Goals for Growing in 2009

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1. Read more. Simple Mom’s Book club. Bible reading.
2. Go green. Recycle. Reuse grocery bags. Grow a garden. Compost.
3. Clean and Organize. Room by room makeover. Declutter. Help kids learn their chores and be consistent on the follow through.
4. Eat better. More whole foods. Less sugar. Less junk food in general.
5. Exercise. Start a work-out program. Hiking as a family. Ride bike.
6. Save more money. Stick to the budget. No debt. Emergency fund. House fund.
7. Save time. Find a planner that works. Do a time budget.
8. Write well. Blog. Freelancing.
9. Enjoy life. Laugh more. Remember to smile. Go to the beach more.
10. Love God and Love Others. Enjoy every day with my husband and children. Be a better daughter, sister, and friend. Cherish the moments.

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  1. Sounds like your goals and mine are fairly similar! Let me share with you a calendar/planner that has really helped my family be more organized and efficient. It’s Amy Knapp’s family organizer (www.thefamilyorganizer.com/). I stumbled upon it at Wal-Mart a couple of years ago, and I’ve ordered directly from her site since then. She’s a Christian mom who was struggling to be organized. Each two-page spread in the calendar has blocks for each day’s activities/reminders, an ongoing grocery list, a to-do list, and a menu section for each day. I faithfully complete the menu section, and my husband and I both add our schedules to the calendar. We also both write down anything that we use up or are close to being out of on the grocery list. The grocery list is even perforated so you can tear it out when you go to the store. I use this as a basis for my shopping planning. It’s been a HUGE lifesaver! (No, I don’t work for Amy! I just know how much this calendar has helped my family.)

  2. Great goals! We have several of the same ones this year. Best of luck to you in achieving them! 🙂