Gonna Learn Our Multiplication Tables – Or Else

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While I’m digging out the clean surfaces in the schoolroom, the boys are enjoying some free time. Sure, I’m putting them to work on chores, and we’ve caught a free flick this week, grocery shopped, and picnicked at the park, but they have plenty of time to read or play outside. They generally don’t get bored. With four FishBoys entertainment abounds.

But this is only Day Four of summer vacation. We’ll see….

In the meantime, I know that there is data I don’t want their brains to lose over the next six weeks. That will make Back to School that much harder. I plan to have the guys spend some time everyday reading as well as practicing their math facts. I had hoped to find a fun software program to tackle the latter so that I don’t have to hear the whines and groans when I hand them a fact sheet.

In cleaning out the schoolroom I found two large math posters that someone gave us. Use it or lose it, I say. So, I asked myself, “Where do they spend a lot of time where they might actually look at this?”

Perfect solution!

What are you doing this summer to keep your kids brains from turning to mush?

Get inspired for learning at home with Joy.

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  1. As a teacher I have my own website with Links to great maths games go to http://www.mrshindess.co.uk and click on the maths links to find some great maths games. Moon Maths is a particular favourite for learning tables.

  2. I seriously did laugh out loud when I saw this picture. It took me a second…. This is genius!

  3. My little one is only 2, but I have shape, color, and counting posters hung at her eye level on my kitchen island.

    I'm a teacher and at school we've purhcased a math game called Fast Math. It's made by Scholastic (I think!)The only thing is focuses on is math facts. The kids learn by playing games and trying to beat their high score, but there are also quizzes and tests. The software tracks their progress and even prints out certificates of acheivement. It's worked well with my students.

  4. I love that idea! We once put a poster on my son's ceiling so when he lay awake at night he could practice his multiplication facts. 🙂

  5. Buy the cassette/cd multiplication unplugged and play it every time you get in the car this summer. It works!