Girls Get Building with GoldieBlox

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Girls Get Building with GoldieBlox

I was a fairly prissy girl. I liked to read books, stay indoors, and not sweat too much. I wasn’t very fashionable, and I wasn’t into dolls all that much, but I was definitely all girl, despite the fact that I don’t like pink.

It was the ultimate joke on me that God gave me FOUR BOYS right in a row — in seven years! Some women would have quit childbearing by that point, but by the time the fourth baby rolled around, I’d embraced the whole boy thing and I was totally fine with our having a fifth boy. . .

But, we got a girl.

And then another.

The last two cars on our train are girls. It’s a different experience parenting girls. They respond differently to some situations than the boys did. Their whines feel harsher to the ears than the boys’ did. But, it’s been an amazing way to cap off our parenting experience. We also know that our girls are very much caregivers, so it’s nice to know they’ll be around as we age. 😉

That’s not to say that the boys aren’t, but anyway. . .

My girls have always been cool with their brother’s hand-me-down toys. There have been no “boy toys” that we’ve chucked on account of having girls. The FishChicks go back and forth between trains and Duplos and play food and baby dolls without much issue.

The only time when we’ve butted heads has been when they’ve seen “girl-focused” brick toys. I’ve noticed that some brands “dumb-down” the lines that they’ve designed for girls. Rather than a set of bricks to construct a castle, the pink and purple set comes with large wall pieces instead, as if the girls can’t or won’t be patient enough to build the wall themselves. Call me picky, but I don’t like that. Instead, I buy them pink and purple bricks (because that’s important tot hem) and encourage them to build on their own.

Likewise, I encourage my brick-laying boys to think outside the set and build something of their own imagining.

Girls Get Building with GoldieBlox | Life as MOM

Since I have this bias against dumbed down toys for girls, I was eager to learn more about GoldieBlox, a toy company on a mission: to help girls stay interested in engineering and technology past that big dropoff at age 8. My girls loved opening the box of toys we were sent to review. FishChick7, an avid reader, latched on immediately to the motto that read, “more than just a princess”.

Through books and building toys, GoldieBlox is envisioning both girls and boys to build and create. It’s not anti-princess by any means, it’s just encouraging girls to think beyond be rescued from the castle and to consider how to build the castle instead.

Debbie Sterling, GoldieBlox founder and CEO, found that boys tend to gravitate toward construction toys that strengthen their spatial skills, while girls tend to be more interested in stories and characters that strengthen their verbal skills. Debbie created GoldieBlox, a series of interactive books and construction sets that leverage girls’ advanced verbal skills to help develop and build self-confidence in their spatial skills while having fun.

The stories feature Goldie, the star of GoldieBlox toys, a girl inventor who goes on adventures and solves problems by building simple machines. As kids read along, they build what Goldie builds with the included toolkit, learning engineering principles as they go. Each book features additional designs as inspiration for endless building possibilities.

Girls Get Building with GoldieBlox | Life as MOM

My girls received The Dunk Tank and Parade Float toys. I stepped back and let them go to it all on their own. Since FishChick7 is a fluent reader, it was no problem for them to assemble quickly and easily. They even filmed a video, but it’s so blurry and WAY TOO CLOSE, it’s just not ready to be viewed. Needless to say, they are thrilled with their new toys. They’ve played GoldieBlox every day for several weeks now.

While each set is complete on its own, I love that all GoldieBlox parts are intercompatible. They fit together and can be used with almost anything to build almost anything. I’m looking forward to adding to the girls’ collection of parts so that they can continue building in a fun and spatial way.

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  1. I LOVE seeing your FishChicks! Having raised two girls in our family it’s fun to see other little chicks! Ours are 10 1/2 year apart, both grown up and married, but STILL the best of friends!

  2. I looked at these last year as a possible Christmas present for my girls but ended up not getting them, guess its time to take another look. Thanks for the review.

  3. Christine A says:

    Great! Thank you for the review! I have had my eye on Goldieblox! I love the concept!!!

  4. I’ve been looking at Legos for my pink-loving four year old daughter for Christmas this year, but have been so disappointed in their selections for girls. Most of the sets come with fewer and larger pieces, so there’s less building. I find dumbed down girls’ toys so insulting! My daughter loves building, so we’ll just buy the “boy” Legos and now probably the Goldieblox!

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