Goal Setting: Some Things Change, Some Things Stay the Same

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That’s me – the list maker.

Each year come the last week of December, I think about the past year and how life has changed and how my family and I have grown. And then I plan for the next one and try to anticipate how life will change and hope for how my family and I will grow. I had to laugh when I looked over my goals for 2009. Honestly, in the busyness of my life, I had forgotten that I’d written them!

And ya know, some things change and some things stay the same. Here are my goals made about this time last year as well as my commentary from today.

1. Read more.
I didn’t get very detailed about this last year. I didn’t identify specific books as I’ve done in the past.
This year: I’m going back to setting reading goals. Will you join me in BOOKING IT this year?

2. Go green. Recycle. Reuse grocery bags. Grow a garden. Compost.
I’m amazed at how well we as a family did on those first two points. Recycling and using reusable grocery bags have become second nature. 
This year: While I would love to garden and compost, I am not sure that they will work at this new house or in our current season of life.

3. Clean and Organize. Room by room makeover. Declutter. Help kids learn their chores and be consistent on the follow through.
Hmm…. I didn’t plan on moving to another rental at this time last year. But move we did at the end of September. As a result, every room has gotten a makeover – sort of. But, overall, these continue to be goals for my life. It’s a continuing process, I suppose.
This year: More of the same.

4. Eat better. More whole foods. Less sugar. Less junk food in general.
I am not really sure if we “improved” in this area or not. 
This year: The heat is on. We’re stepping this up a lot more in the new year as I explain over at Good (&Cheap) Eats. Doctor’s orders, you might say.

5. Exercise. Start a work-out program. Hiking as a family. Ride bike. 
Ha! This has been laughable! Wondering if I should stop making this goal – I try every year and rarely see success!

6. Save more money. Stick to the budget. No debt. Emergency fund. House fund.
I am very grateful that we are debt free and have a sizeable emergency fund. God has been very gracious to us this past year. While we haven’t saved as much as we have hoped, we have not spent more than we had. Baby steps, baby steps. Due to the economy and unstable job market, we chose to put cash into the emergency fund rather than the house fund.
This year: Save! We’re currently coming up with a more exact plan to sock money away which I’ll share at Frugal Friday this week. Come share your frugal resolutions, too.

7. Save time. Find a planner that works. Do a time budget.
Oh the neverending saga of using my time wisely. I did identify that excess web-surfing and late nights are detrimental to my time management. Love the progress I’ve seen in this area.
This year: Since I never did find a planner I really liked, I’ve developed my own planner with the help of a friend. Hoping that it will be effective in saving time and meeting goals.

8. Write well. Blog. Freelancing.
I have really enjoyed writing this year. You’ll have to be judge of whether or not I did it well.
This year: I hope that as I improve my time management, I will get the chance to enjoy this even more. 

9. Enjoy life. Laugh more. Remember to smile. Go to the beach more.
We have had some good times at the beach. Last week (57 degrees and cloudy), we bundled up (or at least I did) and walked along the beach. It was practically deserted which meant “crowd control” for our little tribe was a little easier. Loved the wide open spaces.
This year: I want to grow in my appreciation of the good things in life. Specifically, I want to schedule a regular “outdoor adventure” day for our family. Whether it be a walk on the beach, a hike over a hill, or a playday at the park, I want to be quick to take time to smell the roses with my wee ones. They grow bigger — and faster — every day.

10. Love God and Love Others. Enjoy every day with my husband and children. Be a better daughter, sister, and friend. Cherish the moments.
I hope that I will never think that I have “arrived” in this area. God has blessed me so greatly! I never want to take my relationship with Him or with others for granted.
This year: I want to grow more in trusting God and demonstrating that to my family by not worrying as much as I do.

Have you got big plans for the year? 

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  1. I want to eat more vegetables. I'm intrigued by people who are vegans up until dinner time everyday.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Good list. It seems that everything on your list is somewhere on my radar screen.

    Reading: I posted my book club's lisst of reads for 2010 on my blog yesterday; stop by if you're interested.

    #8: I think you do well writing your blog. I'm new to your site but I like what you see and at Good (& Cheap) Eats too.

    I'll be posting my 2010 goals either today or tomorrow.

  3. That is great how detailed your goals were. I am posting my goals on my site later on this evening, and this shows me that I need to be more detailed than just listing them. I am a HUGE list maker, and it now has been passed to my nine year daughter. I feel more organized and less stressed if I have a list.

    Great goals, and may you, and your family have a blessed New Year!

  4. Great goals!! I'm interested in your "booking it" idea. That is really one area I want to improve on…reading, for edification and for fun!

  5. What wonderful goals… Happy New Year from Australia 🙂

  6. Great list, you are so right – those darn kids grow up so fast! I am inspired by your list!