Give Your Kids a Veggication (Giveaway)

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The following is a guest post from Jenna of Food with Kid Appeal:

At long last! A tool to help busy parents teach kids how vegetables nourish their brain for optimal learning. Whether you homeschool or just want some enrichment activities over the summer, a Veggication is for everybody.

Veggication is a nutrition education program that introduces children to vegetables by kid-friendly experiences and activities.

Reading, writing and arithmetic? Check. Vegetables down the hatch? Check. Kids with nourished brains? Check. Three birds, one stone.

Some things that Veggication teaches:

Persuasive Literacy: Create a poster that will help your family, or homeschool community love broccoli. Use pictures, words and phrases that will excite and inform others.

Measurement: Give students a basket filled with vegetables. Practice measuring vegetables using a non-standard unit of measurement. Compare results with other students, and of different vegetable specimens. As other vegetables are introduced in the year, ask students to predict which vegetables will have more units of measurement.

Social Studies (economics): Visit a Farmer’s Market. Understand which produce is grown in your community and season. Have students prepare questions to ask to the famers/vendors to learn which vegetables cost the most/least to grow, which ones sell at the highest price or quantity at the market.

Veggication has a number of different curriculum packages available: homeschool,  “at home” package and  “after school/camp” package for daycares/ schools, all designed to help kids fall in love with veggies.

The Veggiecation Homeschool Package includes the following items:

  • Classroom Companion containing 19 lessons, weekly science activities and 5 learning games
  • 9 Veggie of the Month Posters
  • Audio CD with Veggiecation theme song and dance
  • Recipe book including 36 vegetable recipes with kid appeal
  • I Tried it Stickers
  • Ballot Box Set
  • Membership to

You can purchase the Veggication package for 15% less when you use the coupon code LAM15 in the notes field on the shopping cart check-out.

This week four LifeasMOM readers have a chance to win a Veggication homeschool or “at home” package.

To Enter:

Leave a comment on this post, telling us your biggest obstacle to getting kids to eat vegetables.

This giveaway is open until Sunday, May 1st at 8 pm, PST. The winners will be chosen randomly and notified via email. They will have 48 hours to respond in order to claim the prize.

:: Jenna is a nutrition education consultant, veggiecating the nation, improving student academic success and health one school, one program at a time. She blogs at Food with Kid Appeal.

This is part of the Going Green series. Join us all week for daily giveaways and inspiration for small ways to go green.

Disclosure: I received sample product of this education program.

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  1. My son will only eat vegetables if they are in a smoothie….I would love help getting him to just TRY the vegetables!

  2. 2 of my daycare kids will eat almost any vegetable. Two are very hit-and-miss and usually involve some kind of bribing, and one, will volunteer to go to bed, or get a time out rather than take one bite! I would love to try this program to get all 5 eating veggies.

  3. My biggest problem is getting my son past the initial knee jerk “I don’t like it” reaction.

  4. Oh man, I could really use this! Once my kids got it in their heads they don’t like their vegetables, it’s a battle at every meal, even though once they taste it they usually like it. I just don’t know how to get past that mental block they have now!

  5. My biggest obstacle … kids deciding they don’t like it before ever trying it.

  6. My biggest obstacle is probably me. I feel like I make the same 3-4 veges all the time and it bores me. My kids will eat them, I just don’t like what I serve them.

  7. we are going to start homeschooling this fall. i would love to have this to help explain why it is so important to eat her veggies. our biggest obstacle is just getting her to taste it. my youngest will eat anything:)

  8. Joanna Mattas says:

    My kids do not want to try anything new. And if they tried it once and did not like it they really don’t want to try it again.

  9. Sometimes I cook the veggies and add them with their smoothies and they don’t know they’re in there.

  10. My biggest challenge is the kids saying “yuck!” to anything new and to most vegetables and making their minds up to that “yuck!” even when they have to try them.

  11. My biggest obstacle is just getting my daughter to try new vegetables. My son is very adventurous and will always try something new, but my daughter has her mind made up before she even tries it!

  12. I think they are turned off by green

  13. My daughter is actually pretty good at eating veggies.. She likes peas, loves broccoli and tomatoes (or “MAY-nohs), will crunch on carrots.. I think it has helped a lot that we, my parents, and my in-laws all have gardens. And we live in a part of California that allows us to have gardens year-round. It’s a lot more exciting to eat a vegetable that you watched grow, and then plucked out of the ground from your own backyard.

  14. I have four children and three of them are excellent (healthy) eaters. My nine year old, however, has serious texture issues and does not like to stray much beyond his favorites. I love the idea of this program. Thanks for telling us about it.

  15. Pamela O. says:

    Eating raw veggies. My kids do well with fruit cause it’s so snack-friendly, grab and go. I need to make it a habit to have veggies on hand for snacks because the steamed veggies at dinner just aren’t enough.

  16. Danielle B says:

    My biggest problem in getting my children to love vegetables is that I don’t love vegetables! I hate the way most of them smell and look, and I’m severely intimidated by trying to branch out (pun not intended!) and prepare new veggies. I know, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it is. I think something like this could really help our whole family.

  17. Katherine says:

    My biggest problem is getting my kids to try it. They usually fall apart as soon as they see a veggie on the table.

  18. My biggest obstacle is ME! I’m not a huge fan of veggies, I don’t have any good recipes for them, and I just stick with the same old thing! I’d love to use this curriculum in our homeschool – my three kids would greatly benefit, and so would my husband and I.

  19. I have a hard time getting both of my kids to eat veggies. I think my 4 1/2 yr. old has just decided she doesn’t like certain things, so won’t even give them a try. I think this would be the perfect thing for her to get her interested!

  20. My kids put up mental blocks when it comes to an unusual or new food. It’s just plain impossible for their little mouths to accept, chew, and swallow. They can’t understand why I don’t understand.

    • @Alana, you just summed up the problem a lot of parents face which is, veggies are yummy, why won’t you eat them?? you don’t understand them and they don’t understand you. we’re not speaking the same language as our kids. what i found works best is to explain what eating veggies does for a kid, something that’s meaningful to them. like becoming a better puzzle solver, remembering every word to a song, running faster, climbing trees higher, etc. once they know what they get out of veggies (more energy, more brain power) and what that fuel does for them (better play, better learning, more accomplishments) they will begin to taste them. once they taste, it’s a whole new ball game. most will be accepted, others will in time, a few may never be. keep up the good work.

      • @jenna Food WIth Kid Appeal, The concept is sound, but my kids will actually tell relatives how good veggies are for them and how they help them grow big and strong like Daddy, will eat the two bites I make them eat, but still “hate” them. Sigh. We’ll get there. 🙂 Thanks!

        • @Alana, you will get there because it’s important to you and you’re already working the problem. you and your kids are on the right track. they know that veggies are good for them, they taste them, but don’t consume much of them. that’s 3/4 of the way! phew, great progress. now to take it across the finish line : make it more immediate for them. they will be 20 before they are big and strong like daddy. what can veggies do for them today? tomorrow? illustrate what those two veggie bites did for them, by saying to them after a meal “whoa, i can’t believe you climbed to the top of that tree, those broccoli bites really gave you so much energy and brain power to find a way to the top.” that makes the “why” happen today instead of in a decade. it’s hard for anyone to do today what will help them in a decade. even harder skill for young kids to master.

  21. texture is a toughy with getting kids to eat vegetables

  22. Challenge 1: Boy5 is allergic to legumes (beans, peas, green beans) and zucchini and cucumber. Potatoes and corn only in moderation.
    Challenge 2: It is still difficult for the smaller kids to bite hard, raw veggies. Pepper, cucumbers, and snow peas are doable.
    Challenge 3: Putting all these lists together, getting everyone their veggies in doable forms, helping one not feel left out.

  23. The texture!

  24. This would be so cool to have. The only vegetables my son will eat are potatoes and corn. He wont even try anything else.

  25. Just the fact that they are “good for you” seems to turn them off!! Help!

  26. One of my sons will eat most veggies, the other won’t let anything green or good for him pass his lips. Go figure. Short of sneaking veggies into things, we haven’t figured out how to even get him to try them.

  27. thanks so much for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

    our biggest obstacle to veggies here is that one of our children has sensory processing issues and so different textures, smells, looks are a problem for us. his very vocal opinion of how things seem (yucky! gross! hurts my mouth!) make quite an impression on our youngest. maybe having something he can participate in and take ownership in would help. this sounds like a great program.
    thanks again for the chance to win!

    kate n.

  28. Two of my kids will try anything and will finish what’s on their plate. But my two year old….if it’s green, he won’t eat it….except romaine lettuce slathered in Caesar dressing, and I doubt that’s healthy for you. We’ve hidden veggies in smoothies, but I’d rather he just try things.

    • @Susan, assuming the dressing is made from healthy fats (olive oil) and doesn’t contain chemical additives as some store versions do, i’d say romain slathered in dressing is very healthy. humans need 30-40% of daily fuel from fat, especially kids who still have developing brains. additionally, leafy greens are full of fat soluble vitamins that the brain and immune system need to function so consuming them with fat optimizes nutrition.

  29. one of our biggest challenges…is that they (3 kiddos) change their minds frequently regarding whether they like one vegi or another…keeps us guessing

  30. Carbs! It’s tough for veggies to compete with the yummyness of bread or pasta. My boy almost always asks for seconds of carbs, but we have to bargain with him to finish his veggies!

  31. This looks awesome! My biggest problem is the picky big sister. She eats hardly anything. Her little brothers *would* eat anything, but they adore her and want to follow her lead!

  32. We would love this to add to our summer homeschooling!

  33. Heather A says:

    My kids don’t even want to try vegetables. I keep my freezer stocked with vegetables and just keep repeating them over and over at dinner. My daughter is in a phase where she wants dessert right now, and we’ve never had dessert regularly with dinner. There is no dessert if you don’t eat your veggies. I would love for them to eat some veggies without complaining:)

  34. biggest obstacle is judging it before he tries it. he likes broccoli, but wouldn’t even taste broccolini!

  35. My children are often resistant to trying new things. They sometimes even turn up their noses to veggies we know they like! This would be a fun resource for us to use at home to further encourage healthy eating.

  36. My kiddos are pretty good at eating their veggies…certain veggies…expanding the variety has been my biggest challenge. (In some cases because I don’t know how to prepare it!)

  37. Brandy Fisk says:

    I eat alot of fresh vegs and fruits but, my husband doesn’t. I think it sends our son mixed signals.

  38. Eating habits of extended family make it difficult to curb unhealthy snacks and acquire a taste for a variety of vegetables.

  39. Jennifer M says:

    My kids don’t seem to like the taste or texture of veggies such as broccoli and cauliflower. It’s a struggle to get them to eat their veggies overall, but I know that it is important. We are homeschoolers, so this would be so awesome for us.

  40. They are so hesitant on trying them, their immediate answer is :”I don’t like this”!

  41. My kids pretty much like veggies. The biggest obstacle as they have entered kindergarten and eat lunch with the other kids is that their peers don’t eat veggies. When the girls bring veggies in their lunch box, the other kids say “ooo, yuck.” So far, they have not convinced the girls that veggies are bad, but it really makes me wish that the other kids parents would serve veggies and send them in their kids lunches. Most kids buy their lunch, but the few others that pack seem to be eating a lot of Lunchables.

  42. It is so painful in our house to get my son to eat his veggies. I have to hide the veggies in breads, pastas, pancakes, etc.. I would love to win this book.

  43. Heather Kruger says:

    My biggest hurdle is their father! 🙂 He doesn’t like many veggies either, so it is hard to get my children to eat them. However, when they go to the neighbors house, they eat all the veggies she puts in front of them!

  44. Stephanie says:

    My kids won’t eat fresh vegetables unless they have some sort of dipping sauce. I normally cut them all pretty, like you find at a fancy restaurant, and serve them with a side of low fat ranch dressing. I think that gets kind of boring after a while, so I’m open to suggestions for a new dip!

  45. Heather Abbott says:

    My boys will eat the usual suspects, green beans, corn and peas, but I’m finding it harder to get them on to more diverse veggies like okra. Also, I wish my kids would eat salad – something about lettuce and tomato freak my kids out!

  46. My biggest obstacle is my four year old who won’t try veggies. My two year old will try anything – until my four year old tells her it’s yucky lol!

  47. 2 of my kids will eat some veggies – carrots, celery, salad, broccoli, corn but my other will not touch a veggie at all…not even to try.

    are there any veggies that are really fast growing besides lettuce? I’d like to do a quick container garden but I’d need something the kids could harvest with 4 weeks from now. thinking lettuce is my best bet.

  48. I have 5 kids and they will eat some veggies- carrots, broccoli, corn and green beans. I’m not really sure what turns them off of all the other veggies out there. They just seem to have it stuck in their heads that they won’t like them. We try to have them try new things, but sometimes it’s just easier to stick with what they like. Veggiecation seems like a neat way to get out of that rut though.

  49. What a great idea!! I have a picky eater myself and getting him to try anything is such a struggle…especially veggies! This will be GREAT to add to our studies as we continue to homeschool through the summer! I also run a homeschool umbrella school/ support group and would love to add this to my lending library for all others who deal with “veggie rebels!! ” Bring on the Veggie Revolution!! LOL!

  50. My challenge is that there are only a few for sure vegatables that they will eat. I guess that is better than none. It is hard to get them to try new things.

  51. Biggest obstacle to getting kids to eat vegetables…I have it good with my 5 year old who really enjoys veggies. My 1 year old on the other hand would rather have meat and potatoes and finger foods that are “not” veggies. If I season the veggies well he likes to suck the seasoning off and may take a bite but most times the veggies are left on the plate.

  52. Lori Malone says:

    My work hosts a feeding clinic for children with VERY limited palates. This would make a great tool for their group! Thanks!

  53. My oldest will try anything, but my youngest is a three food item kinda girl. I nursed them both, fed them both a variety of fruit and veggies as infants, but she just will NOT even try it. I don’t want to make it traumatic and shove it in. I am trying more and more to just make her go without until she eats what I set in front of her, but she is 2 so she doesn’t quite get it! I feel like I am failing!!!

  54. I have four children and they all love vegetables.They will try anything.

  55. My biggest obstacle is getting them to try it for the first time. They often like them once they’ve tried them but getting them to eat the first bite is always the hardest!

  56. The biggest obstacle to get my kids to eat vegetables (or anything new) is the preconceived thought that they don’t like it.

  57. Hilary Richards says:

    My kids are funny, one day they gobble up a fruit or vegetable and beg for more, so the next time I buy a bunch and they decide they don’t like it and it is hard to eat it all before it goes bad. I just keep trying, eventually they will eat it again.

  58. My one year old daughter (almost two) will eat practically any vegetable still. Her three year old brother, not so much. He loves sweet potatoes and squash and I can sometimes get him to eat things like cucumber or green pepper (actually fruits and tubers but classified as veggies for eating purposes.) I have trouble getting him to eat much else though. Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂 brandimbeavers(at)yahoo(dot)com

  59. I’d love for veggies to have a better reputation at our house! It’s a constant effort to get our kiddos to enjoy them, but well worth it.

  60. My kids resist the first bite of any new food, esp veggies. I use an app on my iPhone My Family Food as a motivator- they live getting the medals and we talk flit about how eating colors gives you energy (via Today I Ate a Rainbow). Also, the food has to LOOK good. Restaurant veggie side dishes ate usually better than mine!

  61. Kristen Beecham says:

    My biggest challenge is getting my son to even taste them!

  62. My biggest challenge is hiding that it is a vegetable. I like to sneak it into a favorite dish.

  63. Angela Lierman says:

    Like so many moms here – can’t get past the “I don’t like it” stage!! Well they EVER eat veggies??? I still put them on their plates. One day. . . .

  64. Catherine says:

    My son is 19 months old and LOVES his vegetables. I only cook vegetarian and only shop for produce at the farmer’s market when it’s open so has plenty of interaction with his veggies. My worry is that his love of veggies will fade with age. I refuse to feed him frozen chicken nuggets or highly processed foods but I don’t want my lovely boy to eat PB&J sandwiches every night because he no longer likes his colorful, flavorful, amazing vegetables!

  65. My obstacle is increasing the variety if veggie my son eats

  66. Trying something new. Otherwise, they are fine.

  67. Oh I love this!
    I have NOOOO problem getting our 2 year old to eat her veggies, if she could she would only eat fruits and veggies all day long!
    I am always looking for different ways to teach her about anything and everything, and this is great!

  68. Jen Logan says:

    If it’s green – my kids won’t eat it…no matter how well I try to hide it!

  69. I think my biggest obstacle must be when my children have friends over and it is dinnertime. My children enjoy veggies and usually eat them no problem. However when others are visiting, their reactions to vegetables served can lead my own children to believe veggies aren’t cool!
    I am a master of the hidden veggies sauce, which I’ve managed to serve up to many young visitors without any complaints!

  70. Theresa W. says:

    I am very lucky my kids love vegetables. All three of them.

  71. My biggest challenge is getting my kids to try new veggies. They both have their go-to options, but aren’t interested in trying new things.

  72. jamie leigh says:

    2 of my 4 kids love to eat veggies…but my other 2 will only eat green beans…I have tried everything that I can think of but I don’t want to have to blend up all their veggies…I want to be able to teach them to eat healthy 🙂 help 🙂

  73. Stacie Frost says:

    My son will not try new things. No matter how hard I try, I have to sneak them in. He likes broccoli and that’s it! Thanks for entering me!
    savingmama at live dot com

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