Gluten Free Chex – A Giveaway

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See that? That is super yummy, gluten-free, caramel chex. I took my mom’s caramel corn recipe and subbed cereal for the popcorn.

I didn’t even know that Chex cereal was gluten-free, but it is. Awesome!

Five wholesome Chex® cereals offer a variety of flavor – and lots of versatility – in every box. Rice Chex, Corn Chex, Honey Nut Chex, Chocolate Chex, and Cinnamon Chex have been reformulated to be gluten free and offer a great tasting, crunchy morning breakfast option.

Chex cereal also makes it easy to create flavorful gluten-free recipes the whole family can enjoy – from snack mixes to mealtime favorites. You can check out the Chex website for great gluten-free recipes including Chex Muddy Buddies® and Favorite Chicken Nuggets.

And that makes this highly addictive sweet treat the perfect snack for birthday parties and snack days at school.

For many families, sending their children back to school can bring with it food challenges. As if packing a lunch wasn’t tough enough, many families are increasingly struggling with food allergies. And when your child is away from home during the day, his risk of allergen exposure goes up.

Many schools are now banning peanut products as a way to ensure the safety of children with peanut allergies. In addition to the peanut, gluten is now gaining widespread prevalence as a health hazard for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities.

While our family doesn’t have a known food allergy or sensitivity, my mother-in-law struggled with nut and fish allergies. I got lots of practice at reading labels. And I understand that challenge to a certain extent.

Recently, Chex sent us a package containing a VIP coupon for a free box of Chex cereal, a microwavable bowl, a Chex gluten-free recipe card and measuring spoons and cups. I have another prize pack to give away this week!

How to Enter:

Leave a comment, telling us your favorite way to enjoy Chex.

Giveaway will be open until Sunday, August 29th, at 8 pm. PST. Winner to be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours or risk forfeiting your prize.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Winners have been announced.

Disclosure: The VIP coupon, prize pack, information and additional prize pack to give away were all given to me from Chex cereal through MyBlogSpark. I was not compensated to make positive comments. My opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. breakfast, or muddy buddies…. but i just got a recipe for chex cookie pizza… wow!!!!I found the recipe at General Mills website!!

  2. I love making Chex Mix! I also use chex to make breakfast bars (think rice crispy treats with added nutrition from peanut butter and dry milk).

  3. We love muddy buddies. They are so delicious.

  4. I heart puppy chow, it’s a crazy mix of chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar!

  5. We love peanut butter Chex crispy treats! They have a better texture than Rice Krispies and they’re a yummy treat that can be enjoyed even by me–I’m on a GF/CF diet!

  6. Amy Lynn Drorbaugh says:

    I use it to make gluten-free trail mix. Yum-o!

  7. chex mix of course! 🙂

  8. Kate Moore says:

    I like it with melted white chocolate & M&M’s mixed in…yum!

  9. Our family loves muddy buddies, the kids love to have it as a special treat.

  10. Wheat chex are yummy as a plain old snack. But who doesn’t love puppy chow?

  11. Homemade chex mix is amazing! I love that stuff.

  12. We love Chex Mix.

  13. Party chex at Christmas time!

  14. Wow, I love chex even more now that I know it’s gluten free! I think chex mix would be great for breakfast

  15. We make puppy chow!!!

  16. Rice chex is my favorite, and I enjoy it plain, straight out of the box! (And everyone makes fun of me for it!)

  17. Andrea Watts says:

    watching football

  18. I like the Honey Nut Chex by themselves!

  19. Puppy chow, but I’ve started using chocolate peanut butter instead of regular peanut butter. It’s not a big difference, but enough for me to notice and like it better.

  20. Reindeer Chow…It is that white almond bark melted on chex and pretzels and other yummy stuff. 🙂

  21. I like to eat it plain or use it in Chex Mix.

  22. My kids love Chex Mix as a treat with lunch or as a snack after school.

  23. My absolute favorite is Muddy Buddies, but growing up, we called it puppy chow. 🙂

  24. I loved Muddy Buddies growing up. Mmmm.

  25. I love making puppy chow (at least that’s what we call it). Delicious!

  26. I just introduced my daughter to Muddy Buddies for the first time – she’s obsessed! 🙂

  27. We love Chex Mix as a pool-side snack. Something about the salty crunch is perfect for a hot weather day.

  28. Mary Ellen says:

    Our kids favorite is Chex in milk for breakfast, and Chex mix as a snack. My favorite is Corn or Rice Chex as a snack, right out of the box! 🙂

  29. WE ARE A GLUTEN FREE FAMILY! I”ve perfected the GF chocolate chip cookie…but forgot about puppy chow! One of my favorites when I was a kid. Thanks for the reminder.

  30. I love chex! Great for breakfast with milk and sliced bananas!

  31. with milk and fresh blueberries

  32. Like Rice Krispies treat but with several varieties of chex mix.

  33. I love Puppy Chow, lol. Maybe that’s Muddy Buddies to others? Yes, I looked at the link, it is. Our youngest has to be gluten free and it would be nice to have some extra cereal for her.

  34. “Puppy Chow” and the original “Party Mix”

  35. Yummy! My little sister makes the best puppy chow with Chex. What a fun giveaway.

  36. i love puppy chow! this is the 2nd time today i’ve seen a reference to chex cereal… i think this is a sign i need to make puppy chow! yum 🙂

  37. I love the original Chex Mix–salty greasy crunchy yumminess. It brings back fond memories of playing cards with my family with a big bowl of chex mix in the middle of the table.

  38. We LOVE puppy chow! (minus the peanut butter, my younger son is allergic)

  39. I love chex mix, but I also love the new chex mix bars they have out now!

  40. I love Muddy Buddies!

  41. My favorite is puppy chow…yummy!

  42. I love Chex Mix…we make it twice a year when our church has a semi-annual general conference!

  43. my mom used to make chex mix every year at christmas time, and that’s still one of my favorite things.

  44. I love making a chex snack mix with butter and parmesan cheese!

  45. Plain and simple – just add milk!

  46. I love the regular old chex mix recipe but we add a bit more of all the spices. Yum!!

  47. Chex mix is a good snack to enjoy while on a long car trip

  48. I love to make Muddy buddies, but we use to call it puppy chow.

  49. My favorite is muddy buddy’s!! My whole family likes them. My hubby has to stay gluten free as much as possible – and Chex is gluten free!

  50. Muddy Buddies, without a doubt. Hands down, this is the best! I crave them (and hide the stash from the kids). 🙂

  51. Puppy chow is my absolute favorite!

  52. I love muddy buddies!

  53. Chex mix is one of the things we mix in “trail mix” for our family to munch on long trips. Silence is golden! :^) We have an array of food allergies in our home so making our own mix is a way to have a safe treat.

  54. Cindy Borer says:

    We like the puppy chow the best.

  55. Muddy Buddies!!!

  56. Really like the puppy chow. Thinking of making some this weekend now that it is on my mind.

  57. I absolutely love muddy buddies! My son who is 2 loves chex all by themselves as a snack.

  58. Puppy chow hands down!

  59. Muddy Buddies!!!!!

  60. Chex mix is a favorite around here — especially the cheddar version. But we also like and eat the kind made by my sister, who has celiac disease and would appreciate the coupon for a free box of cereal I’d give her if I won!

  61. I’m a traditional homemade Chex mix kind of girl!

  62. Straight outta the box! Been eatin’ ’em like that since college only now I actually wait for a good price 🙂

  63. recently Chex Mix Traditional has become a favorite of mine! It contains no peanuts and with my recent developed peanut allergy its nice to have a go to snack!

  64. I like making puppy chow!

  65. We love Cheddar Chex mix at our house. Thanks for the chance to win!

  66. I like to eat it as cereal. But, I like the idea of substituting it for popcorn in caramel corn recipe. Yum!

  67. I have lots of uses for it, including delicious trail mix, but this time I would make a gluten free snack for some friends who are expecting, after all, parents need gifts too.

  68. Puppy Chow is our favorite!!!!

  69. We eat chex plain right out of the box for snacks!

  70. My favorite uses for Chex cereal:

    1. Chex Mix
    2. Chex Mix
    3. Chex Mix

  71. The original chex party mix is still my favorite.

  72. Emily Herndon says:

    I like to make traditional chex mix and puppy chow. My two sons like to help me make both of these and daddy loves the dog food as he calls it!

  73. We love the muddy buddies! These fall like days makes me want some

  74. Ditto on the muddy buddies/puppy chow treat!

  75. I looove Chex Party Mix, especially the ‘old’ recipe before they lightened it up a bit. 🙂

  76. Muddy Buddies at Christmas is our favorite treat!

  77. Hi! I love the chex mix (original) & always seem to pick out the wheat chex first – my favorite! Thanks for the chance!

  78. I have to be gluten free. I do use rice chex and corn chex, but I do not like the fact that they have BHT. However, since they are one gluten free cereal I can find that is affordable I do get it. I like it straight out of the box as a snack, because it is low in fat eating without all the add ons!

  79. I love that chex are gluten free – we just started a GFCF diet for my son. I like to use chex in a healthy snack mix.

  80. Tracy Jerome says:

    We’re gluten free here, so we eat a lot of Chex — love it! Trail mix is our favorite, with Chex Mix coming in a close second.

  81. Ember Lunt says:

    I love to make my own chex mix for all of us to munch. Delicious!

  82. I love puppy chow and making party mix. Both a must around the holidays!!!

  83. I love to make my own called Trash. It has a little of everything in it (pretzels, m&m’s, nuts) you toast it in the oven, then eat. Yummy. Haven’t had the puppy chow but looks to be a new favorite.

  84. Gillian Carman says:

    Puppy Chow!!

  85. Having celiac disease Chex has made my life so much happier! It is so nice to be able to go to the store and purchase some without having to pay $5 or more for cereal. I love it with fruit and almond milk on it. I am wanting to make a pizza crust and rice chex treats out of it too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. I like Corn Chex with a sliced banana and a little sugar on top!

  87. kari zelinka says:

    Gluten free chex makes breakfast easy around our house. no more pricey gluten free cereal!

  88. Puppy Chow. Absolutely!! 🙂

  89. I love, love, love making Chex Mix! September 1st is when I kick into “fall” gear and start making it. My whole family looks forward to it. 🙂

  90. Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    I love using chex cereal to make chex mix. It smells so good while it’s in the oven and it takes awesome. I am also happy to hear that it is gluten free.

  91. Sheila Bailey says:

    Our favorite is a recipe called ‘sweet Chex mix’ and it’s similar to your recipe. We add pretzels and nuts and it doesn’t last long!

  92. Chex Muddy Buddies. So tempting!

  93. Mrs.CGarcia says:

    I love to use the Honey Nut Chex and Glute Free Marshmellows and Some Chocolate and Make Smores out of them!
    I have Celiac Disease and I Love that Chex Cereals are Gluten Free!

  94. I love Chex in homemade Chex Mix (to make sure it’s gluten-free), but I eat it just as a snack, especially the Honey Nut variety. It’s wonderful to have a gluten-free go-to that other people in the family like, as well.

  95. enjoy making trail mix with chex, nuts, dry fruit, etc.

  96. My boys ages 6 and 2 as well as myself are Gluten-free in the process of being diagnoised Celiac. It has been a struggle to change our eatting habits but boy has it been worth it. We LOVE muddy buddies.

  97. My girls and I love Muddy Buddies but my husband is all about the savory chex mix. 🙂

  98. we love chex mix anytime!

  99. We like Chex Mix.

  100. While the rest of my family loves homemade trail mix (with chex mix baked in the oven), I like mine with something sweet–so I’m dying to try the carmel corn w/ chex mix!

  101. We like Muddy Buddies and we have a family member who needs a gluten free diet.

  102. Muddy buddies, hands down!!!

  103. My favorite way to eat Chex? Straight out of the box!! (:

  104. I love puppy chow. I eat way too much of that stuff.

  105. My aunt has this recipe called “poppycock” – chex, corn syrup, sugar, almonds – it’s a beautiful thing! 🙂

  106. i love rice chex in a bowl with milk. 🙂

  107. We like to make ‘puppy chow’ recipe! chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar!

  108. I love to make muddy buddies!

  109. My favorite way to enjoy chex is simple….in a bowl with some skim milk. Yum.

  110. I love homemade chex mix, my mom used to make it every year at Christmas

  111. We love to make puppy chow/muddy buddies with Chex!!!

  112. chex puppy chow is so yummis!

  113. Muddy buddies, hands down! I was addicted to Chex Mix when I was pregnant though.

  114. I love to munch it when I’m in the car running errands or at the soccer games!

  115. For a while my favorite snack was just dry Chex in a bowl. My husband thought I was silly.

  116. Crystal Hankey says:

    Butterscotch chips melted over the chex. If you’re like me and want to eat them right away a big spoon works great! (p.s. I have to eat gluten free plus I am allergic to chocolate!)

  117. The whole family loves puppy chow. I also like to have rice chex in a bowl with milk and strawberries.

  118. The basic chex mix… mmmmm.

  119. I love plain old Chex Mix…it’s always a Christmastime favorite, but I love to make it in the middle of the summer…maybe for a back-to-school snack this year.

  120. We love the Chex Muddy Buddies- or puppy chow as we call it! 🙂

  121. We are now GF and I would love to have some Chex!
    Love all the ideas….

  122. Favorite way to enjoy Chex? Does ALL TO MYSELF count? Love all types of Chex mix… so addictive!

  123. Chex Mix brings back memories of New Year’s parties with my family!

  124. I make homemade Chex mix all the time. I use peanuts (lots) pretzels, and seasonings. It is one of our favorite snacks, especially around the holidays! It does bother me how expensive the cereal always costs though, so this would be fun to win!

  125. I have always loved the original Chex Mix, but we have friends who are gluten intolerant and I will be sure to let them know that Chex has been reformulated to be gluten free. Thanks for the information!

  126. Our favorite way is as a snack.

  127. our favorite is chex with milk. I put cinnamon and sugar on it and the girls love it

  128. Elizabeth G. says:

    Thanks so much for your post! My daughter has a wheat allergy (not gluten) and I have been looking for different foods/treats for her to try.

    Our favorite Chex is in spicy snack mix, which I have yet to learn how to make, but I am looking forward to trying your recipe as well.

  129. My favorite way to eat it is to buy the chocolate Chex and eat it straight from the box. Love it! Traditional Chex Mix is a hit around here too!

  130. I like it in a bowl with milk…boring, hey!

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