up- my 11 year old dresses up as opera singers and then has concerts for us, my 6 year old loves to dress up as a princess, and my 4 year old wants to be a pirate, or a princess, or a Backyardigan!

  70. My daughter loves dressing up in glamorous outfits and parading around the house. She would be in heaven with this new dress-up set. What a creative idea!

  71. We love the fancy dresses here – lots of layers, lots of tulle, lots of bling. If its “pretty” my girls will were it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. My daughter loves to dress up in anything she thinks is “pretty” and she loves to wear them when we go out

  73. definitely princess dress up here!

  74. We like to dress up in anything “pretty,” especially if it is mommy’s.

  75. My boys dress up in their “worker guy” attire and in their capes. I always danced as a girl so I have lots of dress up dance costumes, just no girls to play with them!

  76. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to play dress up!

  77. My daughter loves wearing dance recital costumes and performing for us.

  78. I have three daughters and they all love dress up. The little two (5 and almost 3) just like to put on dresses and be princesses. The oldest ( 9) has outgrown the dress up part. But she would LOVE to design her own gowns.

  79. Joellen Foster says:

    My oldest (5) loves to dress up as a princess or a doctor…or a doctor/fairy/princess. 🙂 Our middle child, 2.5 years, likes to dress up in her big sister’s clothes and shoes, and the youngest, at 6 months old, gets dressed up by her big sisters.

  80. Anything girlie for my girls!

  81. my 5-year-old had a rapunzel party (and tower cake!) on Saturday! How fun! She loves to dress up as a princess or to just dress herself up in outfits of her own design…particularly things in layers.

  82. I have the perfect little girl in mind for this.

  83. My daughter loves to dress up in anything from princess clothes and shoes to mommy and daddy’s clothes while I’m trying to fold and put them away!!!! She loves hats and headbands too, oh and purses!! She’s a hoot!!! 🙂

  84. Mine love to dress as princesses.

  85. Dressing up in old dresses at Grandma’s house!

  86. My kids love to dress up. weather its gloves, sunglasses, different types of hats, aprons.. So nice to grow there creative minds! Would love to win this for my daughter…..

  87. First of all Happy Birthday to her!

    We love mix and match dress up — combining princess type costumes with fairy wings … then it’s off to a Tea Party!

  88. Jennifer M says:

    My daughter loves to dress up in just about anything. She can do it for hours!

  89. MICHELLE M says:

    Anything they can come up with…mostly super heroes right now…blankets make great capes!

  90. My daughter loves dress up play. Her favorites are ballerina, princess, pirate, Mary, fisherman, Maleficent, cowboy, cat, and chef. Yes, it’s quite the varied list. lol

  91. Since watching Barbie a Fashion Fairy Tale my daughter Leysha has been making paper dolls/paper outfits like crazy and mixing up her own clothes to create (ahem) interesting ‘fashions.” She is almost six and would LOVE this thing. She’s been asking for a children’s sewing machine-but I don’t think we’re quite ready for that! This would be PERFECT!

  92. We have two girly girls here that love to dress up. The favored costume at the moment is a snow fairy princess. 🙂

  93. My girl loves to dress up as a princess, or a mommy 🙂

  94. My daughter loves all things girly and loves to dress up as a princess!

  95. My daughter just LOVES to play dress up in dresses, old (1940’s) hats, and gloves! We go to auctions and buy up all kinds of ‘glam items.

  96. We have a park ranger outfit that’s a lot of fun.

  97. Elizabeth R says:

    My daughter likes to dress up as animals.

  98. Lesley Prochaska says:

    Well we do not yet. She is only 16 months but it is starting to show signs. She has started to put my shoes on her feet and try to walk and she loves hats/sunglasses. She sits in font of the mirror and takes them on/off. So cute!

  99. My son and niece love to dress up as animals, doctors, princess and knight, cowboys, and whatever else they can dream up!

  100. Oh yes, we dress up around here. My daughter lately has been into creating a “rock band,” so most of her dress up outfits revolve around that. They also use some of my old dresses and pretend they are “poor.” Not sure what that says about my pre-teen taste . ..

  101. My daughter loves to dress up as a cook and make me treats.

  102. Tara Laxson says:

    My little girl loves to dress as the princess and she assigns her brother the part of the evil dragon.

  103. Tammy Lindner says:

    We keep a box of halloween costumes in a closet because my 3 kids looooove to play dress up!

  104. My girls love to dress up — anything from princesses to star wars! They love it all!

  105. My girls love to dress up as ‘Laura and Mary’ from the little house books.

  106. All costumes are popular in my house-my kids like to wear mommy and daddys clothes.

  107. my daughters love dressing up!

  108. My little one likes to be Snow White.

  109. My 5 year old daughter loves to dress up in play jewelry (she can never have too much on at one time) ,tutu,skirt,her high heels, old halloween costums, almost anything.

  110. My little niece (I have boys!) loves to pretend to be a fairy or a princess or a fairy princess!

  111. Even though my kids are almost all out of high school, they did love to dress up! My son routinely wore costumes to preschool. Now that they are grown up, they definitely
    all use clothes and hair style as a form of self expression. I like to think part of that is due to their childhood! I would love to win this giveaway for my 8 year old neighbor who is absolutely a fancy nancy!

  112. We love princess dress up!!

  113. My daughter, 7, loves to dress up as a princess and other girly things. Sometimes it’s a cheerleader or a pilgrim mom or a teacher, but usually, the fancier the better.

  114. joyce akeson says:

    My granddaughters love to dress up and I am always looking for new outfits for them. I know they would love this!

  115. Both of my daughters, 3 and 7, play dress-up every day. I did have to start a rule that they were not allowed to until after school is done for the day. They dress up as everything – princesses, ballerinas, chefs, waitresses, bees!

  116. My older daughters would adore designing outfits and my youngest would love modeling them! The best of both worlds…

  117. She definitely likes to dress up as a princess.

  118. Wow! How fun! After three boys, we are entering into the “girls are different than boys” stage with our two girls. They are so different! :0)

  119. My toddler girl likes to put on hats and a dog suit!

  120. Mary Jenkins says:

    My 3 year old daughter mostly wears her princess costumes, but she likes to be a cowgirl, BuzzLightyear, and she wraps herself in scarves and says she’s a gypsy!

  121. That is the best thing I have ever seem in the whole world. I want it so bad.

  122. Sally Mcquaid says:

    My daughter loves to dress up all the time. RIght now we are dressing up as magicians every day but im sure soon we will be back to princes and princesses

  123. My little girls love to use their older sister’s old dance costumes to dress up in.

  124. My children enjoy all sorts of dress up, in fact I have a whole toy chest devoted to dress up pieces I pick up along the way. From princesses, to knights, to dogs to mario! We love dressup in this house (and not just the girl, hehe)

  125. My 8 year old is very into fashion and a girly girl, she would love this!

  126. My toddler loves wearing my shoes! She’s better at walking in high heels than I am 🙂

  127. My daughter loves being a princess and a ballerina. The frillier, the better!

  128. My 4 year old loooooves dressing up! Her new favorite thing is to dress up her 10 month old sister who loooves the attention!!

  129. My girls love to dress up in pretty dresses and all the bling that goes with them!

  130. My daughter loves to dress up! She also loves to try on shoes. I often find her wearing my dress shoes around the house!

  131. loves pirates

  132. Wow my 6 year old daughter would be in heaven if she got this! We’d have a lot of fun making these dresses together. She loves to dress up in anything pink!

  133. Mellissa C says:

    My niece like dressing up like a Singer/Diva.

  134. Fancy dress-up girl is our favorite, using any scarves and necklaces she can find. She turns them into skirts, hats, belts, muffs, and capes.

  135. My daughter loves to dress up as a princess!

  136. Sarah Matos says:

    My girls love dressing up in Princess Themed Stuff. Heels, Dresses, and Tiaras.

  137. My daughter likes to use big scarves and tablecloths to create elaborate gowns. She also likes to wear my shoes and collect purses from Goodwill to round out her look!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  138. Thank you for the giveaway. My 9 year old loves to play dress up! She’ll find any type of pretty dress and shoes that she might have in her closet and put them on and then add a necklace, tiara and rings.
    mrsmiki77 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  139. She likes fun acessories and purses right now.

  140. Animal themed dress up is always popular, especially kitten princesses.

  141. Michelle Tucker says:

    I don’t have any children, however, I have 21 nieces and nephews. One of my nieces has the fondest wish of becoming a fashion designer. So that is why I am entering. I remember when she was a bit younger, she’d dress up in anything she could get ahold of, especially my makeup and shoes! When she comes over, she goes straight for my closet.
    michedt (at) gmail (dotcom)

  142. My niece LOVES dressing up in fancy dresses! She also loves to put on different hair styles too!

  143. I have an adorable cousin that would absolutely LOVE this. She is always looking for the next best cutest thing to wear!! This would make her childhood. 🙂

  144. Princess attire for sure. 😉

  145. We do a lot of dress-up and play-acting in our house. Lili likes to use my old clothes but we also have many costumes that my best friend and I have made over the years….Halloween was especially fun this year as we pulled out ALL of the dress-up supplies and dressed up as different things on different days. My favorite was the Mother Nature costume she came up with! We would love to win this as it would be a great project for her! Thanks for the chance!

  146. My daughter loves princesses! she would love this. suelee1998 @

  147. Our daughter is just really starting to love dressing up. It has been so much fun to see her and her little brother joining right in with her, heels and all.

  148. My niece dressed up in as many different princess outfits as possible. THank you

  149. They usually dress up as chefs, police and super mario.

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