Giveaway! Fresh Express Bagged Salad

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Fresh greens are a mom’s best friend. In fact, most days my preferred lunch is a big green salad. It’s an easy, nutritious lunch that helps me feel good about how I’m eating. And, often, it’s a regular party in the mouth.

While homegrown lettuces are best, not all of us have been able to swing that. Often, a bag of mixed greens is a simple convenience to throw in the grocery cart.

Fresh Express, a salad company, has now developed an online Leaf Locator which tracks nearly50 million bags of lettuce and spinach each month sold in 24,000 grocery stores nationwide.” It’s one way this produce company is making efforts to communicate with their clients.

Even if you don’t have a bag of salad in the fridge, you can test out the Leaf Locator as well as find a variety of recipes that feature that lettuce blend. The Fresh Express site also provides helpful background to how the salads are grown, mixed, and delivered. You can even enter to win a year’s worth of salad! I was pleasantly surprised to see all that their site holds.

Want to win some salad this week?

**10 readers will each win 2 coupons for free Fresh Express salad.**

Simply tell us your favorite way to enjoy greens in the comment section below.

Contest will be open until Sunday, April 25th at 8 pm, PST. Winner to be chosen at random and announced next week.

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats toΒ jkseiler@, spendless2savemore@, calmyra@, robert.cross22@, calliope050502@, devo62680@, cookingluck29@, teach014@, momoemail55-cl@, katerw13@

Disclosure: I received a few free salad coupons but was not compensated to share my opinion or to post this giveaway.

Photo source: Fresh Express
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  1. A nice spinach salad with warm bacon vinagrette. Heaven!

  2. I like fruity salads…oranges and strawberries with a sweet dressing. yum.

  3. That’s easy. I love salads. I usually add some tomato, red onion, green apple, dried cranberries, almonds and whatever else I have that sounds yummy. Top it off with a tarragon viniagrette. So good!!!

  4. We love the Fresh Asian Noodle Salad from The Pioneer Woman website.

  5. Love making taco salads…lettuce, black beans, cheese, salsa, tortilla chips and fat free sour cream.

  6. We like to chop up the fresh greens along with other fresh veggies and put it on a whole wheat tortilla with a little bit of cheese then roll it up for a yummy fresh veggie burrito/wrap.

  7. Fruity Salads – With “crazy cheese” as my neice says (she means Feta) …those are the ones I like!

  8. I love southwestern salads with jalapenos, blackbeans, corn, salsa, and maybe some chicken cooked with cumin and chili powder! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

  9. I love a combo of a Chef’s salad and a Cobb salad….LOVE hard-boiled eggs chopped up in my greens. Mmmm!

  10. I’m a big salad lover. I just love it. My kids do too. Often in the summer, we chop up all the veggies we can find, add some salsa instead of a dressing and a little cheese, and that’s dinner. We love it.

  11. I love the versitility of a bag of salad. It’s an easy side for dinner with virtually no prep. It’s super easy to make taco and chicken salads or add to a wrap! Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. I made this Chicken & Strawberry Salad last summer with strawberries from my garden. It was so satisfying!

  13. If it’s a salad I will like it!

  14. My favorite way is in a big salad. We also like to put some grilled chicken on it.

  15. I think my favorite way to eat greens would have to be the Greek way. Feta, olives, onions and a good vinaigrette with thyme and oregano… Excuse me, I need to pop off to the store…!

  16. Craisens or apples with feta, and candied nuts…. with spinach, yummm!!

  17. We’re on a raw food diet, so we eat lots of greens! One of my favorite ways to eat them: in a great big salad with LOTS of different veggies, eggs, chicken, olives, red onions, artichokes, and cashews!!

  18. I love me some spinach! Sauted, in an egg dish, in lasagna, in a fresh salad… Yum!

  19. grilled chicken salad.

  20. I love any kind of salad! I could make a giant salad with lots of fruits, veggies and nuts and make it a whole meal.

  21. Wendy Lee says:

    A salad with grilled chicken. This is a great summer meal. You don’t have to heat up your house!

  22. Stephanie P. says:

    Love to add some good old italian dressing and parm! Delish.

  23. With onion, cuke, tomato, croutons, and bacon.

  24. My favorite way to eat greens is straight up in a salad because it makes me so happy watching my four year old gobble it up! He LOVES lettuce and other vegetables.

    I honestly have said to him in the past… “Take a bite of pizza and you can have more brussels sprouts!” Seriously!

  25. I LOVE spinach salads with red onion and cucumber and caesar dressing. Basically the Olive Garden salad is AMAZING!

  26. I use the salad bags all the time. My favorite way is with a little Caesar dressing, croutons and Parmesan cheese. We mix that up in all sorts of different lettuce varieties.

  27. In a salad with boiled eggs!!!

  28. I love a salad with tomatoes and grilled chicken. I add a little cheese and some Thousand Island dressing. It’s my favorite.

  29. Plain old garden salad all the way!

  30. My husband takes a salad to work for lunch everyday. Good for him and great for our pocketbook!

  31. I love to make a nice fresh salad along with a lite quiche on the side for a healthy, tasty meal.

  32. I love to add fresh garden tomatoes, hard boiled eggs and some turkey!

  33. grilled chicken breast, strawberries (or mandarin oranges), sliced almonds and celery. YUM

  34. Heather Abbott says:

    Taco salad with sour cream or ranch dressing or salad with lots of fruit and nuts and a poppyseed dressing. Yummy!!

  35. I love a nice “junk salad” as my mom used to call them–a little of everything, including tomatoes, little slices of cheese, cukes, broccoli, and croutons. The more ingredients, the better.

  36. Salads, salads, salads!!! So borning but so yummy!

  37. I like salads in the Olive Garden fashion the best – with olives, tomatoes, onions, and croutons,. Yummy!

  38. I like food in my food, so I add cottage cheese, pumpkin seeds, tuna, sliced turkey, various veggies, raisins, apples……I used to make a “Big Salad” (Seinfeld episode anyone) before I had kids & it would take me over 1/2 hour to eat!

  39. I love a big salad with a grilled chicken breast, diced red onions, cherry tomatoes and whatever dressing happens to be handy!

  40. Anne Marie says:

    I love a big chef salad with all kinds of goodies.

  41. I love making salads, the most filling are cobb salads yum! But any spinich salad is a big hit at my house!

  42. I love a good garden salad with cucumbers, boiled egg, tomatoes, bacon bits, ham, and croutons!

  43. if it’s a salad, it won’t stay around long at my house. a big salad at lunchtime is always a hit.
    we love romaine with hardboiled eggs, crasins, almonds, whatever is around, or in season!

  44. Use it on Mexican dishes a lot! My kids’ favorite salad is spring mix, raisins, sunflower seeds, and shredded cheese.

  45. I love romaine with tomatoes and homemade ranch dressing. Yummy!

  46. I like salad with grilled chicken in it.

  47. I LOVE chef salad!

  48. I prefer to have a Chef Salad with ham, turkey, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, green pepper on top of alot of lettuce. Sometimes we add carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and mushrooms. With ranch dressing. Oh don’t forget the cheese.

  49. I love any kind of salad, but especially love having raisins/dried cranberries and sunflower seeds in mine!

  50. Spinach salad with turkey bacon and dressing….or grilled chicken on a nice bed of lettuce. I’ve been playing with making my own dressings as it’s hard to buy a good dressing without all the added ingredients. still need more motivation in this area though!

  51. I love to mix it up: a little something sweet like dried cherries or cranberries, something crunchy like pine nuts and a sprinkle of cheese, feta is my favorite. Top with a flavorful vinegarette. So good! So tasty!

  52. I know it’s bad, but I’m all about the unhealthy parts of the salad. I love to pile on large portions of cheese, bacon bits and croutons. And you just can’t go wrong with homemade ranch dressing!

  53. i like traditional salad. chef salad is my favorite

  54. I absolutely love salads. I love all sorts of topings especially dried fruit. I like fruity dressings as well. I usually eat salad with protein on top such as chicken or eggs or I eat a side salad with a dinner. thanks for the chance to win!

  55. Thai Chicken Salad — the most delicious and filling salad around — a crowd pleasure. Never found anyone who didn’t love it. Yummmm!

  56. Love to enjoy fresh greens with some light cesear dressing, bacon bits and some sprinkled parmesean cheese….soooo yummy even my four year old enjoys this.

  57. I love salad with homemade ranch, cucumbers, & tomatoes!!! Yummmy!

  58. any kind of salad. for sure. but, if kale counts as a green (which i think it does), then i made this delicious african peanut pineapple stew with it this winter that was really tasty!

  59. I love baby spinach with goat cheese, dried cranberries, pine nuts, orzo and a vinaigrette dressing. Yum!

  60. I like it under sliced tomatoes and chicken salad.

  61. I don’t think there is any salad I don’t like!

  62. I love to make salads with chopped nuts and dried fruits like cranberries and some mandarin oranges, with asian dressing-YUMMO!!!!!!!

  63. Greens with olive oil, salt, pepper and two poached eggs on top!

  64. I eat salad almost every day for lunch. I put lunch meat and cheese cubes in it! I could benefit from this greatly!

  65. mmmm, reading all these salad ideas is making me hungry! I love red onions, cucumbers, tomato, peas all mixed in a salad. Oh and cheese! πŸ™‚

  66. Leslie Price says:

    Spinach is my favorite- in addition to yummy spinach salads, I love to throw a handful onto sandwiches as an easy way to sneak in some green stuff.

  67. I have just discovered spring mix and am loving it with cucumbers, red onions and tomatoes!

  68. Greens w/ granny smith apples, blue cheese crumbles and walnuts!

  69. My favorite salad is a blend of butter lettuce and spinach, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, eggs, cheese, (real) bacon bits, green peppers, olives…. pretty much any fresh veggie… and ranch dressing.

  70. This sounds so odd, but I love eating periogies and onions on top of fresh greens. Yum!

  71. Lettuce, avocado, tomato, green onion, carrots, cucumber, hard boiled eggs, bacon bits, and sunflower seeds. Smothered in italian dressing. YUMMMM!!!!

  72. Deirdre Hopkins says:

    Mmmmm. strawberries, feta cheese, walnuts, onions, cucumbers. All so tasty!

  73. I love to use my greens to make chicken ceasar salad wraps. Thansk for the chance.

  74. I love a simple mixed greens salad with Italian dressing.
    Sometimes, fancy is good, but sometimes just leaves is heaven. πŸ™‚

  75. I love to add strawberries, blueberries, red onion, toasted almonds, feta and a good vinaigrette to bagged spinach!

  76. Becky Ann says:

    I love salads, but one of the easiest ways for me to get greens in my diet is to have a green smoothie. I use LOTS of spinach this way!

  77. I prefer my salads straight from the garden, but that’s not always possible in New England, so this way works too!

  78. My favorite way to eat lettuce is in a greek salad! yum!

  79. I eat extra greens by putting them in my sandwiches along w/some grated carrots. Looks good and tastes good.

  80. My favorite is to make a taco salad. So good!

  81. Salad with no dressing, just a sprinkle of parmesan.

  82. One of my all time favorite ways to enjoy lettuce/salad is to GRILL it! I know it sounds unusual but I grill hearts of romaine and I top it with grilled chicken, fresh parmesan cheese and a drizzle of ceaser dressing…yum! The flavor is incredible and it makes for a great spring/summer salad!

  83. Chopped Salad!

  84. I love wraps – stick some bagged salad with shredded chicken or hummus in a tortilla. So quick and easy to make, and tastes great! πŸ™‚

  85. I love a big spinach salad with cheese, egg, and fresh mushrooms!

  86. I love to add strawberries, walnuts and a mixture of balsamic vinegar and olive oil to my greens. Yum.

  87. we love enjoying taco salad w/ fresh greens from our garden!

    ~eunice b
    rsmile2u @dejazzd .com

  88. I like fresh greens with mandarin oranges and slivers of almond with a raspberry vinaigrette!! Light and delicious!

  89. we like making taco salad (seasoned beef, greens, salsa, and light sour cream), or our new fave, “indian taco” salad – same thing, but with indian/curry spices instead of fajita spices!

  90. Chef Salad!

  91. We love salad as a side dish with most meals. So tasty.

  92. Amanda Y. says:

    With grilled chicken and craisins and feta cheese!

  93. I love salads with olive oil and balsamic vinagrette. I have been wanting to try “green smoothies” though.

  94. I love fruity salads…strawberries, mandarin oranges, almonds and apples. Of course, a sweet vinaigrette on top is wonderful too!

  95. Salad is all about the toppings for me…right now, avacados, almond slices, yellow peppers, a glob of tuna etc. etc.etc. πŸ™‚ ~Connie

  96. I enjoy a Greek salad, and since marrying my husband, who is a huge fan of vinagrettes, I have developed a liking for a salad with a raspberry or balsamic vinagrette.

  97. I through the spinach into the blender with frozen bananas for green smoothies! But I love taco salads or pretty much any kind of salad too:)

  98. Michelle M. says:

    I love spinach salad any way you fix it!!!

  99. I love to use greens to make grilled chicken and berries salad.

  100. Lately I’ve been making alot of “Olive Garden” salad. Greens, black olives, mild peppers, onions, tomatoes, croutons and a yummy dressing.

  101. spinach and strawberry with a little bit of lemon juice

  102. I love a loaded salad. Lettuce, tomato, cheese, grilled chicken and croutons. Topped with homemade ranch dressing – yummy! My 1 year old and 3 year old daughters love it too!

  103. Once a year on Mother’s Day, my kids and hubby (okay, I help) make me the yummy salad with spinach and strawberries and sweet poppy seed dressing. I could inhale the stuff. For day to day, I like a tender lettuce blend, spinach being a favorite, with Italian dressing, and sometimes (gasp!) a four-piece chicken nugget cut up in it to make a quick meal.

  104. Lettuce + tomato + cucumber + feta = heaven!!!!

  105. My new favorite if spinach greens with sliced strawberries and poppyseed dressing. Simple and yummy.

  106. Adell Lukes says:

    I love to experiment with different fruits, vegetables, beans, dressings…my husband loves it too!

  107. My favorite salad has blue cheese crumbles, walnuts and apples. yum!

  108. I like to eat it with tacos and just a regular old salad with dressing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  109. A mix of baby spinach and mixed greens with a vinaigrette dressing!

  110. In the spring we enjoy a spinach salad with strawberries. So good.

  111. During the summer, we regularly have large “entre” sized salads for dinner – cool, refreshing, and healthy!

  112. I love salads with lots of extra veggies (carrots, cucumber, green peppers, tomatoes) and french dressing! The weirdo kid love to just eat lettuce plain right out of the bowl. πŸ™‚

  113. Crystal Hankey says:

    I love a salad with fresh greens, and popcorn shrimp with cherry tomatoes and thinly slice sweet onions add the cesear dressing and a sprinkle of parm cheese and this is and AWESOME meal.

  114. The best way to eat fresh spinich…is to load it on to a sandwich and put the sandwich (openfaced) into the broiler for a couple minutes. Be sure you add cheese! Yum!

  115. I don’t really think there is a salad I don’t like. I love salad bars where I can put anything in it. A spring mix or spinach are among my favorite choices in greens.

  116. Stephanie says:

    I love a nice fresh ceaser salad when ever I can…my husband love his salad untouched, as in no salad dressing at all! just the veggies!

  117. I like to toss a handful or two in a smoothie –fruits and veggies in a glass. Seriously – you really don’t notice it in the flavor, just the color.. . .this is best done with spinach or mixes that are just darker greens, not carrots/cabbage.

  118. I love salads much like the one you linked too with fruit, nuts and “stinky cheese”. I say “feta makes it betta!”

  119. I love love LOVE this simple salad and take it with me to tons of occasions:

    Fresh salad greens tossed with cheese tortellini, cherry tomatoes, croutons, Caesar dressing, and sprinkled with fresh Romano cheese…YUM!


    ndisilvio @ gmail .com

  120. I love salad greens with avocado, other chopped veggies and ranch dressing.

  121. I like to use up any random leftovers by serving them in a big salad for lunch.

  122. I love salad with feta cheese, craisins, and cucumbers. So yummy!

  123. yum – fresh-mex salad, definitely! black beans, corn, avocado, tomato with lots of lettuce

  124. I love a green salad with feta cheese and black olives and italian dressing. Add a few slices of grilled chicken and red onion slices and I am real happy!

  125. My latest is peas, beets, bacon pieces and ranch dressing. Yumm!

  126. I love cold salads when the heat of the summer comes around. I grew up eating salads with Thousand Island dressing now I am a complete vinagrette dressing lover…raspberry or balsalmic. Olive Garden salad and dressing is my all time favorite. I once made Dorito salad with ground taco meat and Catalina dressing and cheddar cheese, tomatos, etc, and crushed dorito chips. It was delish.

  127. I love salads with a southwestern flavor! Recently we had grilled chicken, black beans, avocado and tortilla strips with southwestern ranch. Yummy πŸ™‚

  128. Favorite salad is a blue cheese wedge salad. Blue cheese, lettuce, bacon, tomato, red onion…..mmmmmm..

  129. I add dried cranberries to most of my salads.

  130. A taco salad or just lots of good bright colored veggies with a good honey mustard dressing. Yum!

  131. A big green salad, with lots of avocadoes, boiled eggs, sunflower seeds and chopped fresh veggies, topped with homemade french dressing is hard to beat!

  132. Claire Pulsifer says:

    sliced almonds, mandarin oranges and oriental dressing!

  133. We eat lots of bag salad, my kids are very excitied to see that Spinach is on sale at the grocery this week! We are going to be planting a variety of lettuce and spinach in the garden this week.

  134. I love them as salad!

  135. We tend to like a basic salad with Ranch dressing and some shredded cheese. There is a recipe for a 5-Minute Southwest Layered Salad that we all like.

  136. Oh, I love a big chef salad with smoked turkey and homemade ranch dressing – not the bottled stuff!

  137. I like my salad with grilled chicken and ranch dressing! Yum!

  138. I love strawberries, blueberries and pecans on my salad!

  139. I love fresh greens with almost any kind of fresh veggie on top! When I’ve had a particularly successful day shopping at the farmer’s market, you can barely see the lettuce from all the veggies on it! Then I top with a nice balsamic vinaigrette or italian dressing!

  140. Favorite=dried cranberries, goat cheese, pine nuts, balsamic. Most common=carrots, cucumbers, beans, apple, orange, ranch.

  141. I love the Fresh Express Taco salad!

  142. I love the baby spinach; I use it in different kinds of salads and lightly wilt it and add it to many cooked meals – yum!

  143. Lynette E. says:

    A big salad with a mix of spinach and other dark greens, thinly sliced red peppers, feta, toasted almonds with a yummy balsamic dressing.

  144. I love greens, gorgonzola, bacon, and my homemade honey balsamic vinagrette. Not low on cals, but oh so good!

  145. Spinach, strawberries, walnitus, goat cheese and a fruity fat free balsamic vinagrette (simplest version being black raspberry preserves, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper)

  146. We love salads! But our favorite is a tossed salad on hot cheesy pizza dough, like they serve at CPK!

  147. So much for being frugal-I only buy Fresh Express salad. I don’t enjoy making salad myself so I won’t do it unless it’s pre bagged and we only like Fresh Express. We like to eat our salad as it comes from the bag. It’s best not tampered with πŸ™‚ But sometimes we’ll toss it with whatever nice veggies we get at the Farmers market.

  148. I love salad! The more toppings, the better!

  149. I love salad with a variety of flavors included — sweet fruit, salty olives and cheese, etc.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  150. I’ve been throwing a handful of salad mixes into wraps with leftover chicken and a little creamy dressing – yum!

  151. Johnna Shortsleeves says:

    any kind of salad is our favorite!!! We go through 2 fresh express bags a week πŸ™‚

  152. Romaine lettuce, mandarin oranges, almond slivers, red onion, and meunster cheese with a sweet and sour dressing! One of my favorite spring/ summer salads.

  153. I love cooked spinach, and lots of fresh salads!

  154. We have at least 4 salads aweek as a side dish.Very easy.

  155. We love salads! We eat them topped with just about anything. My new favorite dressing is by HEB and it is the HCF Spicy Italian. We got this for FREE the other night and I absolutely love it! I have been eating salad every night because of this dressing.

  156. We love our saqlads with grilled chicken breast, cheese, tomatoes, and french fries topped with ranch dressing. The french fries taste wonderful on a salad. We learned that while living in Pittsburgh

  157. elizabeth says:

    My family loves salad.

  158. Alex Hall says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE salads. I could eat one everyday!

  159. We love spinach around our home, usually plain, but fresh veggies with it are great!

  160. I love my salads with nuts, fruit, and crazy strong cheese tossed in there… yum!

  161. I love greens, cheese (any kind), boiled eggs, bacon, cranberries and a smidge of italian dressing. Yummy!

  162. I just love salad period. Now that I am pregnant I seem to be craving salads even more.

  163. I love to roll a piece of sandwich ham and American cheese up, slice them and add to a big bowl of fresh greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, etc. Love the Ranch dressing on top. My favorite lunch!

  164. Since I’m not a huge salad eater, the packaged salads are so nice, because my kids will make their own, and we can have a salad whenever we want. I eat much more salad if it’s ready made.

  165. We like to wilt the baby spinach in a little olive oil and garlic.

  166. I just like a basic salad–cheese, onions, tomatoes and sometimes a little ham– topped with French dressing.

  167. YUM! I love basic to extravagant salads. Basic being Spinach and tomatoes with italian dressing to the salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays! You can’t go wrong with fresh veggies!

  168. Green salad with cukes, tomato, cranberries and almonds. YUM

  169. This time of year the salad has to have strawberries.

  170. Chef salad or Spinach salad with bacon dressing. Yummy

  171. I love spinach salad. I like to look up different types of recipes for salads.

  172. Taco salad is my favorite!

  173. Our family likes any kind of green salad.

  174. Shanna Parlock says:

    My favorite way to enjoy greens is in a smoothie. I put in some greens, bananas, strawberries, skim milk, and a little honey. This is a great way for me to eat healthy on the go!

  175. I like pretty much every salad. Don’t know if I have a favorite (and variety is good). And a homemade dressings makes them even better.

  176. I have my family addicted to ceaser salads! Nothing like a cold ceaser salad…YUMMMMM!!!!

  177. Cindy Jensen says:

    We love it as a main dish, with out without meat/seafood – the perfect summer dinner.

  178. Lea Stormhammer says:

    Ohhhh salad! Yum!
    We make a big mixed greens salad, with carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, and cucumbers and put sliced up chicken nuggets on top! πŸ™‚ That way the kiddos get their chicken nuggets and we get our salad and no body can complain (well, we hope!).

    Thanks for hosting this!

  179. love a spring mix of greens with apples, walnuts and feta cheese. my mouth is watering now!

  180. I love a huge salad with chickpeas, carrots, lots of other veggies, and green goddess dressing. yum!

  181. My favorite is to put black beans, salsa, carrots and tomatoes over salad greens. Top with salsa and a sprinkle of cheddar. Yum!

  182. lve them tossed with a little tunafish on top. And extra croutons – to share with my girls

  183. Love salads – in the summer I add fresh tomatoes and I typically add some sort of fun cheese – feta, blue cheese, goat, etc. I also always save extra grilled meat for a salad for the next day’s lunch.

  184. I love a chinese chicken salad!!

  185. Kim in AZ says:

    I love just about any kind of salad – tossed fresh greens with some grilled meat or just with cheese and some extra fresh veggies. I’ve had one for lunch myself almost every day for the past few weeks – love it!

  186. Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    I love nice big salads with lots of veggies and proteins! I also love using it as a nice easy side dish.

  187. I love to top my salad with some tuna and french dressing!

  188. Lately, I’ve really been enjoying a salad with tomato, cucumber, gorgonzola cheese and balsalmic vinaigrette. (To make the dressing, I just use the Good Seasonings packets and substitute balsalmic for white vinegar. So good!)

  189. With Blue Cheese Dressing and TONS of Croutons!!!!!

  190. I love salads. I like to change them up with different toppings and homemade dressings so that they are fun and exciting each day!

  191. My very favorite is a topping of feta, craisins and smoked almonds. Yum!

  192. Christine says:

    I love Fresh Express Salad. It is the easiest way to enjoy a salad after a busy day with the kids!

  193. Any greens at all with a nice fresh Jersey tomato is a great salad!

  194. Salad is my favorite food. I eat it anyway I can. I like to toss what ever I have on hand in a bowl and eat up! Lots of my favorite toppings are nuts, dried fruit, eggs, chopped up chicken left overs, etc.
    Most of the time I just toss it all with oil and vinegar.
    Thanks for the chance to win some fresh greens!

  195. my favorite way to enjoy salad greens is in a nice salad with: hard boiled eggs, bacon, shredded cheese, tomatoes , beans, red onions, croutons and thousand island or ranch dressing. i also love having a simple salad along side pizza or pasta

  196. Connie Corey says:

    Hubs and I love our home made big chef salads – mixed greens, lean turkey and ham, cucumber chunks, red pepper chunks, a bit of grated parmesan. Yummo!

  197. I love salads, especially a big loaded salad that is topped with fried chicken tenders that I like to order at a local restaurant. It is so good!

  198. I got a great recipe for a spinach salad from a friend that my husband LOVES.

  199. Topped with grilled flank steak, red ripe tomatoes, and blue cheese crumbles.

  200. baby mixed greens with tomatoes, bell peppers, red onion and raspberry vinaigrette

  201. My favorite is as a side dish! Italian dressing is my fav.

  202. Lettuce and tomatos with homemade ranch dressing

  203. California ceaser- strawberries, mandarins, vandalia onion and some poppyseed dressing!

  204. Lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, and apples or the same just topped with cut up skinless chicken breast.

  205. In my world, any kind of lettuce is simply a bed for any of a number of things. Chicken (grilled or otherwise), berries, citrus, nuts (roasted, candied… the list is endless), cheese, veggies… oh, my, goodness! The dressing options are boundless as well!

  206. I love to have the field greens with boiled eggs and cucumbers πŸ™‚

  207. My favorite way to enjoy greens is with toasted pecans, grilled chicken and a tiny bit of honey mustard. Yummy!

  208. A salad with apples, feta cheese, dried cranberries, and vinegarette. Yum!!

  209. With Tomato, cheese, bacon bits and sunflower seeds. Yum

  210. Salad with apples, cranberries, and nuts

  211. We love a spinach salad with mandarin oranges, dried cranberries and almonds. The kids love the way their tongues turn green from the spinach!

  212. I love a traditional cobb salad, yum!

  213. Green smoothies!! And a salad of greens, chicken, cheese & balsamic vinegar. Yum.

  214. I love a spring lettuce mix with dried cranberries, feta cheese & balsamic vinaigrette.

  215. We eat a lot of green from turnip greens to salad. I love a salad in the summer- there is just something about it.

  216. Just a plain old salad with homemade ranch dressing.

  217. I love my salad with diced apples, chicken, almonds and honey mustard all mixed together. Yummy!

  218. I love a salad with blue cheese dressing, pecans, and cranberries.

  219. Taco Salad. *drool*

  220. I love salad greens with some meat thrown it with a nice dressing!

  221. My favorite salad is greens, strawberries, kiwi, jicama, sprouts, and poppyseed dressing!

  222. Our family’s motto: Everything is better with CHEESE!

  223. My husband and I enjoy just about any type of salad, especially one with grilled chicken. Our daughter, on the other hand, will eat many of the toppings but not lettuce. We really hope she grows to like salads like we do.

  224. Spinach with sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, sliced mushrooms and balsamic vinaigrette – yum!

  225. I like mine simple…just with some dressing and maybe some fresh tomato on top!

  226. oh, yeah, baby- with turkey, bacon, swiss cheese, and poppyseed dressing!!!

  227. I love baby spinach in a salad with cheese, sunflower kernels, maybe some dried fruit, maybe some bacon bits and a homemade dressing.

  228. straight from the garden with a bit of vinegar/powdered sugar mixed together, strange, but something mom always made to top the greens!

  229. I like dark greens with fruit – dried cranberries or mandarin oranges and cheese- blue or goat

  230. I like salads with fruit as one of the toppings – like raisins or craisins or mandarin oranges. Yummy. Also add lots of cheese and some sliced almonds. πŸ™‚

  231. I love fresh greens a different way each time – lots of fixings, or nice and simple.

  232. We love the garden salads and the plain lettuce and spinach salads. My daughter and I both love having them as a side with our meals.

  233. Marlena U. says:

    We love to make chicken or tuna salad sandwiches and then load them up with fresh greens and veggies. So tasty!

  234. We had leftover steak recently and that was amazing with salad, tomatoes, feta cheese and carrots!

  235. We make simple salads, but are trying to add more stuff as the kids get older.

  236. I love a mixed green salad with all the trimmings….cucumber, tomato, carrots, and onion. Yummy!

  237. Love to serve the greens with fresh fruit, blue cheese and balsamic vinaigrette!

  238. I love salads! My favorite salad would be spinach, grated carrots, grated raw beets, raw broccoli, tomato, cucumber, onions, a chopped hard boiled egg. yummy!

  239. I like a plain lettuce salad with ranch dressing

  240. I love to make a huge salad with lots of veggies in it. My favorite veggiew to add are cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, and mushrooms.

  241. I love creating different chicken salads with greens.

  242. I love a salad as a side dish. If I put craisins and feta on it our girls will eat it too.

  243. i love salads with some fruit and balsamic dressing..

  244. Elizabeth says:

    I love salads, but my favorite would probably be caesar salad.

  245. We make hot salad and love it. My hubby had this at his employer’s cafeteria quite a few years ago and we have just made up our own recipe. It has chicken and broccoli and bacon. We love it!~

  246. I love to make a veggie sandwich or wrap using some greens.

  247. We have been eating LOTS of salads lately as we are on the way to changing our lifestyle. Our favorites are fresh greens topped with some type of grilled meat. Yum!

  248. We like simple salads – greens with fresh veggies and some cheese.

  249. So many to choose from.. one that I love that I only eat occasionally is a feta and cherry tomato salad topped with a nice sliced steak.

  250. Brandie Schwartz says:

    My family loves fresh express greens with feta cheese walnuts and raspberry vinnegrette its our fav!

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