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Today’s post is written by Amy from The Finer Things in Life. Amy has a heart of gold and I love to see her creative spirit at work in sharing what she has with others.

What do I have to give? While the holiday season was in full swing, our senses were bombarded with pleas of help. Angel trees in the shopping centers, Salvation Army volunteers ringing bells in the frigid air, commercial after commercial depicting living conditions that could nearly be smelled through the screen. Now that the holidays are passed and the New Year has begun, the images have receded, but the needs have not.

There is so much need, but so little me. With this economy, no one really expects us to give, right?

Wrong. Giving is something that everyone can and should do. Yes, everyone. Rich, poor, talented, not-so-talented, young or old. We all, in any of our broken circumstances, can give.

Some ideas for giving of your time, talent, or treasure, even on a small budget:

The Gift of Time

  • Give blood or volunteer at the local Red Cross Bloodmobile.
  • Help a new mom with chores so she can sit and enjoy the baby (or take a nap!)
  • Spend some time visiting at the home of an elderly friend.

The Gift of Talent

  • Create costumes or the set for a school or community play.
  • Heat up your oven and bake… for neighbors, for new parents, for shut-ins, for someone battling a chronic illness, for a family who’s recently experienced a death. Here’s a list of meals I use to bless others.

The Gift of Treasure

  • If it’s not a regular practice in your household, eat an untypically frugal meal once a month (or week) and donate your savings to a favorite charity.
  • Consider sponsoring a child through Compassion International.
  • Gather your spare change in the house, cash it in at the bank, and give to Haiti. Kingdom First Mom has some suggestions on how to Hope for Haiti.

We may not have much, but someone, somewhere always has less. It’s good to give! We’d love to hear your ideas on how to give while live on a budget!

What’s your money saving idea?

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  1. I love your new design!

  2. Thanks for the post. It’s late now but I will look in the morning about making a donation. The search and rescue team from our county (Fairfax County) went over there yesterday to do their thing. They’ve already found one survivor!

  3. Love the look of your blog! I always find such good ideas here too! Thanks so much for hosting –

  4. Great ideas Amy! I do many of them myself. Thanks for hosting FishMama!

  5. I give time…a precious commodity, indeed:-)

  6. Dessy Mullane says

    I coupon for the church pantry! Last week I found saw the Stay-Free Maxi pad deal at Walgreens and thought “I don’t use that brand, but SOMEONE could use them!” I got them for 15 cents a piece (20 of them) and gave a few to friends then donated the rest to church. It allowed me to give without spending alot of money that I don’t have right now! The church was thrilled and I was excited to be able to do something more than our usual tithe…

  7. Love the new blog design 🙂 Very user friendly! Amy’s article is a wonderful reminder that there’s always a need and there so many little things we can do that can make a BIG difference. I volunteer lots at PTO, MOMS Club, give blood, am a Girl Scout Leader, and more – but THE BEST and most rewarding thing I do is to bring meals to new mom’s in our MOMS Club. Amy your link to the new mother article was great. Keep up the great work ladies!

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