Good Cheap Eats in February

I’ve been cooking up a storm these days, both literally and figuratively. We’re eating well. A little too well, I think. I’m quite thankful for the exercise bike in my room. All this eating has me getting some good cardiovascular exercise a few times a week — and it keeps the bike from being used as a fancy towel rack.

If you don’t regularly read my food blog, Good Cheap Eats, here’s what I’ve been dishing up lately.

Loving Your Family Through Meal Planning – Techniques for meal planning that take into consideration your family’s varied tastes and preferences.

Chopped Salad with Avocado and Radish – Delicious salad that features avocado, radish, and lots of cilantro.

A Spa Lunch & What’s On Your Plate? – Enough is as good as a feast, particularly if it’s tasty and healthy for you.

Romantic Meals to Cook at Home – Ideas for how to make your next date night dinner at home.

Curried Potatoes – One of my mom’s standard recipes from my childhood.

Chicken & Rice Bowls (& What’s On Your Plate?) – A real look at how we eat as well as a round-up of what readers have got cooking.

Showing Love through Cupcakes – These cute cupcakes are sealed with a kiss. Literally, there’s a chocolatey surprise inside! And you don’t have to wait until next February to serve them.

Egyptian Lentil Soup & What’s On Your Plate? – Featured foodie Stephanie shares her soup recipe that has received rave reviews from readers who’ve tried it in the last month.

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  1. that egyptian lentil soup looks amazing!

    i clabbered milk last week and made a soft cheese with the curd. it has the consistency of whipped cream cheese. we had it spread on muffins for breakfast, and i think it’s creamy enough to melt on hot pasta, so we’ll have a creamy pasta dish with mushrooms, spinach and bacon one night.

  2. What a yummy recap:-)

  3. These look so good! Thanks Jessica for sharing. Love to hear of your mom’s recipes too and the way she would make things so very cozy. So nice.

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