Giving to Others at Christmas

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It’s easy to get wrapped up in the Christmas fun that we do for our families. I know. I often have the best intentions to share with others outside of our family, but it doesn’t always happen. For me, I know it is helpful to have a list of ideas ready to slip into the budget, so that I can give freely.

Here are some ideas on how you can give to others all year long and especially at Christmas:

What are your favorite ways to share with others?

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  1. I am sponsoring a kid through Compassion. But I’m not sure how much it really is doing for him. It seems like it is focusing more on giving him Christian beliefs than giving him shelter and food.

    I wish I could be there to see how my money is being spent on this child.

  2. In 2007, I started serving at a local homeless shelter. I heard my kindergarten son called by name. When I asked where he knew the little girl from, he replied in my class. I’ve never stopped serving since. This is how my ministry cookandplay.webs evolved and last year I started a freezer cooking blog to equip moms to help the homeless and needy while feeding her family, http://www.momonamission. Thank you for allowing me to share.

  3. Yes. I donate to the food pantry each month and participate in the shoe box also.

  4. We give throughout the year and at the holidays to the local food banks and homeless shelters. My kids will go around the block and local neighborhoods and collect food and clothing and blankets. They Love doing this and seeing the smiles on the people they are giving too.

  5. my kids and I do shoe boxes every christmas. I just got a letter last week from the family of the girl who got one of our boxes! It was such a blessing to my family, and certainly made it more real to my kids.
    If your trying to fit it in your budget, this is an easy one to stock up for during the year when you get them free or cheap!

    1. @Abby H,

      I agree especially now when Back to school things are so cheap. I already have an office box started to collect our donations. I think we were able to donate about 5 boxes last yr all for less than $20.

  6. Our church supports the BackPack Buddies program at the local school. I have a list of items they need and purchase them with my regular groceries. That is one easy thing we do that gives to others.

  7. We have done Operation Shoebox, we ordered from World Vision last year and we always donate to local food pantries. It is always so humbling to realize how every little bit can make a big impact.

  8. Our church partners up with the Red Cross and helps them with Operation Christmas Child. We love it–we sponsor at least a kiddo for each of ours (hopefully we can request kids the same age as our own children), and then we take our children Christmas shopping for their respective kiddos. And volunteering for set up or distribution day is a blast, too!

  9. In late summer, when back-to-school sales are in full swing (and when we have a tax holiday weekend in our state) I buy extra school supplies, art supplies, and kids’ clothes. I then save those to fill a box for Operation Christmas child and prepare packages for our local angel tree. I save money by buying during the sale and tax-free time and I don’t have to take so much out of our Christmas budget.

  10. We participate in our church’s giving tree. We always choose kids close to our kids’ ages. This way they pick what they would like and give it away to another child. That makes it very real to them. We also pick up great toy/game/book deals through the year to give to Toys for Tots and spend one afternoon filling shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. My son’s youth group serves the homeless once a month, very eye opening to suburban kids who have everything they need and a lot more.